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Tales of Tribute Beginner Guide (Trading Card Game) Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Expansion

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Tales of Tribute TCG Beginner Guide ESO High Isle – In this ESO Tales of Tribute Beginner Guide, we are going to talk about the new deck-building card game, which launches alongside the High Isle Chapter this June 2022. Together with the mechanics, I will also provide tips and tricks to become victorious in matches. If you are searching for a comprehensive explanation of how Tales of Tribute works as well as how to play it well, then this guide is for you!

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Developed by: Zenimax Online Studios
Published by: Bethesda Softwork
Release date: June 6th 2022 (PC & Stadia), June 21st (Xbox & PS)
Price: $59.99 USD Standard Edition, $79.99 Collection Edition, $39.99 Standard Upgrade,
$49.99 Collector’s Edition Upgrade
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Stadia

0:00 – ESO Tales of Tribute Beginner Guide
1:02 – How to Start Tales of Tribute
2:12 – How Decks and Patrons Work
5:36 – Gameplay Mechanics
7:24 – Game Modes and Match Types
8:29 – Tips and Tricks to Win

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  1. 🤮Totally confused. Played the game and none of the situations or cards in the video showed up. Seems to be a total mish mash of of cards thrown at you. Requires you to keep track of too many things when you're just starting! Make the darn thing simple at first then ADD complexity. Better yet just make a game outside ESO for those that like this!

  2. 🤔 I need to play to understand because the video didn't

  3. Wow, I came away from this more confused with absolutely no idea whatsoever how to even begin to play. Thanks for the effort, anyway.

  4. This beginners guide did not help me at all. I still don’t even know how to pick card, the tutorial nor anywhere else is there any key binding information, all I can figure out how to do is concede a match

  5. I’m sure this is a amazing teachable way for this game, but this hurt my brain lol

  6. I wish they just ported a legends style game into the new chapter instead of this overly complicated mess too much involved

  7. I think I’m going to have to watch this video a few more times, but I’m starting to think that I will never understand how to play this card game.

  8. this card game is a complete convoluted mess.

  9. Commander Shepard of the stormcloaks team black says:

    it's time to duel!

  10. Do we have dragon cards? I got the Collector edition (I always get them) I need some crowns though.

  11. This is the first Tribute tutorial I've seen that actually explained the underlying mechanics (like how Agent cards work) instead of just doing gameplay demonstrations. Thank you.

  12. are we abandoning the elden ring build videos or what?!?!

  13. This helped a little bit, but not much tbh. I've played several rounds today, the thing that the tutorial (and this video) doesn't tell me is where I need to click to do something. My first mistake was trying to look at more info on a card, I clicked it and it played. I didn't want to play it, I couldn't take it back. The next mistake was in trying to gain a patron's favor. I thought I was spending 2 power to get it, turns out I destroyed the card and got nothing because there were no instructions on what to click to do that. We need videos on the controls and where to click and stuff.

  14. What a waste of resources by ZOS. I will not play even one game of cards and doubt I am the only one. If I want to play cards I will play with my real life friends.

  15. After playing it all I can say is it’s very boring. Gwent is easy to pick up yet takes a long time to master and is fun. In contrast, Tales of Tribute is needlessly complicated, yet that complexity doesn’t make the game interesting at all. I think ZOS should have taken more notes from Witcher 3 on how to do a fun card game.

  16. This is the worst card game I've played. It's overly complex and it plays slow. It's as if they went for the worst of all the card game play types and melded them together then, in Elder Scrolls developer fashion, made it overly complex and squeezed out any fun. Playing it is a chore. And it is a big part of the chapter. So I'm not liking the chapter thus far. Not worth the price of admission. First time I've said that thus far.. Only Isobel is the one redeeming quality for me.

  17. What is point with this game ? I play at ps5 so we not have this story yet, it looks so boring and is it something we need to do in this chapter or if you not play it what you loose if you not play it, and if you play it what you win ?.

  18. Still……. Dont……. Understand…….

    You did a good job and the presentation was top notch. But the game seems very convoluted.

  19. This is worse than the in-game "tutorial;" I still have no idea how to play.

  20. Since I was reading the comments there are some very basic things that people don't get and I don't know why.

    1) If you click it then it plays, just like your skills.
    2) If you hover over it you get a tooltip, just like everything else in the game
    3) Always read the effects of the cards if you have not yet memorized them, just like your skills and passives when you build a character

    Everything else was basically explained. Pick your 2 patreons (so decks and Patreon abilities), think about resources so you can buy cards and use effects, buy cards that you can use together and build a strategy depending on what you have available (like a draft in TCG for those familiar with it), gather prestige or turn all patreons facing you to win.

    It's a really interesting game that too easy to understand but can take ages to master. Each match is unique and can turn at any time.

    Hope I helped, a former TCG player.

  21. Did this even go over how to use power? Did I just miss it? That's all I'm looking for

  22. Thank you so much for this! I'm finally getting the hang of the game. It really is simple if you give it 30 min of thought.

  23. Why doesn't anybody explain HOW to upgrade the cards!?!?! Everybody just says you can upgrade them……….well ok please explain the steps that result in said upgrade.

  24. I don’t have a goddamn clue what I’m doing in this stupid fucking game. At least Gwent and Orlog were explained decently… and with short games. Short. Fucking. Games.

  25. Please, it is possible to turn off automatically cards taken from your hand during a game?? I think I accidentally hit some setting but cant find it anymore. I play on xbox series s Any hint I really appreciate. Thank you so much.

  26. Why not just bring Elder scrolls Legend to the game??? I played only one game of Legend and it was really fun. I win it at the end with 1 hp. It's fun, but I uninstall because if I want to play a card game, I just prefer Magic Arena… But having it in ESO could be cool. This one look so confused and hard for nothing…

  27. Your explanation sounds like it can be very clear for someone who already knows the game. I am totally lost. I can only throw out yellow coin cards and then suddenly, I have some prestige points and next thing, opponent wins. wtf lol

  28. Random question: Is there a real life version of this game, or something similar? I was thinking maybe 'Splendor', or 'Magic: The Gathering'? What do you all think?

  29. Are we able to play with our friends? Because if not, what's the damn point… Everything I can find only points towards activity finder being the only way to play against players… This seems like the absolute perfect card game to play with a buddy. Perfectly chill and even ground.

  30. I bought this game recently and found this in the high isle expansion. I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting more hooked on this than actual ESO. I say this as someone whose favourite board game is Star Realms which is basically this.

  31. If they don't make ToT into a standalone game they are missing out

  32. This is supposed to be a tutorial??? Do This, then Do That is NOT a tutorial. You explain almost Nothing about the game.

  33. Played the tutorial, looked for help on youtube, still thoroughly lost.

  34. Although I appreciate all the effort you put into this video, it didn't explain the two questions that I had when I clicked on your video. 1.) how do I actually trigger a combo? 2.) How does battle work between agents? How do I reduce an enemy agent's health?

  35. Do you lose any coins left after your turn? Mine always are taken away. Is there a way to save coins until another turn? Thanks much!

  36. Man they should've just put the elder scrolls card game port instead of this crap

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