Tampa Bay Rays vs. Cleveland Guardians Highlights | Wild Card Game 1 - finalbosscardgame.com

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Cleveland Guardians Highlights | Wild Card Game 1

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Game 1 between the Tampa Bay Rays and Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field.

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  1. Thumbnail shows the Cleveland Indians which they will always be. I will never accept Guardians.

  2. When will Tampa rays win a World Series….probably in 10 years after watching this

  3. I am very appreciated your immediate review.

  4. Great job! Thanks for all the playoff games—I’m really looking forward to them. All the best from Hungary. JG

  5. They really paid hundreds of dollars to see two homeruns in the same inning basically lol

  6. How about those Cleveland INDIANS!!!°°°!°°°°°

  7. The mvp is back I hope… have to work today hopefully I can watch the highlights for the Mets game from you. going to miss it but you’re my only hope for watching the game like it was live.

  8. Let Cleveland enjoy this wild card series 💀

  9. Merci. Justin Bieber is breaking hearts in TB.

  10. Truth is I’d rather watch your “Highlights” than the game! Thanks for all the work you do. It’s appreciated.

  11. JOSE JOSE JOSE JOSE the best chant ever

  12. Are you going to do the WBC? I would love it if you could, I don't get the games and I love your highlights!

  13. Congratulations Mr. Bieber. I don't care for your whiney music, but, oh wait…sorry. I was thinking of another whiney Bieber. Finally, you live up to your regular season stats. That's one hurdle. It (your homosexuality) will not remain silent.

  14. Thank you for these highlights! Looking forward to yet another postseason with you – no way I would have been able to keep up with the Divisional Series the past few years… let alone the additional round this year. You're Truely a game changer – thank you for everything you do!

  15. The College of RRRRRRRRRA!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Phenomenal job done with this highlight video! You are clearly an intelligent and very thorough individual. Thank you so much!

  16. Why couldn’t they changed their name to Cleveland Tribe ?

  17. Lmao at the appeal for J-Ram stepping on the base and also the chant being louder than the broadcaster, José Ramirez deserves a statue outside progressive field

  18. If they're "Guardians" now, then why do I still see Indians everywhere! I hear the Indian chants too! I thought that (the Indian mascot) was SO offensive and needed to be changed! I guess all of those ticket sales and merchandise/food/beer purchases just make it easier to swallow! What a joke!

  19. Cleveland is a hell of a city for Baseball. Lets go Guardians. ( From Astros Fan)

  20. The rays batting is fucking terrible. They just don't seem like there a team that wants to win

  21. The best highlight edit all year… looking forward now to a fun postseason👍

  22. Sign Buck Martinez as a DH/back catcher.

  23. This announcer needed to be given a drug test. At 2:22, ball four bounces in front of the plate and he says "that one just missed inside".

  24. Tb' management have to immediately show something to support its players right now. For example, every round, declare to give $10 thousand to all its players and coaching staff during the postseason.

  25. Wow, what a boring series. Picking the Indians.

  26. I'm so excited for my Guardians but extremely nervous about closing out Rays. This is where they have struggled during their playoff runs. Let's go Guardians sweep Rays then take a trip to the Bronx.

  27. The Astros are going to kill any team they play

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