The Nostalgia Of Digimon Card Game -

The Nostalgia Of Digimon Card Game

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  1. Digimon tch is the best tcg to come out in years. Hands down. Metazoo sucks lol

  2. I still wanna see the professor play the digimon tcg

  3. The ones with more rainbow like foiling are sr rather than r

  4. Love watching your inner child geek out like this. This video was a blast from the past. I 100% agree with your stance on reprints. I don’t mind some art being a one time thing, but reprint the card so new players can have access to the entire game.

  5. Also did you hear they are doing art from a fan competition for some cards in the future.

  6. Digimon TCG is not only going as far as the show, but seems to be calling back to other Digimon properties as well. The Analog Youth Tamer card in this set is the playable character from the PS1 Digimon World game that was releases in 97 (two years before the original TV series), but they've even brought in the V-Tamer version of Taichi and the Cyber Sleuth characters.

    The franchise does a good job of trying something new while keeping some level of nostalgia with each new story. Even Frontier and Xros Wars, which aren't considered as good as other seasons, weren't necessarily bad either. (The TCG even still kept Frontier's gimmick by having Agnimon and Lobomon able to be evolved from Tamers, now only of they made a version of Masaru that was able to join the fight himself to keep up with Savers' gimmick…)

  7. I love the casual dialog of the Prof in episodes like this. I have no nostalgia for Digimon. I missed that boat somehow. But, candid you chatting makes for an excellent episode. I hope you've grown less shy about doing these.

  8. actually prof the Gatomon u pulled with the name down the left side is an American exclusive art for the anniversary

  9. I much prefer the LCG model. I just wish they were more popular. The rush upon opening you're talking about is a gambling element, which I'd prefer to keep in casinos and not in my LGS. I do agree that we're moving closer to the best of both worlds with the special treatments.

  10. Thank you for covering more Digimon tcg content, the gameplay is amazing, the art is amazing and the meta decks are super cheap

  11. millenials might be the "lost generation" but we will also be known as the golden generation.

  12. This video really felt like a fireside chat. I also agree special editions/printings/arts of things is fine as long as the game itself is accessible and affordable for the average consumer. What Wizards is doing with themed-art lands in regular packs I think is a step in the right direction. I really love the Kamigawa basics and plan to pick up enough to have several playable decks worth soon. I also think this appeal to nostalgia is a good way to approach the product. Pokemon and Yugioh have both released multiple nostalgic callback sets at this point and they were big hits with people, even if not especially playable. Great to see these old designs on new cards. Digimon in my opinion stood head and shoulders above other TCGs when it came to character design but the original game was a mess. There was so much variety to Digimon, and designs just leapt off the page/screen. I've been thinking about getting into playing this one if I can find a local playgroup.

  13. It really is a shame these Digimon videos don't get more views that they deserve. Your subscribers should really give more games a chance.

  14. When you talked about the voyager thing isnt that just like any cartoon shoe

  15. A lot of the discussion about the artwork actually does happen with the LGS model for fantasy flight games. For Lord of the rings LCG for example each game piece came in the sets that they originally came in, which are constantly being reprinted. However they would release alternate artworks for the hero cards at each convention that happened throughout the year. So what happened was their were alternate artwork hero cards that became pricey in value, but they were essentially the same game pieces. It means that there is something to collect for those people who desire it, but those people are still playing the same game as everyone else.

  16. i find it crazy that WOTC wont send the Professor stuff, but Bandai will.

  17. I agree the collectable aspect does get forgotten a lot, especially in MTG where it seems like people are just looking for those particular rares per set. ive been playing MTG on and off for about 10 years or so now and ive always had an infinity for goblins (yes im a krenko player) but I love collecting goblins and even non goblin cards that depict goblins in the art its honestly one of my favourite parts of the game, I love seeing what new goblins get released with each set so I can add them to the family!

  18. I loved watching Digimon as a kid! Great bit of nostalgia. I've seen these at my LGS and have been tempted to pick some up. Thinking I might have to now lol

  19. I always defended Digimon in the eternal feud pokemon vs digimon. Digimon has a better anime fot sure. I love both. Wizardmon sacrifice is one of the few moments that made me cry

  20. I think that some of the difference is that if you were in 1992 and you tried to watch TV from 1962 then it was basically unwatchable, but in 2022 you can still enjoy a programme from 1992 just fine. I also think that the number of options makes a difference: in the late 80’s and 90’s there was enough being made that enough was good but few enough that most people had seen the same stuff: in the 2010’s and 2020’s there’s so much being made that there’s much less common ground: nostalgia only works if you experienced it before after all!

  21. Pokemon shrink.
    Just a reminder Digimon didn't destroy their lore with 1 sentence lol

  22. Until 2 days ago I literally had no idea that this set came out (last darn year)! And here comes St. Brian posting a video that same day reminding me why I just ordered 2 boxes.

  23. Can't wait to see some Digimon deck-tech on this channel

  24. Professor going on tangents is such an ASMr 😀

  25. All the different artworks was something that I needed to get used to shifting from Yu-Gi-Oh to Magic (I still play both) because there's normally only one, ICONIC, artwork of a majority of staples. Only in about the last 3-ish years did a lot more cards get some alt arts outside of Dark Magician/Dark Magician Girl/Blue-Eyes White Dragon. I think having the one super icomic artwork is pretty good at keeping everything moving smoothly in game. Seeing someone normal summoning Elemental Hero Stratos/SoulEating Oviraptor/Aleister the Invoker for the 30th time and seeing the artwork, recognizing it instantly helps you start to think through gameplans and what you can do this game instead of wondering "Wait, why does Stratos suddenly look like that?" I doubt something like Pot of Greed would be nearly as meme-able and remembered if it had 3 different artworks instead of the one with its devious grinning face (and appearing on maybe dozens of other cards' artworks too) Just some of my thoughts.

  26. I was always sad when trying to play the Digimon tcg, because i couldnt get anyone to play with me.

  27. I love that you're covering more Digimon stuff as I've found myself engrossed in the game since it was available, taking over my spending from MTG hahah. I want to point out that, this video didn't show up in my live feed.. I saw it today.. as a suggested video, which is really weird since I generally watch every video you put out.

  28. Been really enjoying these box openings with just the prof talking about stuff. Keep em coming!

  29. what happened to the old version of digimon where their power was ranked by stars? i remember collecting them as a kid in the late 90's and i can't seem to find them on TCGplayer

  30. I really enjoyed the happiness and excitement the professor gives in this video

  31. 11:50 As someone who currently moved to a new country where I don't fully understand the local language this upsets me so much that this used to be policy. I love magic and try very hard to attend events at the local game stores but of course all the cards are in the language I can't properly read; but I'm really good at memorizing cards by art, so just a little prepwork on draftsim or mythic spoilers for a set and I usually could have a good idea of what every card in the set is by the art so I don't slow down play constantly needing to look things up.

    Then project booster fun happened, and now every card has 2-3 different alt arts and trying to remember what one card is or does is significantly harder and it's definitely cost me a 3-0 position at a tournament more than once since moving, and it just adds so much stress that all these cards look different constantly.

    I love the card arts, I just wish they weren't in draft boosters, or were much rarer so that i don't need to try to memorize 3 card arts for every rare and uncommon.

  32. Honestly my favorite purchase of the year. I got it a few months ago, and had so much fun opening it. I used to get a pack whenever I went to the warner bros. store, and I remember when they were closing the store, everything was like 75% off. So my mom just said "Grab what they have left, might as well." It was so exciting getting a lot of the rare cards back then, and I still have a lot of them (Though I wish they were in better condition and I thought about sleeves at the time.) But this set just made me remember opening packs with my brother, and we both got back into the game because of this. It's different now, but actually more fun. I'm hoping it catches on more, because I'd love to get more games in at local stores.

  33. Just bought 2 boxes! Now the great debate, to keep them sealed or to crack them once they arrive!! Haha

  34. I never played digimon, or even liked digimon. I was introduced last year and enjoyed it. This game is pretty sweet and i hope it keeps continuing to grow.

  35. Great video loved the topics that were talked about between Nostalgia for old things and the Boom Comics of Magic. Hope to see more content like this.

  36. Your nostalgia moments are when I sit with kids playing MTG, or watch the old star wars, or really anythingelse that i did when i was their age. There's a connection there, a bond of experience that transcends age

  37. Just the fact that Bandai sponsored you is enough to get me interested in trying out this game. The fact that Wizards sees no value in sponsoring the top MTG Youtuber falls in line with their constant quality issues and failed execution across the board.

  38. Its a horribly designed power creep ridden 4 tunn game. Id save your money and buy when the game dies. LGS have been having less and less turnout.

  39. What you said about "rare treatements of critical cards" is NOT the case for digimon. There are $40 promo cards that have never been reprinted. Seriously. Avoid this game people.

  40. You finally got me!
    After years of listening to you on 2x speed you got me with a spoiler that even had a warning at first.
    Well played. I deserved it.

  41. Speaking to your question as to why renewed interest in TCGs is happening, I think it's partly because people are craving authentic experiences. Experiencing a great game around a table with other people is something special.

  42. Digimon has been fun to both play and collect, I hope you make more content for the rising card game. Maybe a deck list for a fun rookie rush deck.

  43. Great vid, more like this… very relaxing and entertaining

  44. I sold all my digimon cards as a kid, I bought a box of this set when it came out for nostlagia purposes can't wait to crack it!

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