The 10 Best STANDARD Cards from Voyage to the Sunken City! -

The 10 Best STANDARD Cards from Voyage to the Sunken City!

Zeddy Hearthstone
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Today we take a look at the best cards for Standard from Voyage to the Sunken City which launches on April 12th!

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Zeddy, RegisKillbin, Kripp, Rarran and other hearthstone youtubers all play different hs gamemodes. Duels, Battlegrounds, Standard, Arena and Wild are in the game that can new cards from new expansions to climb and win HS games.
Hearthstone is a card game based on WOW, it is also a digital card game.


  1. Twinbow terrorcoil into even hunter is going to be sick in Wild. Total nerfage

  2. Another expansion already? I was just getting use to this one that came out. Yikes . I don’t think I can keep up with this game anymore

  3. Does Gigafin devour in the same way as Mutanus? Will it gain the stats of all the minions on the board? That would be awesome if that's the way it works.

  4. I'm surprised you didn't mention Amalgam of the deep.

    Literally an auto include in any tribe deck, unless you're going for some weird niche strat.

  5. I hate when he says tuter out a minion that word tuter is weird to me

  6. Is explosive sheep still in the standard when the expansion hits? If yes, it will be a cheap ez answer to most colossal appendages .

  7. i just realised, aggro pirate rogue. ubplay brann pkus swordfish and u get a 6 attack weapon. the enemy will probably have like 18-20 hp by that point. so its basically lethal over three turns even if enemy clears everything without including mr smite etc


    I love your videos they make me laugh and happy please continue make videos BNN


    I love this video! Please make more similar vids to this. joM

  10. me watching that 1 million arcane dust on screen .- flex


    Epic vids! Great to see how much this channel grew…. KKj

  12. i will be opening my packs on launch, i will have over 180 paks to open

  13. Zeddy you're such a whale you have 1000000000000000 dust ! Love from Switzerland

  14. Will wild still be only quest hunter and ramp druid (nerf guff pls) or do you think we can see these 2 classes hunter druid as something else than just the same boring overtuned decks? Last months whenever you see hunter druid you know what they play…

  15. Well in standar the abissal curses in the TC was really good it burns a lot with brann and the weapon its an insane combo

  16. Please blizzard give Zeddy a chance to reveal a colossal whale card in the next mini-set

  17. I have always hated people who rock all golden card decks since in my first month of ever playing Hearthstone I was somehow matched with a golden priest who used all golden cards. He wasn't even playing to win, he was playing to watch me run into his golden brick wall of deathrattles and revives. I have vowed to never play golden cards and hunt down people like that with my proletariat decks.

  18. Zeddy any word on when we will be able to open our packs early ?

  19. I think you overestimate the colossals from Warlock and Demon Hunter but for the rest of the classes I agree.
    Comparing Finley to Secret Passage doesn't really make sense, it doesn't give you card advantage and Plot Twist wasn't that good of a card. I think it will be playable only in specific dredge decks.

  20. First Cariel, now Leviathan. Why paldin gets such powerhouse cards?

  21. Non of these colsals are anything special. Only warriors colosal seems promising other then that …

  22. Cheating out warlock colossal with the murloc that let's you pay health instead of mana on turn 4 or 5 is absolutely disgusting. Murloc warlock is gonna be absolutely gross

  23. 8:06 this may be the laziest animation on a legendary 😂
    I can barely see any movement

  24. Refresh for what !!! Priestess is absolutly garbage at this Point of the yeahr! Its powerfull in wild and maybe it becomes a viable combo Lex Card in the Future 1-2 Expansions Later !

  25. great video as always. Warlock will be a pain again as demon seed comes back into ladder

  26. I still am not too confident about Xhilag. I know it can be cheated out but its a 7 mana 3/6 that does a whole 4 damage. Seems worse than Priestess of Fury, that had to be nerfed but it also was mainly a finisher for an aggro DH that seems hard to get working these days.
    It's even arguably worse than Dr. Boom. Dr. Boom trades with this efficiently.
    Similar to him, this feels like it does well if your opponent has nothing but the stalks are freaking 1/2s, they're 99% going to get answered so enjoy your 3/6.

  27. I'm 100% making highlander control paladin a thing it needs t obe played

  28. Are there any new control strategies with this expansion?

  29. Sir Finley's battlecry is so powerful that've got to play it with Brann

  30. But Zeddy, why aren't there any legendary cards on your list?

  31. From what I saw in your steam, sure Finley will be very good. It's very versatile

  32. Zeddy flexing the fact he’s part of the theorycrafting stream. Congrats Zeddy

  33. @Zeddy so your picks for the best cards in Standard are all from the new expansion?

    No chance

  34. Sir Finley really surprised me. A full hand refresh with a guarantee that you're not getting anything that was in your previous hand. I love it. Glad it's diamond.

  35. "Warrior kind of got the shaft this expansion." I mean sucks for warrior mains but is anyone who has played since stormwind really upset that warrior isn't getting the most love?

  36. Calling Finley a neutral secret passage is a horrible take. Its more like a neutral plot twist which was a terrible card without stealer of souls.

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