The Card That Almost KILLED Hearthstone -

The Card That Almost KILLED Hearthstone

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Hearthstone is one of the biggest card games in the world, but throughout the years, there has been a card in the game that has consistently broke the game by breaking the games rules.

00:00 Into
00:34 The Rules of Hearthstone
01:37 How A Card Breaks a Card Game
02:43 The Beginning of the Problems
04:20 How Players Would Break the Game
06:17 More Exploits from this Card
08:30 A False Fix
09:38 The Biggest Problem
10:27 A Pro Level Situation
11:38 The Final Issue

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  1. The length of animations alone made me stop playing hs. oh god how I wish they were faster or that there was a setting to speed them up.

  2. to memory, nozdormu was my first legendary. Used him a good bit but not like that XD

  3. What is the problem with them, let's say "removing the card temporarily from the game" maybe find a better use for it, and re do it's effect into something else?

  4. Great video, am I missing something or am I right to ask WHY DIDNT THEY JUST DELETE THE CARD OR BAN IT?

  5. This felt so horrible to play when people would do this bullshit against you like I can't bring myself to do it cuz it just felt so damn scummy

  6. I played HS for 4 years, now I play LOR, and Jesus why does HS look so slow?

  7. This does not sound like a very hard thing to fix… I'm shocked they'd target things like Brewmaster and Dream Portals instead of just looking at the Nozdormu clause or why the opponents turn timer is ticking while animations are playing…

  8. I really don't remember Noz being a problem back then. And it was when I was obsessed, so many streamers watched, so many forum posts… I was just saw watching your vid thinking :
    Shudderwock watching this yeah, that's the guy, it's all his fault. I wasn't even there, dude.

  9. Hearthstone players understand how you Yu-Gi-Oh players feel now playing Yu-Gi-Oh

  10. I quit all their games after endless amounts of drama and outright crimes commited by Activision Blizzard

    My jaws that bite, my claws that catch!
    That managed to skip turns in standard and completely break the game by just spamming so many animations ur opponent skipped a full normal turn.

  12. I hated playing against Sindraga, the ice dragon. Always surrendered when I saw it on the table. Eventually quit the game and never returned.

  13. I'm trying to get back into it and have 128 card packs to open and have to sit through every unscippable animation plus.i am bombarded with numerous messages about different expansions within hearthstone and it's just a complicated mess with worse feature creep than shadowlands

  14. The fact that they just moved him to legacy shows how bad blizzard has gotten. Can't even fix a card with a single sentence of text on it.

  15. Jesus just have the turn countdown pause during animations

  16. Can someone tell me WHY ON EARTH they didn't just start counting turn time from the time all the animations have ended!?
    God damn, this is so stupid…

  17. "oh, that's shudderwock"
    -so that's why Nozdormu

  18. Nozdormu must either be a nightmare to code or the balance team is completely oblivious. The obvious solution would be to let the animations resolve before the other player’s timer started ticking down

  19. i knew this card was gonna shake up the game when i first laid eyes on it XD abd what a name for a dragon XD

  20. I was expecting a video about a completely overpowered card that enabled a busted combo but I was NOT expecting skipping whole turns with animations, holy shit. Very well made video

  21. can you try to beat old solo adventures on heroic with standard decks

  22. Imagine if Blizzard was smart and just deleted the shitty card that's never used for any real reason

  23. why didnt they just ban the damn thing lol

  24. So basically, Blizzard is too fucking stupid to fix a really really simple issue with a fix that should be beyond obvious to actual human beings

  25. its like certain modern yu-gi-oh deckks

    My turn?
    yes but no

  26. so they technically still havent even fixed the real issue, just bandaid solutions, and then removing it from standard

  27. there was also a game breaking bug with shudderwock animation staggering irc.

  28. Bro at that point just delete the card idc what the fans would say that shit is insanely stupid

  29. When a card is played its animation time should be added to the current turn timer. That would've fixed nozdormu and all the other animation problems the game has/had with playing cards once you start roping etc.

  30. I dont understand why this works like that at all. Every non digital card has game phases. Why didn't they implement it like that? End of turn reserved for EOT animations and effects, start of turn reserved for SOT animations and effects, and your main turn where you have the timer, be it regular or Nozdormu's. EOT and SOT triggers, animations and effects being part of the turn and the timer is ridiculous.

  31. I really like him as a card, but only in isolation. The pure fun of having to rush and knowing that combo turns/good play will actually require skill is really fun, but then stuff like this happens and instead of fixing the obvious issue, they get rid of the fun part of it

  32. That my 2nd favorite card. My first fav card was Flame Leviathan
    I loved card draw effect.

  33. Dont want to be rude, but this was bad

  34. I haven't played hearthstone in roughly 6 years…. I am too scared to go back

  35. I thought this was gonna be about Patches and how the meta when he first dropped completely revolved around him lol

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