The Card Game | Rhaps & Teak Take a Peek: Magic the Gathering Arena -

The Card Game | Rhaps & Teak Take a Peek: Magic the Gathering Arena

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Magic the Gathering Arena is the online version of an up & coming indie deckbuilder coincidentally also called “Magic the Gathering”.

[0:00:00] – Intro & Draft
[1:26:06] – Decksecution

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In stark contrast to the Ladder Streak, in this series Teak and I will be taking a look at games we’re not so familiar with to learn what we can and apply it as best we can as soon as possible!

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Hey there, I’m Ryan or Rhapsody here on the internet. I make gaming videos, most often in the let’s play format. I usually focus on strategy and indie games, but I tend to record whatever really takes my fancy at the time. If you’re interested in the commentary I provide be sure to tune in as I release 4 new videos each and every weekday. Thanks for watching the video above and also for taking the time to read this and hopefully I’ll see you next time.


  1. I haven't play magic ever, so it is great you are tutorializing this (even tho I don't think I will be playing this anytime soon, too many cool games you have been peeking at )

  2. I can't believe I missed you two playing the OG game and my game of choice since 1998! I just started watching but I am so very excited.

  3. Well, that was fun, even if y'all got trashed. Sadly, delving into the dungeon is too incidental to justify the 5 Idols. And that's why playing one draft isn't enough.

  4. Ah! Magic! The game with endless possibilities where everyone plays the same shit!

  5. You almost never keep a two land hand. You'll probably draw a third and you might draw a fourth, but the odds of drawing five and more are quite slim before your opponent runs you over.

  6. This game is super weird. I don't know if it'll be successful, a bit too far out.

  7. Never thought you guys would try mtg. Really excited to see how you guys play/like it. Drafting and deck building finishes at 1:27:00

  8. ZOMG….that’s the whole comment. (New Indie Game Hype 😃)

  9. hey rhaps/teak, for a Take A Peak at some point, may i recommend `100% Orange Juice!`? you definitely build a deck at some point 🙂

  10. *Le Sigh*… they could have taken the money they used for Arena and made MTGO(Magic the Gathering Online for those who don't know) and optimized that..(or not use predatory micro transaction pricing)

  11. Ah yes, a very small indie game. Truly, a labor of love

  12. Hmm idk it looks a little rough around the edges but Its an indie so that's okay probably only been around for a short time

  13. for the record, you most certainly could have flashed feign death at 1:36:24. a creature 'dying' only really means to go to the graveyard from the battlefield, however it happens to go there. so sacrifice counts as death.

  14. 12:42 This card reminds me of my little brothers green deck from back when Magic was gen 1 or maybe 2. It was a (if lucky) first turn domino cascade until kill deck. Lands that would cause you to draw lands until they eventually all turned into monsters that were still lands. It was hilarious before they nerfed it out of existence.

  15. As someone who designs custom Magic sets, it was a delight to see you two find so much joy in the simple draft commons. And as an enfranchised Magic player, watching such a different approach to this set and draft as a whole was great (even if I would have made drastically different picks a lot of the time).

  16. I'd recommend the MTG Drafting Format to anyone who's enjoyed Slay the Spire. Learning the base rules of any card game can take a minute, but both MTG and StS have deep deck building systems that is really rewarding to dive into. A lot of the fundementals of StS deckbuilding can give you a huge leg up as far as analyzing picks in the MTG draft format, or even in casual MTG deck building itself.

  17. While I'm not hopeful for it happening I would think doing a video over magic with you 2 would be cool. Even as a once a month thing would be nice. Also love your content Rhaps, keep up the amazing work

  18. I recommend both of you and all the readers obiously, the Commander format, 33 lands, 66 cards that cant be any one duplicate and a Legendary creature (some Planeswalkers can be too) that gives your deck your Identity. Its more a constructive and slow play and has more strategic involve since you cant count on draft the car been i in 99… Ive been playing it for almost a decade and its hell of a fun. By the by, even with the 1/4 i loved this Peak, both draft and play!

  19. I don't recommend this game. The economy is so bad. The company is greedy.

  20. as a neat note about the mana system and arena in how it helps to handle it MTGA actually draws 2 opening hands for you when the game starts and leans towards giving the player the hand with the best mix of spells and lands in a attempt to prevent hands with no mana or all mana (dead hands)

  21. I checked the date like three times during the intro to make sure it wasn't April 1st today. This is going to be fun, I already know it.

  22. I love how they are trying to make and describe MTG as a rougelite deck builder😂😂😂

  23. This is amazing. Haven't even started it yet and I know it's going to be glorious

  24. I enjoyed your video… but that deck was pretty mediocre

  25. It's a very new game I heard.
    It came out recently, in 1993.

  26. I find it funny how my experience with card games is opposite to Teak's, I do not get Magic the Gathering but I do love me some Yu-Gi-Oh, even then I enjoyed this take a peak even if this game wasn't too up my alley

  27. mtg arena iz racist they juzt remote access your ip address and then make racist a.i. names … and scam your land and creaturez … ohhh yeah they scam ur kidz to but most dont care if their kidz grow up dumb … they juzt like how shiny the game iz and all the excitement … they dont want to hear negative

  28. I want that first AI rolling my next questionable race/class.
    I love me some Rhaps & Teak btw… so wholesome.

  29. I am only vaguely familiar with MTG, but I enjoy the forgotten realms theme and just listening to you talk about cards 🙂

  30. Super fun to watch this. I've been playing magic on and off since ~2005, and MTGA really got me back into it! Just did an in-person draft with friends for the first time in roughly 5 years! Love it casually. Hope y'all continue to take a peek at things we don't expect! I really enjoy the novelty. 😀

  31. Deck seems quite weak and the card evaluations are very far off. Didn’t even look at dragon’s fire as an option in p1p2. I suggest that next time you try to do a walkthrough of a draft you should probably collab with a mythic ranked drafter just to have a clearer idea of evaluating card strengths and synergies.

  32. Is it better to do nothing and did or fight with every fibre of your being until your last breath?
    Teak:- The optimal play is to do nothing

  33. Love the bromance. It's really enjoyable to watch.

  34. More of a constructed guy myself, but it was a lot of fun 🙂

  35. I laughed so hard when rhaps said "because it includes cards…." then takes a sip out of his mug. Good one guys. 😆

  36. Every time I try to play/watch MtG I want to go Netrunner. They're totally different games, but the most liberating thing about Netrunner is the ability to just spend actions to draw cards. You never get stuck quite the same way.

  37. Oh man, I‘ve been waiting to see you play MTG for YEARS now. So excited for this!

  38. 3:26: Why would not watching the card choosing be better? Making a deck and seeing how it is done would be great.

  39. Please More of this!!!! This was superfun to Watch!

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