The 5 Best New Card Games -

The 5 Best New Card Games

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0:00 Oh, hello!
0:54 Mandala
5:49 Bruxelles 1897
10:09 Air, Land & Sea
16:05 Tournament at Camelot & Tournament at Avalon
21:58 The Crew
23:54 Other cool stuff we do


  1. Classy to positively cross reference other review sites.

  2. I got kidnapped while I was out looking for card games to play.(like they did in this video)They put me in a room and had me play them in a children's card game. I beat one after another and from my point of view look like they lost their soul as they lost, but the people just keep saying that they were just being sent to the shadow realm whatever that is. I ended up beating them all and then some kid who had some crazy hair and was like a foot shorter than I came in saying he was here to save me. He looks around and then ask if I did this and I just nodded. He grew like a foot and became taller then me and challenge me in the same children's card game I was just playing. After winning I walk out. As I did I saw him on the floor looking devastated. And won't you know I found Mandala card box game and took it home and had blast with my friend 10/10 would destroy an organization again!

  3. So Tournament at Camelot is essentially Hearts…?

  4. I used to teach fencing and tried two swords a few times. You just end up using the extra off hand one to defend yourself and the other one pretty much normally so it’s not actually that different.

  5. I freaking hate love letter, the game plays you.

  6. Love the self-deprecating humor ("Nobody asks him this"). So many people just throw in phrases like that in their speech that are patently false. Nice poke, Quinns.

  7. The Ragnar Brothers started the tea-towel-as-a-board thing with History of The World circa. 1990. That game also featured a sadistic idea that never really caught on: Hundreds of cardboard counters of standard thickness which had to be cut out with scissors. Those were the days.
    A card game my family really enjoy is the vicious, stabby Oriflamme.

  8. This is, without a doubt, the greatest tabletop/boardgame game channel on YouTube

  9. Haha totally love your videos. You actually make me want to buy all these games featured. Oh well, we all have to have something to look forward during self isolation I guess.

  10. I can’t find Tournament at Avalon/Camelot ANYwhere for purchase 🥺😓😢😭

  11. Hitting that game with a broom and letting it hit the floor, that goes into the book of grudges.

  12. You're like the lindybeige of the board game world and I adore your channel ^.^

  13. Loved it. Thank you. BTW – I decided to add Mandala to my Amazon shopping list and the site then suggested Air, Land, and Sea. When I clicked on that game the site suggested the last 3 card games from this review! Is that the power and reach of SU&SD… or has Amazon's big brother mode reached new heights of creepy stalker?

  14. I did not forget about Love Letter! I played it last night with my family and lost miserably thanks to the spy!🕵

  15. Air, Land, and Sea looks extremely similar to Kenjin: place samurai warriors, archers, and generals face up or face down behind contested battlefields worth varying points, and with similar surprise abilities (flip a card, move a card, etc.). Kenjin doesn't have the interesting concession mechanic shown here, but it does allow for 2-4 players, creating interesting choices about whether you most want to win the battles against the player on your left or the one on your right.

  16. Holy cow! Mandala looks like it could be the new Battle Line. That’s saying a lot.

  17. I have not forgotten about Love Letter, though I did get fatigued by the numerous clones. Currently I am playing a weekly game of Love Letter online by way of Steam. Really enjoying the videos as I jump randomly along the playlist.

  18. The interludes are fucked up dora the explorer

  19. I used to own one of those nonsense chairs. I liked it when gaming – great for leaning forward to reach a board…but not so great for leaning back.

  20. Gotta say thanks for putting in captions on the stairway section, otherwise it would've been completely incomprehensible

  21. I bought the collectible releases of Gwent when they came out hoping I could play them with friends and family but there is too much trouble to make balanced decks out of them so I've been looking for a modern replacement for them (since Condottiere seems a little too old) and Land Air and Sea seems like it'd be a perfect replacement.

  22. that tournament at camelot game looks sooo fun except I'm so confused by it like I have no idea what happens in that game. has anyone played both that one and the avalon one? what's the difference between them? does the avalon one have similar cool artwork on it?

  23. Did anyone else get nervous at 9:48? The way he’s holding the knife and cutting towards his other hand is a recipe for disaster.

  24. This guys enthusiasm for board games is infectious, I swear.

  25. Hi i have a question , one of my friends had a party and they had a card game where … everyone gets a card and they have to do what the card said without the person they do it to realizing that it was a task from the card or something like that ( if you get what imtalking about ) but i or my friend cant remember its name
    So my question would be if you knew or had an idea of the games name or another similar game ?
    Sorry if i sound weird or confusing

  26. Tape: says fragile
    Su&sd: I beat the devil out of it

  27. Gull: a long-winged web-footed seabird with a raucous call, typically having white plumage with a gray or black mantle.

    Don't be so hard on yourself, it is "a" word 😉
    Haha seriously awesome review

  28. I know it's pretty late, but no Quinns, I haven't forgotten about Love Letter. I played it last night, because it's my favorite card game of all time.

  29. That withdraw mechanic sounds like old gwent. In that game you only have 10 cards, play best of 3, and you don't get your cards back after playing them. You can pass early when you're ahead, forcing your opponent to choose between winning round 1, or having more cards for the remaining round(s).

  30. Air Land & Sea seems kinda like reverse poker. You don't wanna show how strong you are so your opponent keeps betting, but instead of betting, it's antibetting.

  31. The gag 15 minutes in absolutely killed me.

  32. bruxelles 1983 is fantastic game. great mechanics and crispy decisions

    no need to play card game

    AL&S is great on the other hand. reminds me of Battleline but there is room for both in my collection

  33. You boys need to seriously GET on the Flesh and Blood TCG train. If you've loved Netrunner, you'll get a lot of netrunner vibes despite the two games having almost nothing in common =)
    Releases officially November 1st in Europe

  34. When you google the "tournament of camelot" and open amazon, amazon says other viewers also viewed Mandala, Bruxels 1897 and Air land &sea. I just wanna say thanks for all you have done to improve to board games community but i think this video is little misleading, i forced my neighbour to give his card game and now im writing this in police station

  35. I’d like to add that Master of Wills by Stormcrest Games is a brilliant tug of war style card game with beautiful cyberpunk art. Incredibly easy to learn, and yet deeply challenging to master. I highly recommend checking it out.

  36. "some people apparently put it up during cleaning."
    ALMOST! But substitute cooking for cleaning 🙂

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