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Teaching You Our Favourite Card Game

Alfie Deyes Vlogs
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► Teaching You Our Favourite Card Game

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  1. Love this video Alfie but I think you should learn how to do a riffle shuffle. This is a cool shuffling trick you can learn

  2. Please show us more games!!! I love card games and can’t wait to try this one!

  3. I think the quality of picture looked great, just the audio wasn't so good

  4. Omg I been wondering for a few months how did you play that game !! I'm happy that I know the bad thing is now I need to find the name of the game in Spanish so I can show it to my friends and play it. Otherwise I'll have to translate the game rules my self hahaha

  5. The quality is so amazing the only problem is the audio 😍😍😍

  6. Yessss! Alfie you finally got it up on YouTube Yay ! 💯💯💯🤣🤣🤣👍🏻

  7. The video with the new iPhone is incredible!!! Love how it all looks!

  8. In Norway this game is called Idiot and our power cards are 2 and 10 (and technically Ace too, I guess, since it's the highest). I'm sure there's hundreds of variations of this game out there, depending on who you ask haha! One of my favorites 🙂 I do prefer your version of the name though 😉

  9. Just so you know, I just checked and YouTube had I unsubbed me from you.

  10. what happened to gooooooooddd morrrnnniinnnn!

  11. You explained it so well!! I looked at a lot of videos and written rules and I was getting so confused. This is really clear for me now. I wanted to play this game ever since you guys started showing this in your vlogs and Insta stories. Thank you so much!!

  12. I think the iPhone camera quality is great! Especially the new iPhone 11 pro! Like I use an 8+ for my videos and it works well but this looks amazing!

  13. Have you ever played “ May I“ ??? It’s quite a long game and takes a while to learn but it’s my ultimate fav game and it’s such a laugh with friends and family! I think u guys will love it !!!!Highly suggest !!! :):)

  14. its been so long since the last time ive watch alfie… i miss the british youtubers a lot

  15. Do you guys play 7s? Love that card game. I got taught it by a little boy sitting next to me on a plane years back. It's a tactical one too. It's also really fun when there are loads of players because you can add another deck into the mix.

  16. Listen… 45 miles😱 I mean… I’m very proud of you Allie but dang.

  17. not a fan of the new camera because the depth of field isn't great since the barrel is small. so everything looks very 2D

  18. Love playing cards, and very fun to learn your version of shithead, never played with 3 and 7 so definitely need to try that 😄

  19. Alfie in casual conversation: "I was talking to a left-handed magician the other day…"

  20. I thought you were filming on a big professional camera, not your iPhone, wow!

  21. I am going to New Zealand and Australia and wanted to vlog my trip but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to buy a new vlogging camera. Now after this I’m just going use my iPhone 11 Pro 😂

  22. I think the footage is REALLY good especially for a phone camera. I think you could get away with using tour phone all the time or at least when you don’t have your camera around

  23. For Pasta water I was taught “Salty like the ocean, not like the Dead Sea.”

  24. RE Shithead or 2’s & 10’s others call it. Why Alfie did you not put two 6’s on the starting hand face up – making this one go rather than an 8 & 6 which means 2 go’s ! Surely this is an advantage then! Do you also burn when 4 of a kind happens? I play this but never played Golf 🙂

  25. Imma be honest. Im really not camera picky at all. Youtubers are always like “do you like this quality” and i honestly can’t tell the difference between any of them😂😂 I just like watching the videos. Looks like fine quality to me

  26. Your black patch JUMPED OUT at the beginning of the vlog ahahah

  27. Loved this game! 'shithead' is a really great game, which my friends are I like to call 'graveyard.' We usually play the 3 as a reverse and if four of the same card is played in a row, it is a 'bomb' or a 'flush.' One other thing that makes the game more fun is when playing the 7, you can decide whether the next person has to go higher or lower. Other than that the other rules are very similar!!
    Loved this video, and finding out how different people play!

  28. I really like the phone camera! it somehow felt more old school.

  29. Legit going to play this right now. Thank you 😀 also please show us the other game!!

  30. I don’t really like the quality of the camera

  31. Spit is my favourite game, its super fast and intense

  32. I really rate the camera and it’s a bit more real and detailed I can really see your black patch!

  33. the version i play is called “lucky” and our special cards are 2, 4, 7, &10! same exact concept, and we play with 5 cards in our hand. so weird how card games change so much but are still the same

  34. Before you talked about the camera you were using I was like “it looks like he’s filming with his phone but with better quality” It looked really great either way 👌

    Also this was me when you were explaining the card game 😰😐

  35. What is the thing you mounted your bike on?

  36. I learned how to play shit head when I was a first year in senior school (so aged 11) and we played it religiously throughout my school years. I'm now 43 so its strange seeing you play it now. I have played the rule where there just has to be all 4 cards in the pile to burn and I have played where all 4 have to be together to burn. I have played where the 7 is a power card and I have played where the 5 was the power card doing the same as the 7 does in your version. However in all my years of playing, an invisibility card was a new brand new one on me. Would quite like to know how to play Golf though – either its a game I know under a different name (happens a lot) or I've never played it and I kind of want to know

  37. I absolutely love your vlogs you are an awesome person

  38. Omg your rules for shithead are very different from ours, but I like yours so much!!

  39. My grandma taught my cousins and me a lot of card games growing up. Now that she’s gone we all still love playing cards and it always reminds me of her!

  40. You put the pasta in boiling salted water,man !

  41. I didn’t thought that it’s a phone camera!!! It’s truly better then pro camera

  42. This game also exist in france haha. It's called the french translation of "a** hole" (which is quite the same). But rules are quite different : there is just 1 special card : 2. But its function is switch with 10. There is no 6 card in front of you (all is in your hand) BUT there is also no pile : everycard are in peoples hands. there is one thing you can't do : put two "6" on a "8" for exemple. You have to put doble (or triple) card on nothing OR on a doble (or triple card). (Note : if someone put a quator, then it's called a revolution and all the game switch order, a little bit like the 7) So you kind of have to be really concious about "breaking" a pair of something. And for finish, at the beginning of a new game, the last loser have to give his 2 best card to the winner, and the winner his two worse card. (I actually don't like this rule because when you lose one time, you kind of have to lose over and over)

  43. Thanks so much i love cards and love to learn a new game. Yes please to Golf !

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