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THE CARD GAME | Draw My Life

Draw The Life TikTak
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The elevator game, the stairs game, the window game… did you think you had seen all the creepy challenges, tiktakers? Today we bring you a new ritual to invoke presences from beyond with just a deck of cards, a candle and salt. Do you dare to try it out?

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  1. People who put the hearts on top and ask questions everyone normally would answer no: Sometimes I question my geniusness.

  2. Jokes on you, I don’t have cards except uno reverses and if I accidentally do this i will uno reverse the ghost if it’s evil and starts to kill me-

  3. Me with friends:let's play bacarat!!
    Me when watches this video:ok never mind

  4. I played this game before but when I asked why he comes after people, he just said I don't know and I knew if I continued It wouldn't be good.

  5. Start moving your phone far away from your sight near the end cause you know the usual draw-scare

  6. I had to say you are a very good drawer maybe you should be an artist

  7. K we got the window game
    The stairs game
    The closet game
    The elevator game
    now the card game

  8. I think everyone forgot about Tik and Tak there tryin’ to save taktiko ( pls correct me with the planet name)

  9. I’m going to take the elevator: the elevator game
    I’ll just take the stairs!: the stairs game
    I’ll just stay in my room and play some cards: the card game and the window game
    COME ON!

  10. "Nobody younger than ten years old."
    Me:I'm about to die

  11. what happens if your not being nice to the spirit???

  12. I have played the card game and we asked if u would haunt us and we got a heart!!!

  13. Elevator game: Hi

    Stair game:

    Wait wait I don't have elevators upto 13th floor

  14. Elevator game: *exists
    Me: I’m just finna take the stairs everywhere
    Stairs game: *exists
    Me: I’m finna live in my room and play cards to not become bored
    Card game: *exists
    Me: I’m just stare out my window
    Window game: *exists
    Closet game: *exists

  15. When you said no one under 10 can play it did you mean also 10 year olds can’t play it either?

  16. I'm ten can I play? Because I'm not UNDER ten I AM ten🥶✊

  17. Me:aww I don't have cards:(

    *this game ligit real*

    Me:nope *throws all cards*

  18. Can me and my BFF play this game together or do you have to play it alone

  19. Hi guys, you might want to also check this new card game called LAGIM. Its story is based on Filipino folklore and myths. Where you need to defend your baryo from evil fiends. Try to visit their FB page and website for more details."Lagim Card Game".

  20. I mean duh if you hassle someone with questions all the time they’re gonna mad, spirits are no different

  21. That pop up holy crap i toss my phone and cracked my screen protector

  22. Well, I am 11 so can I participate in this game?

  23. imagine playing closet game, midnight game,card game,window game, stair game at the same time.

  24. can i use emergency light instead of candle


  26. 2 year later: tHe wAtEr GaMe!😦😟😟👹👹

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