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The History of Digimon Card Games! – TCG History

TCG History
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Today we look at the crazy and confusing history of Digimon card games! There have been crazy ups and downs over the years when it comes to Digimon cards. The original Digi-battle card game is bad, but at least it isn’t Digimon D-tector! The Digimon Collectable Card Game is weird and the Digimon Fusion card game is pretty average, but hey, that new Digimon Card Game is pretty dang sweet!

Let’s look at the TCG History of every Digimon trading card game and clear up some confusion!

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  1. I had a book for the 1st digimon game. Couldn't find the cards, so I cut them out. Had a whole stack of cards, both sides having different Digimon. Never played it. When I saw the DCG I got so excited and bought. Never found anyone to play it with. Still have the cards mixed in with my cutouts and Yugioh cards.

  2. Last one is still being played and still really good. It's like a Mix of Vanguard and Yu-gi-oh in an odd way.

  3. Wasn't there an Avatar: The Last Airbender card game?

  4. Fast forward to 2023 it's doing so well @avault is an excellent chanel

  5. 2023 The digimon tcg is still going. Hope for it to continue

  6. in digimon world 3 for play station there was a digital card mini game that I was expecting to be at least mentioned 😅

  7. I love the Digimon card game. I just started really getting into it and I have a booster box coming for my b-day! Love it and hope its here for a long time

  8. I discovered the original game back in the day around the same time as Pokemon, Yugioh (which is also pretty bad), DBZ. Even as a kid I knew this was a shockingly bad game.

  9. "Terriermon Is my favourite Digimon" can you blame him? 😍

  10. Did Digi-Battle Series 2 have a first edition run or was that only Series 1?

  11. The new Digimon TCG came at the right place at the right time. I've been disillusioned with yugioh since 2012 and ultimately walked away from competitive play/heavy investing of time and money in 2014 because they took away first turn draw (making viable budget decks even MORE of a thing of the past). Getting into the Digimon TCG in mod 2021 was one of the best things to happen to me. I recaptured not only a ton of nostalgia, but also that feeling of discovery and raw experimentation that I haven't experienced since I was 13, first getting into yugioh.

  12. Does anyone know how to find a picture of the series 6 booster pack images? I can't seem to be able to find any images or info.

  13. I'll admit I only bought that royal knight deck of that incarnation because of royal knights lol. However I believe the current tcg incarnation might last awhile. It's the most solid of the incarnations.

  14. Hi I'm from the future so- the game still big and running- b*ndai milking RK simp and gonna release Alphamon ghost rare- purple still sucks

  15. What super nostalgic card game should we talk about next?

  16. I have loved every digimon game, but none of them were good.

  17. The new DigiMon is boss …especially the breeding zone

  18. It's crazy that it's impossible to even find images of Series 5 and 6 of Digi-battle box or card packs online. That's how rare those cards are.

  19. iirc, the Fusion card game only had one physical set release. The second set was designed and leaked, but never actually sold

  20. Have you seen or heard of the Digimon Alpha Evolve card game? It was in both japanese and english, but almost impossible to find in english

  21. no one has pointed out the fake booster box at 3:57 in the comments yet, so I will. there are two "series three" in the Digi-battle card game. the first one was mentioned in the video and had the "soft re-launch" with all the odd changes such as the different card back, 3D art, etc. The second one I've only ever seen printed in French, and featured cards like MagnaAngemon and Lilymon on the artwork for the booster pack.

  22. "First time Bandai has ever pushed the card game and believed in it" LMAO true, just wish they'd do that more often with the Video Games as well.

  23. Since the final tournament of buddyfight is over weeks ago, a video about it would be great

  24. Terriermon's digivolutions are among my favorite digimon. Gargomon, Rapidmon… So cool. Love me some machine guns and missiles.

  25. After 20 years they finally make a very successful Digimon card game……so fat

  26. I only ever collected the original 2 versions. I had completely forgot about D-tector and honestly thought is was a fever dream. I only ever bought 1 box of the set that focused on the Royal Knights and X evolution and it was to try and get a copy of Lobomon. Now Digimon Fusion though! Boy! I was so hard into that game. Played it at atleast 6 different LGSs and was undefeated in every one I entered. Was pictured in an official promotional ad for competitive play but the day they were taking pics was the 1 day I forgot to bring my playmat and I look like a scrub that doesn't know what he was doing. I was in the middle of building a deck when the pic was taken and I look like I have no clue what I was doing. Loved it so much that I printed up set 2 and plan on building decks to see what could have become of the game if allowed to continue. I am now playing the current Digimon TCG and I'm playing Blue Imperialdramon and Black Ragnaloardmon and am greatly looking forward to the release of Hexeblaumon. Honestly if you ever want to do more coverage on the Fusion TCG, I will gladly help any way I can. I feel like the Speedrobo of Fusion

  27. Sorry, but you didn't exactly explain why Digi-battle failed. Giving it to Upper Deck was one thing, but the rules for the game were just a complete mess. It's an example of localization at it's worst. Hyper Colosseum's rules aren't perfect, but that game is functional. Digi-battle isn't.

    They inverted the goal of Hyper Colosseum – instead of dragging the opponent's health down, you collect points. The thing is, in Hyper Colosseum early Ultimates heal you upon evolving, and when they brought them into Digi-battle, those gave you score instead. You can undo an opponent's heal, but you can't undo the score.

    Then they removed Hyper Colosseum's limits – three option cards buffed to unlimited options, so the game would be more of a mess. Six-card hands were buffed to ten-card hands. In a game with a 30-card deck. You get your best cards a lot, and you can unleash them at any point. Gameplay? What's that? Is it tasty?

    Now, those two would be salvageable. Change the rules, and it works, right? Well, to prevent this, they changed the cards too. In Hyper Colosseum, C is always Defense – lowest attack, but it brings opponent's A to 0. So, A wins against B, B wins against C, C wins against A. First up, they removed the rule that the "Defend" option brings one of opponent's attacks down to 0. And then they swapped attacks. Randomly. As a result, the best number always wins, and any attack can be the best number. Also, there isn't an option to defend, and it's impossible to determine what are you defending against.

    That last part is the most severe problem of Digi-battle. It's why it's completely unplayable at it's original state. And that's why you don't see a revival with original cards. There is one attempt at reviving it, but they have to change the cards because of all the problems the attack swaps create. So, it's digital only. Which is a huge shame since Hyper Colosseum formula works, and it was specifically designed with Digimon fans in mind. Shame, shame, shame, Bandai.

  28. Bandai should have change the gameplay into how it was in Japan. But yeah how the first tcg was handled wasn't great. I'm glad Zoids wasn't a random fever dream I had as a kid


  30. Can you talk about the digital monsters card game?

  31. digimon hyper colosseum, is one of the best card games ever, the translation mistakes in the english version is insane

  32. As a semi competitive Yugioh player since 2011, I can tell you now that from experience engaging with people on social media and locals, the 2020 card game won't be dying anytime soon.

    I had my doubts coming in with the sole aim to merely collect the cards, but like Yugioh, I can' stop experimenting and building various decks. I am in the process of building my 6th deck, an aggro variant built around Hexeblaumon.

    The game mechanics are spot on; simple to learn but its also a tough game to get on top of.

  33. I had (and still have) the royal knights starter deck from the 2004 version and loved it.

  34. Terriermon will always be my favorite. I like it even more than any of its evolutions, because just look at him. One of the best things about digimon is that they can go back to their previous forms. I can love terriermon, digivolve terriermon to destroy my enemies, and then keep terriermon afterwards. There are no downsides to this situation.

  35. Please do a video on the Digital Monster card games!!!

  36. One thing about the new card game you didn’t bring up but I think deserves mention. The absolutely drop dead gorgeous art of the cards. Even common and uncommon cards look amazing! When the day comes and the card game is discontinued (hopefully far into the future) I will have bidders full of amazing micro portraits to stare at all day.

  37. Ah~ the D-tector and hyper colosseum style cards I used to own. Never played them but collected quite a number of those cards.
    Of course the current Digimon card game is the best one out of those so far.

  38. My 1st Digimon cards began in 2000. Right now in 2022, I'll collect the new Digimon cards, season 1 of 2020 style with Tai and his friends.

  39. 4:57 six eh, since now latest digimon tcg finally take off to higher place is otw on bt-10…. pretty nice to see it goes far

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