Solo card games 2 -

Solo card games 2

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A video to show you how to play the solo card games ‘The Accordian’ (0:50) and ‘Block Eleven’ (10:47). These games will help to keep you busy and are so much fun! Can you beat the games?!

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  1. I played Accordian, two rounds. I had only one card left the first round, and five miles left the second round. I like this one better than Clock Patience. It has more decisions and looking for matches in it. Thank you for your terrific videos!

  2. its 4am, ive just finished work and im kinda bored of playing solitarie, and i found your videos trying to lear a new game and i played the ones on the fist video, i didnt get that fan, and now on the accordion game i managed to finish with 6 piles, not the best, not the worst hahah i liked the game!edit: second time plating, GOT TO 3 PILES

  3. When I first played the third game I got six face cards as a start😅

  4. 2:26 why didn’t you put the 8 on top of 4? Is that not allowed or did you choose not to do it

  5. I watched the first episode of the series and wondered if there was a second episode. it turned out that an episode had been uploaded an hour ago. I am lucky. Thx!

  6. Both the games are really great and I will play both of these games ❤️❤️

  7. 5:20…can't the 4 of diamonds leapfrog back to the 9 of diamonds? 7:18, yes I was screaming at you. 😉

  8. Haha I was screaming at you too marky!!! 😂 Great video, I particularly like the first game so will give that a go! Looking forward to seeing more!!

  9. Olivia and I tried the first game and finished the pack with 3 stacks first go!! Ooosh!! 💪

  10. Am I the only one who is having trouble with the audio?

  11. The last game I've played slightly differently 3×3 and laying on the pictures once you can see 1 of each. Great games thanks

  12. Yes thanks you are the God that saved me from quarantine

  13. Bro I am in college and was board so I am learning this stuff. First try of pure luck got down to three piles!!

  14. Got down to 4 stacks after a couple of attempts! Cracking game!

  15. I'm so appreciative of your channel, bud. We are nearly 8 months into quarantine in the US, and upon my girlfriend's last visit home she taught me how to play multiplayer solitaire and Kings in The Corner. She has since returned to a different city for work and I'm home alone with our dogs. She piqued my curiosity in card games and your channel has shown me my two new favorite games, Carpet and Accordion. I can't wait to show her your channel and these new games. You're helping me keep my sanity and she and I are growing closer together with a good old fashioned deck of cards. We appreciate you and your channel, sir. Keep up the good work, you've got one happy subscriber 😊 Blessings from Virginia

  16. Are all moves to the left, or can you move 1 to the right adjacent?

  17. I played the second game and won on the second try

  18. The cure for boredom is here. Great video. I’m play accordion right now.
    Edit: I got 6 first try. So close.


  20. Thank you so much I've beaten you with 2 piles but thanks for learning us these amazing card games for quarantine

  21. Sorry but I beat your high score on the first game

  22. do a self fortune telling about love 🔮

  23. I know how to play regular solitaire,spider and tri peaks. I need to broaden my card game horizon!!!!

  24. The first game is quite fun. As a strategy I noticed that you can keep a few moves open and see what cards come out before you make the move.

  25. I believe the second game may be a bit flawed. There are 12 piles and 12 face cards. The only way you can win is if most of the face cards are near the bottom of the deck.

  26. I am sick at home with COVID I found a deck of cards in my room and realized I didn't know any games to play with myself!! So I look up some solo games and your awesome videos have popped up !! Thank you so much! The way you explain is very clear and helpful I appreciate this video lots!!

  27. Solitaire be getting old and that’s the only single player card game I knew. This video is awesome

  28. I just won block eleven on my first try ever playing it!

  29. Also, these card videos have been so enjoyable for me to spend time learning, I really appreciate it! Super relaxing, fun and cathartic time

  30. Thank you! finally understood the accordion instructions lol
    Played with as you went along and I got it down to 5 stacks! Beginner's luck 🤞🍀 lol

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