The New Genshin CARD GAME - Gameplay Tutorial -

The New Genshin CARD GAME – Gameplay Tutorial

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A new card game came out this week and surprisingly its coming from Genshin Impact! Despite its original game, it actually absolutely no microtransactions involved, meaning you literally cannot pay for anything!

Here, I’ll break down one of my games and help explain things and hopefully see if you’d like it! Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing more of this or any other game on the channel!

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  1. Love your LoR content, actually had a friend in LoR group chat mention they have a card game now. Watched your video and now I'm downloading it on my phone, I have new account though how quick can I get to the card game? How do you unlock more cards? Is it all tied to story? You mentioned no p2w so I guess you don't buy cards?

  2. Good explanation and way better than fishing.

  3. Really cool! Thanks for covering this, would be down to see more content about the different archetypes, and deeper mechanics

  4. YOOOOOOO! Library of Ruina music?!?! I heard that snap, that's so dope.
    Now I'm twice as excited for the game just cuz of another game I really like kek

  5. The art of this game is so appealing in card form. I'd love to see a standalone version of this game à la Gwent, even if it means they'd have to monetize it a bit more.

  6. It looks really fun, I don't know if I like the idea of the game being unlockable instead of just playable right away, but at the same time it has you understand the basics of Genshin and elements instead of giving a headache with all of the info

  7. This actually looks surprisingly good, thank you for the heads up recommendation. Also, trying to sneak this one by while LOR worlds is going on? Lol I'm kidding.

  8. Been playing Genshin for almost 3 years now, left it in the back fo my mind as i played other games, once i heard about the addition of a card game i tought it was gonna be a throwayay event for a month or so.

    However i must say that ive been pleasantly surprised by it: The Art has always been good no buts about it, the Gameplay can take a bit to get used to but far less than expected and the Variety on Abilities, the Elemental System and the way the Characters own Skills are implemented is honestly kinda amazing, and not to mention the fact that there is NO Microtrasactions, no need to have a charater beforehand, no need to put money into it, all in game.

    The one big problem i have against the game, is the way they gate it behind Time Walls, as they have been for a while with most events by now but still, lemme play your godamn game dammit! (tho as players get into it later, it will be less of a problem, i hope)
    And a small problem being the fact that it could eb a bit more streamlined.

    But all in all, been having quite a lot of fun with it, tho i havent delved too much into the pvp matches i have however done every single npc match available (currently rank 4 with like 70 or so xp left to 5)

    I will remain Skeptical and wait to see whats the first thigns they decide to do with it after launch, but know my hopes are slowly rising.

    (will comment my UID later :D)

  9. This is cool. I saw this and kinda just figured it was gonna be some shovelware garbo, but this actually looks really cool and well made. I play Genshin but didn't really have much interest in this new card game because I figured Runeterra is just my game. But this video will make me give it a try.

  10. they need a separate client for this, only thing holding me back.

  11. Sadly we're not on the same server, I'd LOVE to play with you because I've been playing Genshin for about 1 year and was kinda tired of the game until they announced a Digital Card Game. Loved the video, loved the game, thanks

  12. I think my favorite thing about this game is how they adapted the characters kits from the base game. Ayaka and Mona having passives on swap to mimic alternative sprints, Keqing being able to re cast her skill for a different effect, Cyno having a stack system that mimics his timing mechanics etc. Can't wait to see characters with more complicated or diverse kits an see how they decide to turn them into a card.

    As for the actual gameplay, I think it's a blast so far! Sure, we might be timegated on acquiring cards, and basically all the decks will share over half of the cards for now, I'm confident this will change with enough time for us to collect more cards. There is surprisingly a lot more counterplay than I thought during a game too!

    Can't wait for the first batch of cards they'll release next, I'm curious as to what they plan on doing with that.

  13. let’s goooo Genshin TCG!! love that you’re covering this

  14. I really like the game and would love to see you cover it more!

  15. It's cool, too bad its baked into the game and you can't just install and play.

  16. im crying i cant find where to play it. literally nobody tells that part :/

  17. I hope they make it into a separate game because I did get interested but from what I've seen PvP is limited to friends and it seems you actually need to play the actual game in order to unlock new stuff in the card game.

  18. I hv to get AR32 to play the card game? That's bullshit

  19. just… wow. I wanted to give it a shot but it appears you have to get to lvl 32 or something for that. I asked a friend how hard that is and apparently leveling is a slow process so, guess I'm out of this. Sorry Roy.

  20. Is double same support card like double chef Mao or double NRE stacks?

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