THAT WAS SUPER CLOSE!!! Blue MetalGarurumon X Deck Gameplay Guide Post Ban | Digimon Card Game BT15 -

THAT WAS SUPER CLOSE!!! Blue MetalGarurumon X Deck Gameplay Guide Post Ban | Digimon Card Game BT15

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As promised, here is the blue #Metalgarurumon build for BT15! I also mainly tailored it for the post restriction for March! Got some pretty close games as this deck can still be very explosive!


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Timecodes / Sections
0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Game 1
10:52 – Game 2


The metalgarurumon deck with the metalgarurumon ace deck and the metalgarurumon x deck is ready to become the the metalgarurumon bt15!
Thismetalgarurumon deck bt15 is mainly blue metalgarurumon deck based. It also has the blue purple metalgarurumon within the metalgarurumon x antibody deck. This is the metalgarurumon x deck ace and metalgarurumon deck post banlist with the metalgarurumon starter deck upgrade! This build is mainly for metalgarurumon x deck post banlist using bt15 metalgarurumon as the main boss! The bt15 metalgarurumon deck and post ban metalgarurumon deck is still very good! The digimon tcg metalgarurumon is a fan favorite since it is really strong as the digimon tcg metalgarurumon x deck! Watch this game play guide to learn how to play!


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  1. Did I miss the deck profile video for this?

  2. The newer tsunomon kinda better than the bt5 one no? Since the boost last until end of opponents turn, As supposed to just your turn.

  3. Great video as always, just one thing to note with BT5 Gabumon you could grab a garurumon AND omnimon, so you could've grabbed both at 7:25

  4. bt5 gabumon let's you add both a garurumon and an omnimon… you should have added both in game

    edit: also game 1, you can use the mental training to warp into the bt15 MetalGarurumon

  5. 15:28 Honestly Blitz feels in line as giving the ability to attack before you declare end of turn after passing memory. So bring out a blitz Digimon after you’ve ended turn would miss Blitz’s active timing

  6. Bro I'm planing tu run a hybrid blue purple metal gar deck, any thoughts about it? Or something that could come in handy.
    Cool vid btw

  7. What is your pevel 5 line up looking like?

  8. I feel you are playing 3 new matts 2 cool boys and 1 Davis

  9. How do I find out what cards you’re using for this blue deck?

  10. Been waiting for the blue version of this build 👀👀👀👀👀

  11. sees bt1 weregarurumon and weregarurumon ace

    aight I'm a head out.

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