The Complete Story Of Artifact - Tragedy Of Valve's Card Game -

The Complete Story Of Artifact – Tragedy Of Valve’s Card Game

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Artifact is a Dota 2 digital trading card game developed and published by Valve.

With promises of a robust esports scene at launch, the inclusion of Richard Garfield in its development, and rooted in the Dota universe, many believed Artifact had the makings for success. However, upon launch things started to downhill with the hype quickly dissipating and player numbers entering a steep decline, but why?

This is the complete story of Artifact and the tragedy of Valve’s Dota card game.

0:00 – Intro
1:22 – The Hype
14:54 – The Beta
24:58 – The Launch
28:11 – The Long Haul
35:04 – Community Tournament
40:26 – The System
45:53 – The Silence
52:32 – Artifact 2.0
1:03:04 – The End

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  1. " Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Artifact The Wise? I thought not. It's not a story Riot would tell you. It's a Valve legend "

  2. Rewatching this video soothes my soul. Seeing all these clout chasers and pro players with dollar signs in their eyes see everything crumble to dust is amazing. "I saw my views going down" "I was sure they were going to have the million dollar tournament". Absolutely delicious

  3. I say artifact was the wrong game at the wrong time made by the wrong people. If Valve had a more regular game output or Richard Garfield self published the game, it would have gone down as an interesting if ultimately forgettable CCG. Also the business model of paying for the game upfront, then buying random card packs turned people off and hurt it in the long run.

  4. 5:23 no idea who that guy is but he completely misses the point.
    People hate card games because every god damn time, they are extreme p2w.

  5. Fantastic documentary. As someone who put over 200 hours into Artifact I think you described its fate best in the title. Tragic.
    I got a bit emotional watching this, thank you.

  6. I never noticed this, but why are card game players some of the most eloquent and well-spoken gamers haha

  7. "Dedicated small audience" are the same people who spend thousands of dollars on skins. Just to let you know, these are the people responsible for microtransactions plaguing the gaming community right now. I had a conversation with a friend who is obssessed with buying skins and he was so defensive of EA's shitty microtransactions.

  8. Everything I need to know about Artifact can be summed up in one sentence:


  9. this video reminds me of anther dead ccg, Nova Blitz that was amazing and was pretty unique, but updates didn't come and the community just fell off.

  10. i actually liked the game :/ never buyed anything ingame tho just played for fun

  11. Dude had 5000 views, literally everyone who had ever touched the game watched his videos.

  12. I'm part of the minority that love card games.
    But I've never even heard of this game till now,
    when I was just randomly binging this channels' content for bg noise while working.

  13. I saw that modern jund deck in one of the interviews. God, what a time to be alive!

  14. I also played the Runescape card game and it was incredibly fun. The game was super well designed but it was doomed from the start.

  15. Man, this is so good.Your vids deserve more views…

  16. Artifact is really high in the hall of fame of "wasted potential" games, together with Spore. Those are always the saddest games because you know they had a chance but someone fucked up along the way.

  17. Game is fully free and still nobody plays it.. it was not about the money, the game was garbage

  18. "People don't take card games seriously because they think they're children's games" No, they don't take them seriously because you have to spend hundreds (but more likely) thousands of dollars to be viable competitively

  19. I dont regret buying artifact. I just sold all my cards like 2 days in because the game had the depth of a puddle and made more from trading op cards than I spent buying the game.

  20. I was like I don't need to watch another video on artifact, but I did and I'm glad

  21. Hello from Ukraine 🇺🇦 ☺️

  22. I play duel links since i could not afford artifact when it was release 😀

  23. It's interesting that people now call it "Valve's card game", in stead of "Dota card game" like it was advertised at launched.

  24. The thing is, magic the gathering is an accidental hit. It took them a very long time to iron out the imbalance. The black and white set was the worst thing ever.

  25. Hope you guys do more videos like these even just once every few months.

  26. Seems like the complaint about magic is also RNG.

  27. its CRIMINAL how few views this has what the hell

  28. Wow ! Such a good video ! Shout out Akshon Esports

  29. If it was F2P from the get go, I'm sure most of us DOTA 2 players would have played this. Runeterra bored me and Hearthstone's RNG was too much for me, just playing Shadowverse and offline YuGiOh, but if a new card game gets out, I'll be more than happy to try it.

  30. monetization is the problem of this game

  31. no one asked for it. it's pay to play. it's pay to win.

  32. It's a sin that this video hasn't got more viewership, what a wonderfully informative video on the project. Like many I was completely uninformed going into this video, and only knew of the terrible passing horror-stories the community had to endure. This video almost watched as if it were a love letter, an ode to the community that gave Artifact everything.

    God damn I love a good esports documentary.

  33. I still can't belive how they thought a pay2pay model was a good Idea.

  34. So, this is now the most viewed Video about Artifact? 😅

  35. Been on a binge of your fighting games videos and ended up on this Artifact piece, love both Dota, the FGC and now … your channel <3

  36. Who was the guy that was quoted saying "What bothers me in is the general consensus that card games are boring"? I don't think he understands the meaning of the term concensus because that is NOT the general concensus for cardgames. TCGs are incredibly popular all over the world, in every culture, at every level of income and education, like, it feels like he pulled imaginary overbearing hate against card games just so he could defend them. Artifact wasn't recieved negatively purely for being a card game. There were layers of problems there compounding into a general level of dissatisfaction, Artifact was the breaking point, not the tide that caused it.

  37. We hope you guys enjoyed this video that we put together. It was definitely one of the most ambitious ones yet from us, taking months of research, writing, interviews, and editing, but was something fun to attempt!

    Did you ever try Artifact? If so, what was your experience like?

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