The Graphics Card Buyer's Guide 2023! 🎮 | Best Budget, 1440p, 4K Ray Tracing GPUs! -

The Graphics Card Buyer’s Guide 2023! 🎮 | Best Budget, 1440p, 4K Ray Tracing GPUs!

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The Best Graphics Cards For Your Gaming PC Build in 2023! With full benchmarks for budget, 1080p, 1440p, 4K – these ray tracing gameplay benchmarks for RTX 4090, RTX 3060, RX 6600 in this buying guide! ⭐ MSI Monitors: | AD ⭐ PC CENTRIC MERCH

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00:00 Graphics Cards!
00:55 What’s going on in 2023?!
02:18 #1 Tip When Shopping for GPUs!
02:58 Important points to remember!
04:02 What games will you actually be playing?
04:18 What screen are you using?
05:10 What’s your budget?
05:39 Don’t overlook these points when shopping!
06:46 Nvidia or AMD or Intel?
07:39 Budget GPU Benchmarks
09:34 High End Gaming Benchmarks
10:56 What if you don’t want to spend over £1000?
11:57 The BEST Graphics Cards!


  1. I used to buy brand new GPUs all the time. My GTX 960, GTX 1080. But since the 20 series the performance of the graphics cards compared to the price isn't worth your hard earned money. He's right GPUs are worth how much a person is willing to pay for it. But because of the greed of the GPU manufacturers it's better to buy a used card from a well reviewed person. It'll serve you the same time as brand new as long as it's taken care of and it's not defective.

  2. So, how important is memory in a GPU? Not system memory, GPU memory.

  3. I just want to be able to play every game on 250 fps, dont care about resolution or graphics, any advice?

  4. want at least 1080p And here is my specs. 12th Gen Intel Core i7.
    16GB DDR4 RAM Single channel. No GPU
    1TB SSD
    1TB HDD
    4K 60hz large Samsung monitor

  5. my only problem is with a console its not true 4k, its checkerboard rendering, and its console settings so we aren't talking 3080's if you want console equivalent settings in 4k, we're talking an 8gb card with dlss more than likely. like lets take red dead 2 on vulkan (im assuming its amd api on console) and push to 4k with dlss and console equivalent settings, to get 50-60fps would take what? a 2060 super? zwormz got like 45fps with a 2060 in 4k. it gets even worse if you look at amd offerings.. give it 2 years people will be posting videos like "CONSOLE KILL3R?!" I can see it now

  6. How can I see if my cpu will be a good match with a 4070 ti?? I have a i9 10900k

  7. No genuine tech reviewer who cares about their audience should be promoting gpus at their current prices. They should be telling people to hold onto your current gpu for as long as you can and then only buy a new one when it packs in. All your doing is helping push prices up to where the home gaming model is cloud based and your paying monthly for a tier based cloud pc.

  8. Lovely video thanks so much been watching everything on your channel building my first ever PC this week. Went with a 6600 xt for my gpu aiming 1080 high frames and pairing with a i3 13100f CPU so hope all works well together just waiting for the delivery

  9. Welp, looks like everything bottlenecks to the RX 6700/6800 or save more money for a RX 7000 GPU🥲

  10. A question, i have a 4k 60 hz monitor and that's what I want. What's a good card that would run modern games at 60 hz with high quality graphics?

  11. The fact that they're getting marginally better but doubling in size says a lot. Should be getting smaller, seems the frontier has been abandoned but milking every last drop.

  12. I was thinking it was a good video until I saw "cost per frame" 🙁

  13. i needs a 4k 100 fps card with a minimal of 90fps.

  14. To be honest it seems to me that 4k is still pretty enthusiast on PC since you can just get a console and play 4k 30-60hz smoothly for considerably less. RTX isn't even something I care about.

  15. Bro I managed to snag a 165hz monitor with great colour accuracy for 130 on prime day😊

  16. Thoroughly enjoy your videos. In fact, I bought the 7900 xtx cuz of this video.

  17. I think I will buy XFX RX 6700Xt 12gb for my 1st new setup. The price of that gpu is £349 right now. Is that good choice?? What do you think please let me know

  18. Please someone help me! I have a RTX 8gb 3050 with a Ryzen 5 5600. In constantly crashing and gigabyte saying nothing is wrong with the card but every shop says I need a new card. What card should I get?? Don’t want to spend more than $400-$500. Usually play R6 Siege, Hades, Valorant, Elden Ring!

  19. Can you put 2 graphic’s cards in one pc ?

  20. Im building new pc and rtx 4070 would fit perfectly in my budget but im not really convinced with 12gb of vram… Hard choices.

  21. Here me out guys, so I'm looking for a stable 1440p gaming with the best price considering that I'll use Intel 13600fk or 13600k , so my options are :
    Amd : rx 6700xt // rx 6800xt if not too pricey.
    Nvidia : rtx 4070
    What do you guys think?

  22. kay guys i need a little bit of help, ive been fine for years playing rocket league on my pc set-up and suddenly i start lagging. I bought myself a new 4k monitor being the first step to 4k gaming (not sure if its the monitors issue or just coincidence) like in this video i tested all the stats when playing a match in rocket league and it says that GPU runs no lower then 60% and as high as 85%, then my CPU isnt going no higher then 30% and my memory usage is at 60%. So if ive understood it correctly then the bottleneck would be my GPU?

  23. It lagged for me at 1.40 lmfao, he was talking about smooth quality and it stopped for like 30 secs

  24. After a couple tutorial videos i still have no idea how graphics cards work

  25. I'm probably going to buy ryzen 5 5 5600 with rx6800. 2x 16GB 3600hz RAM and Asus TUF b550 wifi 2 motherboard.

  26. Is the 2080 super still worth it? I maiy play arpg's like the soulsgsmes. On 1440p.

  27. Bro fr recommended a rtx 4090 for best budget graphics card💀

  28. this dude gives me vibes like if tommyinnit and scott the woz were combined into one human being

  29. Will i have bottleneck if i go for 7900xt paired with i5-12600kf, 32000mhz 16gb ddr4, 850w psu, z690 msi pro p for gaming at 4k tv 120hz

  30. I'm just amazed at what BEAUTFIUL looking PCs you can build without spending a ton of money. I don't think I'll ever buy a laptop again!

  31. Can you compare CPUs? Furthermore is it ok to pair a Ryzen 5 with and RTX?

  32. What CPU range is good for an RTX 4060? Would an Intel Core 5 12400 be work?

  33. + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."

  34. what a fkn joke, stop making videos about gpus their overpriced crap 💩 none of them worth their price 🤮🤮🤮 thers nothing to talk about them lol

  35. Yo do you know any 3060 variants that are huge? Because my case is only 11.5 inches long 😂

  36. Guys for the same price should I go for a 3060ti or 4060

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