The Best VR Card Game I've Ever Played + More Free Games -

The Best VR Card Game I’ve Ever Played + More Free Games

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I hope you like Free VR Games because I’ve got a bunch for you! All links are down below…

0:00 Intro

0:15 Cards & Tankards

2:37 A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor

3:45 Yupitergrad: Sneaki Peaki


5:56 Sentenced VR Demo

6:43 7776 II: Dwarven Greed

7:22 Portable Emulator

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  1. Cards & Tankards has changed so much since this video! I highly recommend coming back if you haven’t played in a while, I won’t spoil anything but there are a lot of new cards to play with

  2. I got a question. Are they on app lab? Or are they only on pcvr

  3. I will vouche for Cards and Tankards.

    Super super impressed in the early phase.

    If you're into MTG, Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh, any TCG. You will love this

  4. Thanks for this! I'm installing Cards & Tankards now ^^ I'm not even into card games at all but the community seems really nice and chill which is what I'm looking for 😉

  5. Yess cards & tankards is a great game 😀 Happy to see many many new faces <3

  6. It’s never possible to LEGALLY own a rom file because reverse engineering proprietary software and hardware is illegal. Only completely custom homebrews not run on another system’s architecture are legal.

  7. Thanks so much for making this video, ben. Im blushing so hard right now you cant imagine!

  8. For those eagle-eyed enough to spot this comment, I recently got into contact with the steamVR devs and they showed me how to block inputs properly, so there will be an update soon including that new VERY convenient feature!

  9. The market is getting saturated these days. How awesome is that!! A couple of years ago we would have to hunt and forage for decent free VR games like desert mice searching for water.

    Thanks for rounding these up Ben.

  10. I was only mildly interested in the card game but when you showed the pub with all the people chatting I was sold! VR is perfect for that stuff


  12. Is there a practical difference between Orkana and Guardians?

  13. Board and card games are PERFECT for vr. My favorite game is catanvr and its the same thing, 99% of people are chill and i've made great friends on there. I hope to see more board/card games on quest its needed.

  14. Glad to see Cards and Tankards get some love! Its the main reason i've been putting on my headset for the past week and a half!

  15. i'm watching this tho i don't have vr
    also i'm archiving this
    2 dislikes

  16. Installed cards and tankards today. It's bloody awesome. I really hope this game takes off in a big way

  17. I remember reading about sentenced like two years ago. It’s interesting I guess.

  18. i saw so many of my friends in the cards and tankards clip lol i know almost everyone in the community that plays daily

  19. This video title made me think of Demeo, and I wanted to make a review for that game today but $34 is quite steep for a board game in VR, so I am still deciding whether I want to buy it or not. Any plans to review Demeo so I know whether or not to buy it and review it myself? 😛 Haha love the reviews bud, keep it up!

  20. This is what it looks like in the surface, but the hub is filled with courtesans. They are stimulating their own matured nature with alcohols, magics, illusions. That is like a drug! How addictive it is! I highly support it!

  21. Dang you mic must of cost like 1 trillion dollars

  22. Wow.. Orkana looks exactly like the Command and Conquer VR game I've been waiting for.. Downloading now.. Cheers for the vid Ben

  23. Would love a turn-based game like Orkana, the problem with Final Assault was its lack of a turn-based option. With turn-based, the games become more strategic and less seat of your pants. I don't know how complicated adding turn-based would be, but a skirmish version of Final Assault or Orkana with a save point so you could come back to longer games would be great. You could play it, come back to it, add maps as DLC on Steam and make bigger and more complex units and buildings as DLC on Steam. All raking in the cash for the developer and adding longevity to the game for the user. It is how most RTS and Turn-based games make their money, add new units, maps and content in DLC for the fans without having to re-write the code. Here's hoping Orkana goes down that route as so far, its RTS element is not my sort of thing.

  24. I like Battle Talent it is a free VR game and it is so good

  25. Would not suggest cards and tankards had a problem with one of the mods the other day got on the discord announce the problem I had and I'm banned from the discord the mod was watching me and my friend saying to everyone I'm just waiting for these two to slip up and say something bad so I can ban them me and my friend were just playing around and making jokes to each other do not recommend cards and tankards if you aren't okay with overpowered mods

  26. it says cards and tankards is unavailable through the app- idk why

  27. dude orkana is what i have been looking for its like starcraft 2 in vr thanks

  28. I'm really courious to see you gameplay at Ultrasclash V, did you ever tried it?

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