The Easiest Card Trick In The World | Magic Trick Tutorial -

The Easiest Card Trick In The World | Magic Trick Tutorial

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Hope you all enjoyed the short! This was a short tutorial video on the easiest card trick in the world. In the short I explain how to do a really simple card trick. This is one of the first magic tricks that a lot of people learn and it is great for beginners. I would classify this as beginner magic. This is also a great magic trick for kids. All you need to do this trick is a deck of cards. Hopefully you found this useful and learned something from it. Let me know how this works for you when you try it. Thanks again for watching, and I’ll see you next time!


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  1. It is called a double lift my guy. It is a technique

  2. I saw the box that said "bicycle" cards which are cards that are the same

  3. It's not easy for me bro' 🤗, I can't double lift , help me 😄👍

  4. For this trick, make sure you use a deck that’s not slippery.

  5. Thissssss. Guyssss. A. Moooorrrrrr ..F. N. On

  6. How are you supposed to show the second card when the first card is on top?

  7. Your dl needs a lot of work buddy. Try make it seem more natural

  8. I tried to show it to my parents but instead they gave me a lecture.😢

  9. First off it’s not called a double lift it’s called a double turnover. Second, why do you expose magic methods? You are not even qualified to do so let alone share bad techniques. It’s a shame you have fallen into that group of exposure for “fame”. Imagine if you actually took the time to craft a beautiful effect and practiced instead of whoreing yourself out to monkeys with opposable thumbs.

  10. Showing us a 2 of clubs at the beginning and a 2 of Diamond at the end 🤔.
    What was the magic trick ?

  11. Bar umar farooq kutty paleet haramzadee te Lanat Lanat Lanat beshamaarrr Lanat Lanat paleet haramzadee dy her pairookaar te Lanat beshamaarrr Lanat Lanat Lanat Lanat Lanat

  12. Pretty sure all 3 million views were repeating in the background while I practiced

  13. Thank u i will be testing my friends

  14. nice brooh…I like that..sleight of hand..

  15. This is the worst fucking magic trick it doesn’t fucking work

  16. Dude it took me like 10x to watch but i figured it out 😂😂😂😂 nicely done brother

  17. It's still a double lift. That definitely takes practice. It's not something you could do consistently right off the bat.

  18. Easy trick at the end too. He took both cards and put them in the middle for him to flip the third card.

  19. I still don’t understand-

  20. The 2nd time, you did a false double lift.
    Nice. 👌🏾

  21. This is so good and the people who says that it doesn't work are a piece of shit 😊😊😊😊😊❤

  22. I have a deck of cards I was playing with saw this video flipped over my top card and ban 2 of clubs and then he has the same thing

  23. Easy enough. Done it. Hundreds. Of times

  24. I thought u kept two of those cards

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