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Tales of Tribute Easy Win Guide vs. Novice NPCs in ESO’s Card Game

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Want to claim victory in your Tales of Tribute card games as fast and easily as possible? This video guide will show you a couple of easy tricks to knock out (novice NPC) Tales of Tribute opponents quicker than ever in The Elder Scrolls Online. Welcome to High Isle, let’s play some Tales of Tribute! #ElderScrolls #HighIsle #talesoftribute

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00:00 – Tales of Tribute is Actually Good?
00:59 – Why I Focus on Winning Quickly
01:35 – My Method for Quick Wins Against Novice NPCs
02:07 – How to Gain Favor With Each Patron
03:41 – TLDR Review
03:58 – Why Housing is Important for a Card Game in a Video Game
04:20 – Wrap-up & Outro
04:35 – Support me on Patreon!

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  1. They made it harder. Fuck the devs. fuck them. I hope they regret making tribute.

  2. I'm having a hard time grasping the mechanics of the card game, but I'm trying to learn. Thanks for the video!

  3. I hate card games bc I'm bad at them. Now the game forces me to learn a new one, which I hate.

  4. The deck you're given for learning the game is impossible to beat even the most basic NPC with.

  5. If you complete the main questline, you can get the Ansei and Rahjin decks. Just simply surrender matches if the AI picks Sorcerer-King, Pelin, or Celarus, and then just pick anything else (Hlaalu, Crow, Ansei, or Rahjin). Then churn through cards until you get 2+ power and you should be able to complete most full games (against ANY level of AI, because higher-level AI opponents have a period of like 6-8 turns where they will generally not engage with patrons) in, around, or under 2 and a half minutes.The reason you need to dodge Pelin and Celarus is that they take too long and can double or triple the time.The AI is biased to spam Sorcerer-King so patron wins are nigh impossible unless you roll a lucky Tithe or special Tithe from his deck. Not impossible, but likely takes 200% to 250% of the time it would without one.

  6. OMG – even the idea of adding a freaking card game to ESO must be the dumbest idea ever.

  7. Didn't watch the video, commenting what I do for npc so far. Patron win. They ignore it.

  8. I wish you could speed up the rate the opponent NPC does their turn. 1 second per card turn is tedious.

  9. …I am trying but have yet to win a single match and they take FOREVER…hopefully this will speed things up.

  10. I'm loving the new card game. It's great fun.

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