San Diego Padres vs. New York Mets Highlights | Wild Card Game 3 -

San Diego Padres vs. New York Mets Highlights | Wild Card Game 3

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Game 3 between the San Diego Padres and New York Mets at the Citi Field.

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  1. 모든 득점이 하성김에서 시작됐다

  2. Mets always spends their money with making audience feel funny in October😂 They should invest to make a funny movie.

  3. Esto compreva q bien son los L.A Dodgers . Dominaron toda la li por 111 juegos. Para mí no necesitan el ring. Y a son campiones

  4. SD to the top! The Padres are coming together bring the dodgers

  5. The pitcher did a great job today
    I think the Padres will win the World Series

  6. Wow, from 1st place in the division to 2nd place in the division to losers in the wild card series and home for the winter in just 10 days. Nice choke!!!

  7. Mets Giving Musgrove the Ole cavity search lmao Big L on that one

  8. Now this is the definition of a choke, gg Padres

  9. Almost a no hitter against a 100 win team

  10. Our Padres rolled over the Mets in Game 1 & 3 like a Hot Asphault Steam Roller. Incredible pitching by Darvish in Game 1 with Padres’s hitting 4 Home Runs and Stratospheric pitching by Musgrove in Game 3 with 7 innings of Scoreless & 1 Hit given up. Hard to believe how many of the Mets Fans are so unsportsmanlike with their callus & disrespectful yelling. Shoot, they even “boo” their own players for cry’in-out-loud! Pretty bad! Their team won 101 Reg. Season games and they treat them like sewer rats. Guess that’s how some of the Mets fans treat their team. Well good bye to the Mets Fans anyway. Our Padres on the winning road to play the Dodgers! And will be at PetCo Park in SD playing them on Friday! A higher, admirable level of good sportsmanship fans reside there for sure!! Go Padres! BTW, Buck Showalter’s false accusation that Musgrove was cheating was a deplorable demonstration and showed his unprofessional and unsportsmanlike profile. He owes Musgrove a personal apology for that. Both he and some of the disrespectful Mets Fans hopefully will work on improving their Soortsmanship Qualities.

  11. Historically, the Mets will lead you along with false hope and rip your heart out at the end. Actually, this most expensive team ($288mil) was nice to fans this year. At least they warned you during the last three weeks of season with horrible game playing and choking sign. Mets fans can't say they were blind sided.

  12. Incredible defence, sublime pitching and fantastic base grabbing. Let’s Go Padres! ❤🔥

  13. The Mets were dogshit when it counted most.

  14. Typical Mets fans dancing while down four, and then their big man gives up two more runs. Love it

  15. Prior to "searching" Musgrove, he never went to his ear. There was reason to suspect Musgrove about anything.

  16. 파드레스 내야진은 완벽 그 자체

  17. $37,000 en solo dos semanas, Sr. ALEXANDER BEN MARASHLIAN, todavía existen buenas personas.😍💰……

  18. Have not seen a a game in a. While. …. But if there is a shinning …. Here I choose .. METS…. SO THAT I CAN SEE THEM PLAY THE DODGERS LIKE I DID ALONG TIME AGO….IN PAST…..

  19. The Mets….. What can I say. They sux so bad they got beat out by a 12 year old playing for the Cubs!!!!! 😉 Rookie of the year movie.

  20. Manny Machado, great player, but reminds me of A-Rod. Not a well liked player.

  21. Mets choked in the reg season and in the wildcard.

  22. Like to see what we used to call National League style baseball: bunts, stolen bases, manufacturing runs instead of only boring home runs.

  23. The Padres have a great defense, especially the first basemen. If I was the Dodgers, I would not sleep on them.

  24. If he cheated how did it get on his hands? He never touched his ears!! Did it just fall from his ears on to his fingers!! The umpires must be in on it too right? They practically made love to him on the field! Get out of here you hack!!

  25. Padres are gonna get slaughtered by the Dodgers

  26. Now they can all go put on their New York Jets jerseys on! INSTEAD

  27. Hey 👋 bye NY's take your rotten team and fans to the couch, overpaid overrated no hitting chokers. Then accuse a pitcher is cheated coz you can't hit? Look in the friggin mirror. Arrogant rude Democrats.

  28. Mediocre team in the big apple
    😂😂😂 that just makes this funny
    Mwuah Mwuah Let's Flippin go Mets
    Mwuah Mwuah Let's Flippin Go Mets
    Someway Somehow when it's close
    The Mets will let you down

    The Accident The Mets will mess it up just wait
    The Accident They Mets will mess it up just wait
    The Accident The Accident The Accident
    The Accident Waiting to Happen it will happen

    Pete Alonso hitting bombs no disrespect
    DeGrom pitching 8 innings with Diaz on deck
    The Mets are talented but this what they do
    They play bad in the late innings that's how they lose
    The Mets got star players but they struggle in the end
    It doesn't matter a fortune the owner was willing to spend

    The Accident The Mets will mess it up just wait
    The Accident They Mets will mess it up just wait
    The Accident The Accident The Accident
    The Accident Waiting to Happen it will happen

    Let's Flippin Go Mets! 😂😂😂😂
    Sorry Spider-Man and all other Mets fans I'm just being silly. Good luck next season.

  29. Profar was a good pickup for this Padres team

  30. everyone has been talking about the awesome mets this year but this looks like the same lame cow!!! WTF METS?????

  31. After they checked musgrove, which is completely reasonable, they found nothing…yet the dicks at espn, especially the shrimp dicked brian kenny, still blasted musgrove and literally said he cheated and the pads had to cheat to win when that is completely false. He should be fined or suspended for defamation and lying, just cuz they hate the padres. Assholes.

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