The Most FUNNEST Card Game (Apples to Apples) -

The Most FUNNEST Card Game (Apples to Apples)

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We play the Board Game Apples to Apples in Table Top Simulator!
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  1. Not to be the need but you actually need to spell the title most fun game🤓

  2. I like how someone kept drawing like nico sucks or bad player > (pointing to henwy) and Ssundee was like NOPE GET THAT ATTA HERE! 😂

  3. 0:14 like apple phone/tablet/laptop somethin or an apple

    edit: Nevermind My Mother Just Gave Me A Apple, You Know What They Say An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctors Away

  4. There is a war in palastine so pleas give this comment a like if you are with palastine

  5. "Florida! How can a state be obnoxious?"
    Sir, have you forgotten which state you're talking about? 😂

  6. the funny thing was i was about to click on the like button and my mom then and there to my room to give apples , so what he said for the first time came tru!!🤣😂😋

  7. I Live in detroit and I will not take the disrespect

  8. “Whoever gets 5 green cards, wins”
    Also jerome with 3 cards: yay

  9. I know I’m late but I go to Detroit like 25 times a month and it’s kind of obnoxious and smells kind of bad

  10. jerome be like my x told me i m horrifying and pethetic

  11. Family friendly cards against humanity when he finds out that’s what the game was based on he’s gonna feel bad. I hope he doesn’t pour.

  12. I don’t know why I said poor at the end of it. Oh my cousin shot shouted it.

  13. I've played apples to apples but in real life.

  14. You're supposed to put the funniest down.

  15. 12:02 I was chanting milk milk milk! AND HE PICKED MILK!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Guess I’m not getting that apple the like button turned white 😔😔😔

  17. Did they try red flag where choose 3 good cards build a perfect girl for your friend then they put red flag card destroy there other friends perfect girl 😂

  18. Im deaf..
    To support me..
    Please pin me…
    I never got pinned before..

  19. JFK would be quiet if u know what I mean lol

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