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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

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  1. Can’t believe for the “selling private jet” one no one made any drug references 🤣

  2. I really don't understand how playing this game could "get you cancelled." You need to stop worrying about what teenagers and 20 somethings with mental issues on Twitter think.

  3. Isn't a gulag a prison? How do you win that? I don't care enough to Google it, so don't tell me Google is my friend. Also, Google is evil and not at all my friend.I just must do business with Satan to survive. And by Satan I don't mean Lucifer, I mean the actual definition of that word, which is just opposer. Devil means accuser or slanderer. And Lucifer is the planet Venus.I love how that stuff is an ironic Google search away, and people act like it's crazy. But people don't think objective facts exist. Because they're all braindead morons who think they can believe in whatever fairy tale horseshit they want.

  4. Is making fun of dyslexia even funny? I feel like that's tame? What are you gonna say?

    "Haha, you can't read properly!"? Like, I think they're not unfortunate enough for the dark humour to work.

    And they're all demi-gods.

  5. I recently used dreamlike diffusion to generate images of the Sidemen, and the Behzinga one had like fat demon clowns. Man's not even fat anymore.

    They're not public for obvious reasons. Although I think it's only DALL-E that has the no celebrities policy. Some of the generations I got were weird, some were cool. TBJZL produced surreal bird images. It was weird.

    Edit: Tobi Brown produced owls, TBJZL produced birds, but not as on theme. And the former also produced a man, but his ears were a little elf like and he had a sort of scaly forehead, but it was a Black man.

  6. You can't get cancelled if you ignore and/or don't use Twitter and don't give a shit.

  7. You can't same the name Talia on Twitter? Just saying the name? How is that funny?

    She's not the only woman named Talia and it's not even her full first name. Natalia.

    But her existence makes it hard for me to name a fictional character that. Not as a reference to her, but as a reference to Thalia Grace and her brother Jason from Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus.

    I have a character named Jason and cannot come up with a name for his sister.

  8. Looking into the sun will do the exact opposite of stopping a sneeze.

    Was that the joke? Do people not know that light makes you sneeze? And darkness makes you freeze.

  9. i was playing this recently with family, we mixed both the kids version and adults for funnier answers. then i got probably the best ever answer, i got "run run run as fast as you can, you cant catch me im….." then "madeleine mccann" lmao

  10. Harry pretending he hasn't played this before when there's literally videos on Simon's channel of them playing this back in the day with Harry in them 😂

  11. Bruh I remember the sidemen playing this game all the time. Good times

  12. I'm sitting here, realizing i have no reason to know "This or That" word for word.

  13. anyone know how to play this??? like is it a website, on steam, i wanna know

  14. I love this game, i used to play it with my friends, it was a blast, lmao

  15. POV: b milk
    Me: realising that it was a milk

  16. next time, formulate the questions to make sense with the answers, for example have a certain set of answers that make sense with a "what would you do if" question

  17. I have that game my fav card is “ The lunch lady “

  18. This channel has gotten way too soft. They used to be genuinely funny but now they’ve given into today’s “woke culture”. Kinda sad to see.

  19. The grandma one is the most insulting to be because my great, great grandma died of a stroke at the age of 90, and I also find the dyslexic kids, starving kids, and the mom one as insulting as KSI messing with the lights in Among Us because he’s a f***ing a**hole son of a b**ch, and my dead uncle Jason would be as insulted as the people you lost there relative they loved very much d**kheads

  20. Godzilla (2014) is the reason Harry is selling his private jet

  21. Does Toby have a wife as a dog?

  22. Harold: people making fun of dyslexic children for no reason
    Vikk, KSI, Toby, Sidemen, Ethan, and Josh: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    Me (Mr. “Lord” Liopleurodon): seriously that’s not funny that hurtful you f***ing morons

  23. Is it just me or JJ was blinking alot in this video

  24. Never do this again I’ll just stick to watching the older ones 😂😂

  25. Dead jokes, if it was going to be this tame should’ve never brought it back

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