That One Guy Who Taps His Mana Weird | MTG #shorts -

That One Guy Who Taps His Mana Weird | MTG #shorts

Casually Competitive MTG
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The ending physically hurt to make

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Welcome back to Casually Competitive MTG! We are a group of friends who enjoy playing fast-paced, semi-competitive EDH / cEDH games. In today’s game we have some Magic: The Gathering Commander gameplay with a matchup between . Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments section below.


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  1. That guy doesn't know how to play the game right he's a cheetah

  2. Played against a dude who had the weirdest fuckin board state. Mana front, creatures back, enchantments closest to himself. Fucked me up dude.

  3. That bridge shuffle heart my soul….. thousands cried out…… unanswered

  4. I dont play MTG but any card game player seeing the end just took mental damage through the screen.

  5. Quick question what happens if a player misplays and turns turns later it's realized? Like I did it once and I felt terrible and asked the other player if we could rewind to a point and undo the misplay and the other player was upset I could tell but we were both newbs id say.

  6. I am Yu-Gi-Oh and Chaotic player, so I have no idea what's going on

  7. "That's just how I play, you'll just have to deal with it."

    No, young brother, I don't think I will.

    I don't thrust the gaming skills of someone who does shit like this at all, bring me a worthy opponent instead.

  8. This is why I play Yu-Gi-Oh where your cards HAVE to be in a specific zone or else it's illegal and you lose

  9. card positions are regulated. flipping your lands and having creatures below lands are both illegal

  10. Someone has to have actually shuffled their deck like that after playing poker all weekend

  11. As a Yu-Gi-Oh player i have no idea whats going on

  12. I just started learning to play yesterday and that’s why I appreciate my friend telling me how to space the cards

  13. This is what its like when you ask an AI to play a game of magic by itself

  14. No, it's not fine. You need to place cards so that your opponent can see your cards, that's the rules.

  15. Since there flip rules my group would not allow that

  16. i quite literally gagged when he did that shuffle

  17. Had people try this in a pre-release once, luckily MTG has rules on this, was impossible to tell what they had any any given point, end result was Judge telling them how to play, and them rage quitting.

  18. If you want to riffle shuffle you gotta use real cards bro. We party like mad people here

  19. I have never gotten deep into MTG
    I own some cards as a curiosity purchase but never got into it
    I’m a Yugioh player, and even I can tell you this is objectively the wrong way to be doing this. This is wrong in any game

  20. My one buddy half taps monsters for summoning sickness xD

  21. I've been a 45 degree tapper my entire life, my new play group doesn't like it, so i use the 45 to signify summoning sickness and tap the full 90 for no reason NO REASON!!! Pedents are worse than peasants i swear.

  22. That one guy who calls it "tapping mana" when you tap lands to add mana to your mana pool.

  23. A lot of those are actually against the rules

  24. Murder is never okay….unless it's this guy.

  25. Once I played with a guy who put counters when his creature got +1/+1 until end of turn an in a middle of play he went to buy some beer

  26. I haven’t started playing magic yet. I’ve always wanted to. Now I’m confused and scared I’m going to get beat up…

  27. So many cringe moments in one short, how?!?!?!

  28. We never flipped our lands like that (hell, I probably would've been asking why they were phasing them out) but the land in the middle was normal for everyone in my area in the late 90s. When I picked the game back up in the late 2000s and saw how people had the cards on the battlefield it was like a dumb realization moment 😅

  29. I scoop and walk away. This dude is cooked.

  30. Call a judge over if you're unhappy or confused. There is not an official rule of the arrangement of your graveyard, although you cannot use the floor or the bottom of your library. Plus you cannot turn your cards over to tap, because your field has to be clear to the Opponent you cannot hide your cards unless the card says otherwise.

  31. Taps weird:
    Graveyard/creatures in wrong spot:
    Please leave.

  32. Once knew a dude who tapped his mana diagonally and crapped on us "new players" for tapping mana sideways every single time we tapped lands. Already annoying. But he would drink Kharkov until he got destroyed and would tap things lazily and sloppy. So he would tap diagonally, crap on us for tapping sideways, then lose track of what is tapped and untapped and ask us which lands are tapped and untapped. To top it off, he owned one deck, mono gree Poison counters. I got herpes and cancer every time I played with him

  33. "I will cast Deagle if you don't leave my house right now"

  34. Note to players who play like this;
    No one will deal with it

  35. I haven’t played YuGiOh since I was a kid but I always say “__ in defense mode” when I tap mana or creatures. Mainly to make anyone I can cringe

  36. I get this is a skit.

    Yes there is flexibility on how u can orgabize ur lands and creatures.

    But u cant decide to move the graveyard somewhere else. Judges will assume ur trying to cheat.

    Thats not allowed but it isnt like yugioh where it had to go in a specific spot lol due to it having a limit for stuff.

  37. Completely new to magic brought my first starter set today. Only thing I understood was the graveyard bit and the card being turned over instead of rotated looking forward to playing

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