The Card Game Every Couple Needs -

The Card Game Every Couple Needs

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I review the best card game for couples, and one of my favourite two player games of all time.
Lost Cities –

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00:36 The Idea
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03:14 The Genius
07:18 Recommendations
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  1. Very, very nice intro, but my italian roots compel me to correct you: it's mèdici, not medìci.

    Btw, why you don't have 1M subs yet is beyond me. Great content!

  2. Hahaha, I have told people for a very veeeery long time that this is my all time favorite two player game. My wife isn't really a game player, but I can always break out Lost Cities and she's in.

    Always glad to see others with the same opinion 😀

    BTW, got stuck in an airport once for many hours, bought a standard pack of cards in the terminal, and played with normal cards, but only 4 suits instead of 5.

    We laid down the Ace cards across the middle, to mark the "lanes", then counted all the face cards as "handshakes"… and… that's it really. Fun in a pinch!

  3. Sounds like a good game to play with the wife. Thanks again!

  4. I can Testify, this game is absolutely amazing

  5. My girlfriend and I hated it 😂😂😂

  6. I love the new style of videos and the production quality is top notch!

  7. Do you have a preference between the five expedition version and the one with six?

  8. you are missing lost cities the dice game aaaaand the whole Keltis family that was born out of Lost Cities 😉

  9. This game highly reminds me of several card games my parents play with french decks.

  10. Great video. Great game… my ONLY issue with it… the scoring XD

  11. where did you get those human clay totems?? I need them so badly!

  12. Great video. Very interested in this game now. Thanks!

  13. Sounds a lot like 'Keltis' just without a board.
    Though we never actually used the 'discard' option, because it never felt like having a positive effect.
    So in my head this game plays out just drawing and playing cards without interaction.

  14. Love your videos! Its so precisely good explanation and telling us why we should play! And most of all the board games are hidden gems!

  15. Great video all the way around! LC is a masterpiece and once you get the game down, you can go through the deck in about 5 minutes! With nothing be awesome decisions nestled in simplicity! Knizia is a genius!

  16. This game "caravan" from fallout:new vegas seems slightly inspired by this.

  17. I commented already, but I just want to add: this game is ridiculously basic. Same with Battleline/Schotten Totten. Cards with colors and numbers basically. Yet out of that simplicity that a child could learn is such great gameplay. Especially the more you play it. I mention this statement anytime I teach Battleline, but it applies to Lost Cities. The game is of the last CENTURY and still holds it's own. Again: Knizia is a genius.

  18. I picked up this game after watching this video, wasn't disappointed. Thanks for the reco!

  19. "This is a great game for couples. It plays like a divorce settlement."

  20. Generally speaking I ONLY buy 2 player games because getting a group together is too hard

  21. Lost Cities is awesome. Need to try Arboretum, since LC is only for two players.

  22. Good video… Even if the title is a little clickbait-y

  23. Amen to this – my partner and I played the heck out of this in our local board game cafe when we lived in Korea. One of our first purchases when we moved back – you’ve captured the beautiful frustration of this game really well 👍

  24. Now I'm curious about how does Lost Cities actually compare to Air, Land & Sea. Is it worth owning both? Do they each bring something unique to the table to warrant a place in the same collection, or does one supersede the other?

  25. That Doctor Who reference really made me smile 😏🤓

  26. For some reason Lost cities didn't click with us at all 🙂

    Though our experience with recommended games for certain player counts is certainly pretty unusual. For some reason we loooooove certain games that "should never be played with 2" and often time prefer those over dedicated 2 player games (Sushi go party, Scythe, Mysterium, …). But one exception to that is 7 wonders duel, that one certainly worked for us 🙂

    I know we are the exception in this (and many other) case(s).

    Keep up the great work – these videos are amazing!

  27. Lost cities is a masterpiece of a game. Hands down.

  28. It is totally one of our favs, we've actually almost played it to our cards dying lol. It was very hard to find for awhile, interesting to see the updated version

  29. Just discovered your channel yesterday. Great stuff, man. You explain well and have a great sense of humor.

  30. I agree, this is the perfect 'couples' game. Love it to bits. And Hanamakoji come second on that list.

  31. Me and my girlfriend were bored after a walk and we decided to pick a random game at a book store. We picked Lost cities because of the good art work. We have never played other games than monopoly and 30 seconds. Lost cities got us hooked and months later we´ve spend all our money on numerous card and board games… Thanks to lost cities!! Lost cities is such a good game because it is fun for new but also experienced players.

  32. This is a great game for couples, it’s just like a divorce settlement!

  33. In the description you link to your top ten couples games video, but most of the games you mention aren't available on Amazon any more. If they're not out of print I think you should update those links to where you can actually find the game. If they are out of print I'd love to see an updated video

  34. So I just watched your video on 10 mistakes most new gamers make, and I was definitely guilty of buying too many games. I told myself I would be better. Then this video was recommended to me, and I just ordered it. I don't know how to feel right now haha.

  35. Is this game sometimes labeled as Lost Cities the Duel? I'm confused by the many variations out there. Thanks!

  36. My copy of this is the older version and it's got a weathered box from being carted around in hand luggage on several holidays now. My wife and I have played this at little cafes all over Europe and the UK. It's weird because I wouldn't put it in my Top 10 but that's not really fair given how much play it's seen and how many nice memories of close games and "just one more" games I've had with Lost Cities.

  37. I love lost cities. My wife is super resistant to even trying it for some reason. We do play a fair amount of 'Morels' which has a fair amount of crossover in feel.

  38. Brilliant. Sounds really fun but I probably won’t get this one. My wife is absolutely terrible at this kind of game

  39. Jaipur is my recommendation. But it could be because I've worn out Lost Cities.

  40. Today, our children were entertaining guests. While they played, my wife and I did something we haven’t done in a long while: play board games against each other. We cracked open Cascadia for the first time. And I lost two games. So we switched games. I gave her the thrashing she deserved in two games of Azul. While I fixed the girls some lunch, I gave a listen to some of your couples games. After watching this video, I went to Amazon. Lost Cities is one a 3 for 2 sale! Sweet! And so is Arboretum! Excellent! And zero of the other games you mentioned that interested me were on sale. So. Decisions. Decisions. Finally settled on Santorini New York since it has a price point close to the others and I don’t own the original. I really enjoy your channel. Keep it up!

  41. Yes John, Dr. Knizia IS absolutely the game design master. He alone has absolutely changed my life. Even his supposed “kid games” have logic, reasoning, AND fun. There is always something deeper than what you first see. It is also my opinion that YOU sir are the best board game reviewer by far. And your entertainment value may never be surpassed. Keep up the great work! I encourage everyone who can to support you!

  42. I loved Lost Cities from the beginning but I will say after 10 plays I really understood so much more depth and strategy to it. Great game.

  43. Jon, love the quick witty remarks along with the brief review of the product. We always look forward for another product review 😁😂

  44. Lost cities isn’t my favourite because it gets repetitive quite quickly… also feels too much like a regular card game

  45. i like the way u introduce a game, u focused on your pleasure n experience instead of rules and theme. u made me really wanna have a personal exp of the game! great job!

  46. Was that a Doctor Who reference you made there?

  47. I like lost cities, but it is not without its flaws.
    I played a few games with my partner that sucked due to variance.
    Like most card games, Its possible to just get bad draws and have no power over what is happening.
    If you sit there getting great plays and the other person only draws poorly and theres nothing they can do about it, its not fun.
    But despite that, I definitely agree that its a great game.

    Checkout the game "Babel", it fills a similar niche, but with a bit more complexity.

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