Scratch Off Lottery Hack You Need to Know Next Time You Play! -

Scratch Off Lottery Hack You Need to Know Next Time You Play!

Joey Richard
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  1. Wins the jackpot, but can't cash it because the barcodes Damaged and wont SCAN 😂😂😂

  2. The stupidest shit ever. You can’t even do that before you buy it

  3. Or you can just scratch the bottom by the bar card and see if any numbers spelled out pop up

  4. Nobody’s gonna talk about how he did that on top of a MacBook

  5. Or do what I do. Scratch bard code and scan with phone app

  6. Bro next time get triple 7 like those are OP

  7. For real i have over 50 $20 tickets in a pile that are non winners. I buy a $20 scratch off every check 😂

  8. Gambling addicted bozo, half the fun is scratching it

  9. Missing the entire point of getting a scratch off! Yall new kids are weird.

  10. That takes all the fun out of a scratch off

  11. Who was looking at the ticket to see if he won or not🫶🏾

  12. It said 33 was 200,000 which is the grand prize

  13. That's the dumbest shit i've ever seen 😅

  14. penny:😒 Nickel:🙄
    Dime:😶‍🌫️ Quarter:😤
    1 dollar coin:🤬

  15. The whole point of scratch offs is to scratch them lol

  16. I always want something on scratchers but I'm waiting for that big one!

  17. I guess it ain’t scratch off no more it’s smear off .

  18. Mfs that takes longer than scratchin it off

  19. Or you can just scratch the bar code and scan it. Sheesh

  20. dudes like this video ain't worth 10 bucks like op's video

  21. 2 for 1 for the germ freak gamblers afraid of dirty coins with sanitizer in their pocket

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