The History of Trading Card Games (Magic: The Gathering to Hearthstone) -

The History of Trading Card Games (Magic: The Gathering to Hearthstone)

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With the release of Magic: The Gathering in the early 90’s, Trading Card Games have become a worldwide phenomenon. But while MTG was the first in History, it hasn’t been the only one, and now digital collectible card games like Hearthstone are upping the stakes. Today, we take a look at the Origins of TCGs and how a man walking alone in the woods got us everything from Magic The Gathering to Hearthstone.

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This is a remastered version of an unreleased Break Down documentary originally created for the Game Theorists.

Part of the original video was edited by Nickolai Boulton:

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  1. fun video man! im a sucker for trading card games, me and a friend of mine made a mission to try every single trading card game out there in the early 2000s-2010s, and while we played through a lot of stinkers – it was such a great time <3

  2. inb4 the small wave of new viewers coming from the gtlive video lol

  3. You have no clue what Universe means.

  4. I really wish the WoW TCG could just have it's ruleset generalized for a DND cardgame. I had so much more fun with that system than with Magic.

  5. I've been playing tons of MTG lately with a friend. Do you play?

  6. Been loving your videos for a long while thanks will be sharing!

  7. Why, when people talk about the history of collectable card games, do they always leave out/ignore some of the first digital examples that WEREN'T just a virtual version of an existing physical game? Games like Triple Triad, Tetra Master, and Pazaak?

  8. So Garfield went from letting you buy all the cards upfront to copying baseball cards gambling aspect?

  9. I have not played any trading card games but like collecting random cards from different types of packs. They are fun to look at. One of the things that are easy to buy for my brother as Christmas presents every year. Was interesting to hear the history.

  10. how is thus made 3 months ago yet doesnt talk about Artifact?

  11. I recently got into Magic through MTG Arena, i love it and play every day even though I have never touched a real card I never figured it had so much history

  12. 0:14 Yo that's crazy! I just looked up the Luigi one and yeah, it's you for sure but you sounded so much younger!

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