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Tamagotchi Trading Card Game!? Weird Battle Spirits Saga News! (Awesome New TCG!)

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I’ve been trying to guess the next crossover for Battle Spirits Saga but I did NOT have this on my list! Come see!

Early (Double) Booster Box Opening:
Exclusive Ifluencer Kit Opening:
Rarest Card Yet:
How to Play:
Battle Spirits Saga Revealed:
1 Millions Dollara Prize Money:

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  1. Buy the two boxes and send them to me 😁 you can keep the Tamagotchi cards lol

  2. The start of something beautiful for collabs in BSS. Today also revealed a massive 30 page lore book for BSS dropping in September as a special set. Really feel like it’s anyone guess on what collab gets a spotlight next 😅

  3. "you have to buy 2 boxes from your LGS""Also basically no LGSes are selling these because of the timeline to be an early adopter lol"

  4. "Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them." –

  5. Weird. I always thought we would get Tamagotchi as evolving Tamers for Digimon – since Digimon is a Tamagotchi spin-off.

  6. It's a tamagachi TCG?? Well Digimon did start as Tamagachi for boys so…

  7. i played so many matches with just demo decks, i love tamagotchi so much i neeeeed this

  8. Believe it or not, Drowsy Fumes is the better of the two promos because it's a 2-cost card for the Yellow 2-cost deck.

  9. Preorders from many places won't get you this promotion either. I just got back an email from CoreTCG saying that the promotions will be reserved for local customers first. Makes sense, just a little disappointing.

  10. Can you /please/ stop with titling cross-overs as a "new TCG"? Please? You can have a strong title without being misleading! "Tamagotchi Cards in Battle Spirits Saga? Bizarre News!" is just as good a clickbait I promise

  11. LORCANA RULES WERE LEAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩😍🤩

  12. Wossy, you should keep watching One Piece (preferrably Japanese voices with english subtitles)
    I know it seems really goofy and childish right now, but the show gets SUPER DEEP later on, it has (most people think) THE BEST narrative writing and themes in all of anime.

    ps i say sub is better because dub Luffy just doesn't fit his character

  13. out of all the new trading card games being released this year. Between Disney Locaria, BatleSpirit, and Digimon Card Game. I'm huge into magic and highly considering on getting into Battle Spirit. The lore is giving me Magic vibes which I'm for all also loving the art styles of the creatures on the world.

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