So Fun! So Addicting! | Addiction Solitaire | Card Games -

So Fun! So Addicting! | Addiction Solitaire | Card Games

Eric Buffington
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Here is an amazing new card game. In this video I explain the rules and a little bit of some strategies, but mostly I focus on the rules and gameplay.


  1. Thank you I need to hear that bill must be a cheater!!!! That’s for the demo also as well

  2. Thanks ! I just found this game too lol wanted to know how to play since i didnt understood the rules lol

  3. Just learned this game. Very fun n addicting.

  4. The cards are small need to get bigger

  5. Thank you! I read the instructions and all I got was confused, your explanation made sense to me.

  6. Bill really cheats, in Yatzy he’ll get anything he needs to win at the end 🤣

  7. This one is definitely fun and addicting!!! Just started playing yesterday and have only once twice 😭😂Thanks for the video !

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