The Fun Of Playing Trading Card Games -

The Fun Of Playing Trading Card Games

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Being very competitively focused, it can be easy to forget the simple fun of just playing Trading Card Games as just a game in their core, just like a party game with friends.

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  1. I didn't know there was a term for us😂 Hello fellow kitchen table TCG! I'm so happy they added 4 copies of the main card now + free PGs in thr new trial decks bc I aint buying anything else🤣

  2. What u think about vanguard getting kicked out by digimon on tcgplayer recommend

  3. I don't Really play yu GI oh because my friends and my cousin didn't let me in to yu GI oh so don't really like yu GI oh card games and anime from the past but in the past I decide to go for Pokémon tcg and I enjoyed collecting those card and from now the tcg that I like more is Cardfight Vanguard and other card games that I have play from mobile games that I play for seldom is Shadowverse and I play Buddy fight once

  4. This has always been the way I approached vanguard when I first started the game a long time ago. The very first deck I tried to build was an unholy creation of Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin where I had Majesty Lord Blaster as the main vanguard but tried to do a 25/25 split of units between the clans. It was bad but I loved that deck for how janky it was and how fun it was to actually use that deck.

    Even to this day, I don't try to chase after the meta but build the decks that bring me happiness and joy and also help my friend stay in touch with vanguard. My friend wanted to play gravidia not because it was meta but because the G3 was essentially a space mommy. And we both enjoy the game as a result

  5. Your vanguard content is what made me in to the game tho is really good keep it up in the future.

  6. In my second year of high school the G series started. I introduced my best friend to the anime and asked if he wanted to try playing it and he said yes, but he didn't have the money for a deck. I told him I would buy both of us a deck as I was new to playing it too (only ever watched the anime before then). We never played in a card shop, only ever in the school library during lunch or after school, or at my place. We never upgraded our decks but we had fun with them for years. In 2018 I had to move to a different state, so we didn't see each other until early 2019 because I was visiting for a convention. Unfortunately in February 2021 the entire apartment building him and his family lived in was on fire. They made it out fine, but when they came back they found most of their stuff was destroyed, including his cards. For a while they stayed in a homeless shelter, then with family for a bit. It was around this time that overDress was announced and I told him about it. We watched the anime when it came out and I asked him if he liked any of the decks, and he said liked Bastion. I told him I would buy us decks: Bruce for myself and Bastion for him. Since he still didn't have a permanent place to live I had both decks ordered to my place. I promised him that the next time I visited would bring him his Bastion deck and we would play and have fun like we did all those years ago.

  7. I got knee-deep into the competitive aspect of VG bc I keep thinking it's the only way I can enjoy anything. Unlearning trying to make people consume the game that way has been a personal struggle but it's definitely worthwhile

  8. I remember when I first played Vanguard 10 years ago now, wow hard to believe. I think it was the summer of 2012. I always enjoyed card games, Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic, Vanguard. I remember, I went to my local card shop and bought the Kagero trial deck and still did super good, and I was hooked for about a year or two.

    When I dated guys that played it was easier to go to local type things, but it's hard to go by myself. I go now with my Fiancée and my brother, but when I was single I couldn't go play.

    I still have the cards of that Era. I think 2012-2017 was the most fun in my nerdy years, playing card games, more into video games, cosplaying and anime. Now I am a mom, and I guess I am growing out of it, maybe when my daughter is old enough, we'll do it as a family. Even though I do it with my fiancée, I think adding our daughter to play with us when she is older, it will add and definitely surpass my late teen/younger adult years.

  9. I discovered Vanguard in 2015 but couldn’t find access to it, due to the big and overwhelming amount of cards. When overdress started I finally got myself into the game. I immediately bought all starter decks and a box of the first set and had a great time opening and discovering all these new cards.

    Hearing these stories about you and your brother or the new guy makes me feel nostalgic and I realized something very important. You need someone by your side when you discover a new game. I started Vanguard on my own and had no friends playing it with me and no locals. I’m from Germany and Vanguard seems very dead here. I got my best friend and another guy I used to play Yugioh with a little bit into Vanguard, but it’s not the same as having someone close to you who is enjoying the game as much as i do.

    For this reason I wanna thank you Kris. For making this kind of content for us. I discovered Vanguard and everything about it because of you and without you I guess i wouldn’t have gotten into this fascinating world.

    Much love for you and never stop being an inspiration for so many people! ❤️

  10. I started playing Vanguard when I was 8 years old and my brother was the one who introduced me to it through anime. But we didn't have money. But our parents buy us those deck on christmas. I am from Czech Republic and here it's really hard to get them. Luckily for me now I have enough money and we actually have a shop where to buy it. Can't be more happy.

  11. I like to think my friends and I strike a fine balance between meta and casual play. We like to update our decks, and we follow the meta for the formats we play, but that's as far as we go. We still strictly play decks we like, and we almost always have some kind of reaction to triggers being revealed in checks even though we've been playing for a few years.

  12. Yo dont diss on that original aichi trial deck. Ive won more with that deck against bootleg dark paladin decks of my friends with very broken cards. Just because of all the lucky crits I had. But it was still fun HAHH it was mostly up to chance if I won but it was always the heart of the cards moment when I won

  13. I remember that since my friend wasn't really into vanguard as much as I was, when he would come to my home and we'd try vanguard, since I only had 1 trial deck, we'd split it into 2 25-card decks. I can't remember if I put some thought in how the cards were divided between us or if I just took the top 25 card of the deck and gave them to him, but it was still fun.

  14. That's me. I have bought most of the trial decks from d series And 1 year later me and my friends, we still play with these decks. Every Sunday we gather to our local park here in Greece and we play till 2 or 3am in the morning.

  15. Back then I played it "when it was Limit Break format, and also when the link joker deck was really² OP". For about 1,5 years I was stopping playing Vanguard because I focused on my career, Then I interested to play it again, because of the rotation that goes fast, I stop playing it, Vanguard over dress is the current version right?, 😰 I don't know what kind of TCG I play now, I feel like vanguard has gone really different.

  16. Omg Cardfight Capital. That gave me so much nostalgia

  17. I never liked competitive vanguard because I suck at the game, big time. I always liked vanguard because I got really into it with my friends, and thats how we bonded. We had fun. They got sick of vanguard and moved on from it, because of how much of a money suck it was. We've grown apart ever since. I don't like going to locals, partially because I never have up to date decklists because I'm not creative enough to think of my own, partially because I don't have the cards, and again partially because it's too competitive. I really want an up to date dpo deck for premium and v, and an up to date orfist deck to play with people but I don't really have anyone to play with "after school" so to speak. That's the environment I want to play vanguard in.

  18. My friend and I would just play with the Aichi and Kai trial deck for a long time before we got more into Vanguard. We would always enjoy adding new cards even if they weren't that great. Even though we weren't all that great at the game, it was fun that I will never forget honestly

  19. Is Musketeers coming I want answers!!!!!!!

  20. That me to a T. I don't play vanguard to compete I play because I just love to play this game so much. I have multiple decks so that I can introduce new players to the game and just want to play casually and just enjoy the game.

  21. One of my greatest memories in vanguard came from high school. I would play the first 2 limit break TD’s with my best friend in class during free time, and eventually I bought a $20 royal paladin deck off some rando on eBay (the “key unit” was Twin Shine Swordsman Maurus) and would put that against Thunder Break Dragon’s TD over and over again. Good times

  22. You should have bought that guy some sleeves

  23. Man i stoped playing tcg in real life because all the shops that were selling cards close and there’s not much people who plays it besides my little brother

  24. Nowadays, if I’m ever playing a tcg with anyone, I make sure I have two decks on similar power/completeness level because I know I’d hate feeling like I stand no chance because my deck isn’t competitive. I use to not do that and got frustrated when my brothers didn’t want to play… this has been a journey down memory lane

  25. Me and a college friend looked into Vanguard together and I still remember sitting in the library with him trying to work out the rules and of course getting 95% of it wrong, but it was still a fun time to simply just play a new game and learning it with him. My friend didn't go any further with it after a couple of weeks but for me Vanguard was the key that got me back into cards games as a whole. After some time pasted I met up with my old Yugioh friends again from back in the day and some of them also played Vanguard… still play with some of them today 😉

  26. for me as a highschooler rn i find vanguard was the game that brought all my problems gone n actually thrown away n i felt blessed that i have a lot of friends for almost 2 yrs from now n as the meta shift i do see so much playstyle of each deck like fr i cant help to enjoy myslef n my vanguard friends fighting in the battle . In particular i use a lianorn deck that i find interesting n unique cuz i like a playstyle thats unique n interesting n even to all of the decks so far in standard . For me i usually go for budget decks first as for my lianorn i usually use that one card to add my persona card back to hand from the drop when the attack hits .But even after the booster set 6 came out i kinda also need that card for soul purpose as its also a 13k beat stake for itself. Overall im really thankful for what have vanguard gave me as this actually a daily life routine for me already .

  27. One thing for sure, Card game is not just for kids, is for everyone's interest and entertainment. And also my first starter deck was Dark States along with Dragon Empire from OverDress. Until now, Bruce Grade 3 is still my Avatar and I am happy with him as my Vanguard. V still looking for my same vibe

  28. YOOOOO THIS IS SO TRUE!!!! My friend kinda wants to play again but doesnt wanna drop his wallet for crystalusters and I was wondering how do I play with him with my updated shadows? Do I just chabge my deck to the same set he has? Idk

  29. My partner picked up the start decks when Overdress started. I need to play with them again soon…

  30. Man the trial deck v trial deck talk was super nostalgic. i remember when i first started getting the actual cards it was me n my brother. ren suzugamori deck vs naoki ishida deck.

  31. This is how my fiancée and I play both Vanguard and Digimon. We have slightly upgraded trial decks and will decide to play every now and then just to have a good time, usually with a sweet treat or drink to go with it. Always a relaxing and fun time! I tried going my local community a few times but the pressure to always get new cards was too often and overall felt too competitive rather than purely for enjoyment.

  32. The first 10 seconds of this video made me feel old as shit.

  33. 0:50 Oh my god, I just went back 10 years ago playing Cardfight Capital all week end because my high-school dorm's proxy wouldn't let me play during the week lmao.

  34. I personally don't play meta but I go to tournaments for the social aspect

  35. One of the reasons I enjoy the game. It's just fun to me more then all the other tcgs I've tried. But sadly I've tried to get people in my locals to have enjoy for it so I can at least have one person to play with. But now I'm just the only person buying the card and sitting at the shop just looking at the 10+decks I've made but unable to play them. But will always love vanguard

  36. I find great enjoyment in Vanguard, especially in Standard. The mechanics, the variety they bring!
    One problem however. I focus primarily on Standard while my brother focuses more on V Premium and Premium (in terms of decks we build). And that means I won't face much variety while playing against him, not in Standard anyways.
    Which is partly why…

    I wanna try and establish a bit of a local Vanguard scene, and I mean like hyper-local as in my village and not the city 20 minutes away. That would be amazing. More players, more potential variety.
    Not necessarily competitive, as that could be left for the Vanguard scene in the city, just casual and friendly you know?

  37. It's just so easy to forget that at the end of the day that vanguard is mainly made to just have casual fun

  38. Vanguard is the only tcg i played and i loved it so much

  39. The blaster blade TD01, I remember I brought almost an entirety of it to a local shop tourney. Only major change was a single copy of King of Knights Alfred, and the rest were anything but RRs and RRRs. Got wiped, of course. But looking back, I had a blast. People were very friendly and welcoming, to the extent of helping me out after fights on how I see my playstyle with the deck. Ended up with a win out of four, can't comprehend how I managed to win back then.

    Time flies peepoHappy

  40. I have been playing Vanguard for years. 2012 to be exacted. My first nova grappler deck was just cards I had. Which is why the og Asura Kaiser is key to my heart. As you can tell by my username, I LOVE the og Desuctuon Dragon, Dark Rex. I always been a BIG Tachi fan. Mainly because the pgs playset was cheap back then. Finally, Vanguard has and will always be fun game to me. Even it just me and my one friend playing. Thank you, Kris. Take care, my dude!

  41. You're WORD'S made me realize now just how much I love VANGUARD. It does not matter to me what Clan/Nation people play, or how good the deck or meta relavent it is. I remember and back when I was still 7 or 8 year's old, I have started collecting Bakugan, then Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon, but me and my brother never played it corectly (LOL), but I enjoy it because it is what I love. And when I first heared of Vanguard was back in 2013. Just from watching the Anime I have learned everything about the rules and I wanted to play the game with my brother. I have always loved main characters and those were the decks that I have started playing with. From Royal Paladin (Santuary Guard, Seeker, and Blaster) to Gear Chronicle (ChronoJet), from the Original, all the way to V series. Even I was selfish and put my brother aside to focus on myself. But now after hearing this I'm glad that what I am doing is right. And that card should not always be competitive but also fun.

  42. The two trials decks is so nostalgic to me because I started in V with only the Aqua force and shadow trial deck and for about the first almost 6 months I just played the two decks against each other (by myself none of my family can play) and I estimate that I played about 200 matches again and again of these two random trial decks and it was great really nostalgic

  43. I am ordering an overdress start deck today and will try to learn the game. I am a Yu-Gi-Oh! casual player and I think that card/ table top games are amazing. Really enjoy the interaction between players and learning new stuff

  44. As a kid, all I owned were Yugioh structure decks and play-tested against each other. I didn't understand the concept of boosters. singles, and deck upgrading until college, which i started building my own deck.

  45. An old friend who was like a brother to me got me into the show, which made me look for the cards in stores but back then our family didn't have the money to do allowances and all that so Vanguard had to wait till I got out of high-school in 2015.

  46. I remember the first time I coached someone on their first game. I did not waste that golden opportunity and started off by saying, "Picture it… your soul is in the planet cray" haha my hommie busted laughing, it was sick haha.

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