The Complete Beginner's Guide to the One Piece Trading Card Game! (One Piece TCG) -

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to the One Piece Trading Card Game! (One Piece TCG)

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The One Piece TCG is here and it’s awesome, so it’s time to show you everything you need to know! Come see!

OP-02 Opening:
Release Schedule:

1st Ever Yellow Card:
New Promos, Products & Tournaments:
Winning Smoker Decklist:
Pirate Parties Coming:
How much Manga Ace really worth?:
We’re Getting the Awesome Promos & More:
One Piece TCG is Crushing:
Yellow Cards, Manga Rares & More Big News:
OP-02 Secret Rares:
Super Rare Magellan:
Super Rare Luffy:
PreRelease Promos Prices:
All Leaders So Far OP-02:
Super PreRelease Decks Price & Importance:
Biggest Leader Yet:
First OP-02 Reveal & New Magazine Promo:
1st Banned Cards:



  1. 10 minutes in.. "I'm not gonna give you a full 'learn to play'" cool ok thanks!!! could've said that in the first minute, but thanks…

  2. I'm very interested in playing this game. I haven't played a CCG since junior high school.

  3. By any chance whick packs are the Shanks super rare card likely to be in lol

  4. i saw today vanguard translated in thai cuz their english is so bad here, heck they cant even hire ppl in 4 star hotels that knows proper english in phuket hotels one of the bigger tourist destinations in thailand, so will translating the cards help their english skills?? nope !!! at least in malaysia most hotel receptionst spoke good english, and they want u to pay 50 dollars or 2000 baht and they cant even speak basic english in the reception, kizz my azz thailand !!!🍑🍑

  5. Thanks for the video! I believe when taking damage you must take it in order now. They changed it in September 2022

  6. Umm please make a note that this ISNT a beginner's guide. You didn't tell us how to play the game. You know, what a beginner's guide would do.

  7. Ordered 2 decks of each, and hitting up a few tournaments in London. I'll get my ass handed to me, but gotta play Red rush all the way. I ordered the 25th anniversary cards, a lot of them coming in July. Luckily I have family in USA. I'm going all in on One Piece. I ain't letting go of my cards this time like I did with Pokemon.

  8. Love this. Thank you!
    I’m looking to collect them all, fingers crossed! I’ve pre-ordered everything so far. How many booster boxes would you recommend to have a high chance of getting every card?

  9. I've been unsure about the market due to volatility, at the same time I still feel it's the right time to make profit cos of the price decrease, heard someone speaking of making over $500k since the lockdown and I'm driven to ask what techniques/skillset is needed to achieve this

  10. Wossy what do you think about the market is the price of every is going to sky rocket 🚀 like the Japanese version 🤔

  11. I won't lie, I was kind of hoping you'd give a basic breakdown of the starter decks. What their individual playstyles are, whether the colors represent playstyles or factions, what characters or factions each deck is associated with (like yeah obviously the red deck is Luffy's crew but as an ignorant to One Piece I have no idea what the other three represent). That sort of thing helps someone like me decide which specific deck to get if I can't invest in all four. Unless you did a video on that already and I missed it?

  12. hi man I'm just wondering can u do a buyer guide where to buy one piece tcg cards

    and love your videos keep up the good work

  13. You mentioned the different types of rarity but how do you tell the rarity on the card itself? Is there an icon or something?

  14. My local store that is going to host everything regarding one piece is only going to be able to get 2 cases and is goong to sell 2 boxes per player who actually going to play and 1 to unknown ppl until he run out = 12 players get 2 boxes , o…o don't know how yo feel about the way the distributors are handling the supply . Hope others are more lucky trying to get into the game

  15. The starter decks came out here two weeks ago and OP-01 came out 4 days ago. Been very fun learning and playing. Loving the game

  16. Awesome videos Wossy been here since u started posting One Piece videos keep up the good work.

  17. "Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor." —Truman Capote

  18. Do the starter decks come with the same set of cards or different?

  19. I actually made a very similar video 3 days prior to this video release… 😡

  20. This game looks like fun! I know nothing of the story, but I doubt that matters 😁

  21. It comes out Dec 2nd but is that online or in store and what stores would have them?

  22. So I’m actually going to a late pre release event, what tactics would people recommend when battling with the starter decks, which one would be the best to play out of the 4 starter decks.
    Obviously wanting to win the Luffy winner promo 😅

  23. Wait where and when were there online tournaments??? I never heard anything about that and I tried to google it but couldn't find anything

  24. Where is everyone buying the card game in English lol!?


  26. I work at a gas station 2 blocks from a tabletop gaming place, and a regular introduced this game for me! Got my starter deck today and so excited to play! Thanks for the vid!

  27. I was interested til I saw exclusive promos. Thats what made me quit dbscg. No thank you

  28. If don cards give characters +1000 during your turn, does that mean characters with (Don x1, +1000) gain +2000 during your turn but only +1000 during the opponents turn?

  29. Superb information! Would Take forever top Google all this

  30. How did y’all buy them I’m trying to buy them on their official website but it’s not clear on how to buy them

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