straight flush spotted! #poker #shorts -

straight flush spotted! #poker #shorts

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#shorts #poker #wolfgangpoker

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  1. If you have no plan on how to play the hand post flop, best move is to not play the hand

  2. This is perfect cringe.
    Ai voice, unnecessary sounds, no context, great content

  3. Ur actually a bitch for letting that check thru and getting no value

  4. I’m not even an amateur at this poker shit and I immediately went to the comments to see if anyone was thinking what I was thinking on betting just one more time with that hand. Oh well.. he wins way more then I would so what am I saying

  5. I’ve only had one straight flush in my life and it ended up being a Royal where I had pocket AA.

  6. I watched it just to look a the beautiful Zara!! This rimjob checks the nuts twice 😂😂. He was going to start building a pot on the card after the river.

  7. Its a straight flush , but with a dumbass Check-er😂😂😂😂😂

  8. How to minimize value in poker 101, keep watching folks 😂

  9. Checking all the way to make the absolute minimum. Wolf is some shitty poker player

  10. Why… why didn’t you bet? Even just tickle the pot with your flush?

  11. You won but why the hell do you not bet on that….what a noob

  12. mi opinión es que podría haber apostado 1/3 del bote por valor en el turn y hacer check en el river induciendo faroles

  13. Wish that straight was for more doe would of been epic

  14. It’s a Cardinal sin to have the nuts and not bet the river. Truly shameful.

  15. Wolfgang is so bad 😂 saw him play a turny the other day. Gets aces, first to act. Goes into the tank for 3 minutes using 2 time banks before Min clicking bb lmao everyone snap folded including bb ans just laughed at him 😂

  16. this channel is really a good demo on how to win the least when hitting hands😂

  17. Shoulda juiced the pot a little , just to see if any suckers would bite…

  18. I Bet the flop here a third of the time

  19. His clueless act is super convincing at the table 😏

  20. When you hit a super super strong hand heads up with barely any pre flop action….

  21. This should be labelled "how not to play a flush draw."

  22. He made a straight flush but didn't make no money. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. so does he have the nuts and the 2nd nuts here?

  24. Why the hell didn’t you bet? Played that horribly

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