The Crew - A Card Game for Everyone -

The Crew – A Card Game for Everyone

No Pun Included
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  1. OMG the actual jam in the Letter Jam box :O

  2. Sold me. Bought it. I’m stuck with my girlfriend. Shipped. We’re playing (she doesn’t know yet)

  3. I think it is closer to games like Tournament at Camelot (or know the new Avalon), or Fox & The Forest (orrr their new 2 player only co-op version), or Canada’s Inside Up Games with Gorus Maximus, or even Claim and Claim 2.

  4. I've never seen one of your videos before but this was an excellent review. Good job!

  5. Fascinating.. This game looks headache inducing. I don't understand the hype. At all.

    Tricks? I can take 'em or leave 'em.

    I love Fox in the Forest, but every other Trick Taking game I"ve played left me cold.

    Yeah…good video. No interest in playing this game. Ever.

  6. Brought Diamonds game to game night explaining it’s a Trick Taking game and got blank stares.
    I felt old 😩 Hope your explanation helps other attempts 😂

  7. Not really seeing how this is any better than Hanabi.

  8. I just saw a box of Skytear, is a review of it coming? 🙂

  9. I'm not here because of SU&SD, but your style is very similar to theirs, I must say.

  10. Wooot, Durak is also considered a trick taking game?!? Mind blown XD

  11. Really want to play this. It looks like a lot of quick fun and a good coop feel. Do we know when an English version of the game becomes available?

  12. It reminds me of a card game I learned from my french husband, it calls: Tarot. It's half colaborative kkkk

  13. So…it's basically playing cards mixed with Uno in a space/Sci-Fi artwork…..paaaaaasssss.

  14. How DARE you put Skytear in the mediocre games pile!

    Edit: wait, it stayed on the table, nvm you good

  15. 30 years ago, before year zero of boardgame frenzy (which was1995 if you must know), for me Sunday night was card game night at the pub. I would consult the oracle aka David Parlett`s book of card games and teach my freinds whatever strange and unusual game I`d discovered during the week. If it stuck, we`d play it all evening, if not, move on to something we all enjoyed.

    Imagine that: a new game every week and all for the price of a couple of decks of cards a month.

  16. Funny, I've been watching your content for years and just noticed I wasn't subscribed. Weird, huh?

  17. For some reason, I just don't understand the rules! It's just not sticking. I do play a lot of games like Gloomhaven which is more complicated. Am I complicating it in my mind?

  18. Apparently for Spiel des Jahres it was too hard… And only got nominated for Kennerspiel ?!

  19. Great review, & OMG I cant believe you did that to feast for oden!! 😛

  20. So, why didn't you just signal that you had the green 9? Honest question, as I'm trying to get my head around the strategy. (Also, the postman showed up with my copy of this game WHILE I WAS WATCHING YOUR REVIEW :O)

  21. Well this just won the Spiel des Jahres but… I hate Trick taking games. I don't care about taking tricks. And seeing this video shows me that Trick taking being cooperative doesn't change a thing about that. Looks incredibly boring to me, the idea that I might have to partake in this game makes me cringe… 🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️

  22. Does Letter Jam really come full of jam? I only ask because when I bought Pandemic (the original one with wooden cubes) the box was full of mould… that freaked me out a bit.

  23. its not a good game.i played it and was meeh.the gameplay is poor,the only real value is that the creator put a story

  24. Dude. BEST VIDEO FOR A BOARD GAME I SEEN. Congratulations. Im a subscriber!

  25. This is how you explain a “how to”

  26. I still don't get this game…how does Emma win the trick if she needs to win the green 9 but this was played by the narrator?@7:43

  27. Thank you for the recommendation. I had the hardest time trying to explain Euchre to my friends, this seems like a much better way.

  28. Great creativity and energy in this game review/rules explanation. Subbed.

  29. Can you play a rocket even if you have the color of the suit that was led?

  30. ‘This game is dope.’ Hit the nail on the head right there

  31. Oh, that's that guy from the twilight imperium playthrough. He's lost weight

  32. This is my second time watching the review. Didn’t really get the appeal the first time but haven’t been able to get the game out of my head. Think I’ll be picking this one up for Christmas fun.

  33. So easy to forget the current mission rules and take a trick you shouldn't. I've only been able to play this online in quarantine and like it quite a bit

  34. Wait, did you just call Skytear mediocre? :O Why didn't I see that the first time I saw this? U wrong doe

  35. Since this is a new take on trick taking game can we just go ahead and create a new word other than trump, …please.

  36. Ha. I make Canadian 5 dollar bills smile like the Queen on the ten pound note…

  37. I love how skytear survived mediocre stuff punch 😀

  38. Great game. Completed all missions with my 3 sons over the period of a few weeks. Some very hard missions.. was fantastic..

  39. Question? For example task card is green 7, so in order for me to win that task I have to have a green 7? In other words only way to win task is with the same color and number?

  40. Also at 7:43 time stamp ema has a green 9 task card, she played a blue 9 then you play the green 9 how is it that she wins the trick if you have the green 9?

  41. What's the final example of a trick taking game he mentions (where you ask and def) – I couldn't catch the pronunciation?

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