The Best Card Game Ever? 🤔 #amazonhaul #amazonfinds #game #amazon #fyp -

The Best Card Game Ever? 🤔 #amazonhaul #amazonfinds #game #amazon #fyp

Mik Zenon
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  1. I really want to know. How bad were the comments on the human sized dog bed for you to disable them

  2. There is also a extension pack called throw throw avocado

  3. I'm really more interested in the Exploding Kittens game mentioned on the box 🤔

  4. The chipotle has found its new host.

  5. This is probably the worst card game that will come up in the 21st century, and we have not even completed a quarter of itbyet

  6. I already have this game. I got it for my birthday a few years ago and it is really fun to play.

  7. I’ve played both this and Exploding Kittens, and they’re both really fun

  8. Hey for the new big human dog bed video you just made can i have the link please

  9. Why is the comment section for the dog bed for humans deactivated? 🤔
    In the same time you say in the video that there is a link in the comment section. Very confusing 😕

  10. Hey ur coments is disabled on ur new vid no link

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