The Nostalgia Of Digimon Card Game -

The Nostalgia Of Digimon Card Game

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And look out for a Digimon Card Game Fest event near you this March!

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  1. Yeah I really agree with the equal footing aspect of card games talk, cause in Yu-Gi-Oh you don't see much of that aspect where cards are affordable or there being a version that is affordable, for example I wanted to strengthen my Dark Magician deck by putting Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon in there but the only version I could find was at least $100 for a singular copy, and there wasn't even a non-foil version of this. Then I started realizing that most companies don't really care about the affordability let alone who can and can't buy cards like these, not saying all companies are like this but definitely a good amount are.

  2. Never did I think the Professor was gonna do a pack opening for digimon. Thankfully Bandai sponsored him! Are there any LGS near you doing the Digimon Pre-release tourney Prof?

  3. The awesome thing about nostalgia for our generation is being able to really connect with our kids on the things we're into. My parents way back understood that I was into things like Digimon, but it wasn't something I could talk about with them. Nostalgia is a great tool to connect people across generations (although unfortunately we've seen it be a cash grab a lot over the years). I have been able to befriend and mentor (and therefore grow myself as an adult) younger friends over the years by connecting on these shared hobbies and that is a wonderful thing.

  4. If Magic is the biggest and "best" TCG of all, why it's the card quality of Digimon, Weiss Schwarz, Vanguard, Flesh and Blood, etc., including the foils, so much better?

  5. The opening about a need to "Grow up and give up the card games" but, then, we never really had to… and everything surrounding it was like the warmest hug. Thank you Prof for such an amazing video 🙂

  6. Getting mixed signals here about game pieces. You advocate buying singles and criticize Wizards lack of reprints, yet also don't think the Living Card Game model (which doesn't have as many issues with game piece scarcity) would work for these sorts of games because of collectors.
    Oh well, maybe one day we'll get the Reserved List as a Secret Lair

  7. I asked in the Digimon TCG 2020 main Discord which box I should buy, and their answer was "none," but…this video is making it extremely difficult to take that advice

  8. I like this style of video. In depth video essay level speaking coupled with opening cards <3

  9. I've been curious about the cómic books … I think I'll give them a try.

  10. now do yugioh! or pokemon! okay okay maybe not pokemon. not any of the first sets atleast… XD
    30+ thousand for a box. get out of here.

  11. What will the kids of today be nostalgic about when they grow up?

    Fortnite probably.

  12. Up until half a year ago I honestly believed that Digimon was in Canon pokemon.
    Microbots are transformers.

  13. Obviously i love nostalgia but dont be misled! The Digimon TCG is a fantastic game that has value far beyond any nostalgia you may have for Digimon. Please check it out

  14. Just restarted Digimon Cyber Sleuth and the next day after that I found a digimon beach towel at the thrift store, now a few days after Prof talking about it. I gotta get back into Digimon again let's go 😎

  15. The real spoiler is you spoiling that there is going to be a video about it.

  16. There's another aspect of nostalgia for me regarding this game…it's a lot like Duel Masters. Now that takes me back to some good times!

    As for your main topic of discussion…well I certainly do agree that the collectable aspect is import for, well, Collectable Card Games. The Living Card Game thing is different and can also be a viable way to go about it. HS is even incorporating it a little bit with their mini-sets and it works quite well. Having that collectable aspect is good as long as it isn't abused. Key words right there. The way Magic's been going lately just has me completely checked out now. This is true for pretty much all my friends that used to play. So, yeah, the terribly handled aspect of collecting for Magic has just totally pushed me away. Everything being overcosted and inaccessible, plus bad decisions, plus bad quality of product, plus destroying key aspects of the game, and so forth, has me sick of Wizards' nonsense. I agree with Richard Garfield. Anything getting above $20-25 for a normal version of a card is really quite expensive, if you remember to let go of your desensitization. I have no issues with a special version being pricey if a normal one is available and not ridiculous. Magic just cannot accomplish that apparently though. Watching Magic's downfall has made me realize that CCGs must always be a Game First and a Collectable Second. There's just so, so, so, so, so much predatory and unethical nonsense that can happen with collectable things, so I now look for a game I can trust first, since I can't trust Wizards as far as I can throw their building they work in.

    Now, I don't know if I'd go so far as to make a "reserved list" for artwork…but I don't mind the idea that certain arts maybe don't come back or only come back once in a blue moon. The issue with Magic nowadays, and god are there so many issues, is that sets now have way too many special artworks. Sets can now push double digits for "special" versions of cards now. Magic packs sometimes don't even look like Magic packs anymore. There's just no consistency. While I'm at it, I can fix the million different Magic packs too. Just make every version of everything available in every pack. Different packs just should be different collations and different rates that things drop. It's all part of the Overload of Magic. Too much product, plus too many packs, plus too many artworks all adds up to something you can't and don't want to keep up with anymore. Oh, and with Secret Lair, it's not so much that they maybe won't do these bizarre artworks again, it's more that it's online only (which excludes people), plus a strict time limit (which also excludes people). If they just printed them normally and let LGSs sell them, it'd be fine. Then you would support LGSs, and make it more available, and people could get their hands on them after the fact if they wanted to, for some price. It's the FOMO Manipulation that angers me. Every part of me that knows game design, and Psychology, and Ethics hates that. The tagline is "Miss a drop, it's gone". I mean, come on. They might as well make a tagline that just is a picture of a middle finger. "Secret Lair. F You. You're gonna buy this anyway."

  17. When I saw some of these cards I recalled some friends of mine from high school. Oh how I miss those days….

  18. While the randomness of card packs and seeking out rare varieties of cards might feel good, it's just gambling in another form. Gambling can be good fun, but for the same reasons you push for people to buy singles are the same ones why people shouldn't gamble under almost any circumstances. You're almost guaranteed to lose. The rush is built to be addictive because of how organic reward circuitry works, it hits both instant reward triggers and the valuing of delayed gratification by serving things up randomly.

    This shouldn't be the domain of a card game, whether meant for adults or kids. This is best practiced in circumstances with limited loss or where the process of pulling the metaphorical lever is rewarding on its own. Any system with packs is just "Provide money -> gamble on results" and that's inherently exploitative.

    As is the speculation that secret lairs produce. If it wasn't for the idea of it being a limited run, I am fine with buying special versions of art, but nobody should value their collection by its monetary value. Especially when the limiting factor of its availability is purely artificial.

    WotC could run prints of any card in their history if not for the excess waste that is generated by making people gamble on packs where many purchasers only care about 1-3 cards in the pack and will generate hundreds of cards of waste finding them. Sure those commons add to your "collection" but since when has any extra commons unplaced in decks of all forms (including pauper) been in any reasonable shape by the time those packs go out of stock?

    If WotC is going to print card quantities on demand for Secret Lairs, they might as well print more of the cards people want and less filler. This isn't to advocate for collector boosters being smaller and costing more, but to advocate that the game and players would be best served by "buying singles" of any card or style without supply scarcity. This includes with the desired art and style. Art does no good if people can't access it, which is the same principle that you apply to the game pieces.

  19. Nice vídeo! Checking ur kind of vídeos, would like to know your thoughts in a new TCG ,call PAD, own the duel. Its quite new, they are still under construction but they have a mini Game, and cards are beautifull. Its a semi nft Game, but doesnt have token. They are organizing their first tournament… Would like to know what u think from the art of they Cards…. Please have a look!

  20. This video was added to my favorites. Thank you Professor for showing this. I live in a town where card games are a bit on the limited side, but I'll definitely be trying to order a box of these!

  21. I've been hearing things about this game but seeing them honor the classic card game like this has convinced me. Getting a box of this. Thanks for letting me know about this.

  22. That Weregarurumon just blew me away. So nostalgic and so gorgeous! I am crazy jealous of these cards. I still have my OG Digimon TCG cards in a binder. Wizardmon is still one of the coolest designs I've ever seen

  23. I feel like I'm in the matrix I just saw his video on how to play digimon yesterday and he pops out this video today.

  24. Being an adult CCG player in the early 2000s was interesting to say the least. I started playing in 97 and started running events for stores in 98. The pokemon parents were extremely judgemental and my own parents thought they failed in life. 20 years later I'm still in the hobby and while I'm still the oldest in the room usually at least now there are a few people close

  25. I cannot emphasize how hyped I am that you're covering Digimon now, this game NEEDS more spotlight, its so much fun.

    On a side note for a VERY important video topic, I'd recommend you check out the problem with promo cards that aren't reprinted, if you want to play a Diaboromon deck, you need 4 copies of a promo pack exclusive Diaboromon, because they're not reprinted, staple cards like these are $50 and in this case, its for a tier 3 deck ar best.

  26. I honestly do wish there were more expandable card games (that's the generic term, "living card game" is trademarked by fantasy flight games), building decks is my favorite thing about card games and it's much easier when you get a play set of every card in a set. I guess ECGs will just never be as profitable.

  27. Thank you prof for showing support to the digimon tcg!

  28. Thanks for this video 🙂 .

    I remember the old Digimon data book.

  29. I bought a booster today randomly out of pure curiosity and it was hella nostalgic for me. What a coincidence that Prof had a new video up about this game! Love it!

  30. Just to represent the vocal minority, I loved Android: Netrunner, and I loved the LCG format. I loved that meta decks and brew possibilities were easily within my grasp. There was still an aftermarket/trading component, with the Game Night Kit full-art promos. Find a Netrunner card called Crypsis on eBay to see what I mean. Now that is how it's done.

    FAB's model is fantastic too, where the 1st Edition cards are the collectible versions, and the Unlimited are the cheap-and-cheerful cards you can use to build and brew with. But using premium-priced lottery-ticket Masters sets packs to "increase" the availability of eternal cards is not where it's at.

  31. You should REALLY try vintage Pokémon! Base – fossil. First 3 sets. It’s like playing vintage magic but…better?

  32. I still have all my old digi battle cards. I currently collect this new series and had to have a complete set of this set. The nostalgia is real!

  33. Oh I really want to get into the card game, I remember playing the original with my cousin and I played a lot of the Ps1 game. Been pretty hard to find a nonscalped price for the Starter Decks of digimon right now tho, so been holding out.

  34. So excited to see you covering more Digimon AND getting sponsorship from Bandai! I first saw the Digimon show when I was six and have loved the series since. Getting to play the game has been a treat!

  35. I saw the new digimon cards, and I thought "wow, this art is actually good. It's not nostalgic but it's really cool". Digimon always had so much personality. Then I saw the classic collection, and hoo boy this art is just as cool for totally different reasons. Seeing a generic sketch Agumon is just as cool as seeing him sipping soda pop under a telephone line. Great stuff Prof, and great product Digimon

  36. It's probably not as profitable to ignore the game pieces aspects in reprints. It would be nice for prices if reprints were more plentiful due to pricing being related to special artwork but it seems financially unreliable for WOTC to do so. If anything, they would double dip in artwork plus availability in their calculations like they do with Secret Lairs.

  37. yo its so surreal to see professor talk about digimon man

  38. Awesome vid awesome cards awesome discussion. U da man thanks for hard work n take all the bounties u can cheers

  39. You talked about new art in every set. Wasn't there an older set that had did the same card in four or more different art in Antiquities?

  40. I remember some of these cards with different art has been reprinted and I would imagine at least the more popular cards in the set will get reprints at some point.

  41. In order for something to be a collectible, some people have to go without. I don't know if it's worth it. I wonder if there's some way to have a living card game with a collectible element?

  42. the art style of digimon card gfame is a great example of why i love magic, in particualr the older design. In digimon, the backround is one dimensional, random, boring, adds nothing to overall feel and immersion. MTG had a great understanding of art. The artists were legit.

  43. Really love the classic collection, the most fun I have had cracking packs in the Digimon TCG chasing those retro alt arts. Speaking of cheap play pieces, Digimon is one of the cheapest TCGs to get into.

  44. It's actually a bit amusing that you bring up the idea of never using these artworks again. The art featured in this set is in fact the stock art for these characters, which has been reused a lot, but notably on the original cards. The alternate frames are intentionally designed to recreate the original cards' layout and look, and the only cards in this set that I believe saw brand new art are the Alternate Art Machinedramon and perhaps both prints of Analog Youth. Something that made me appreciate the Classic Collection is that Bandai was able to cater to nostalgia without making that their main attraction. The next EX set, Digital Hazard, is doing similar with its focus on the third "season", Tamers, though I do prefer the approach there of still making art more in line with the rest of the game. The alternate arts for some are, however, recreations of stills from the show!

    Really, the only reason I will say I prefer the new art rather than the old art, despite enjoying this nostalgia (and being very much out to buy a copy of the alt frame HerculesKabuterimon), is that Bandai has chosen some amazing artists who create stunning pieces for every card. I love seeing what sneaky references to older bits of the franchise are lurking in the artworks while also getting to put a name to the distinct styles. I have always enjoyed the franchise, and while I adore the card game, I admit it won me over almost immediately just on the quality of the art on display.

  45. It’s nice to see you fawn over these cards they truly are gorgeous, I have massive nostalgia for Digimon, I once got in trouble for waking up hours before school to watch the cartoon when they moved the time slot.

  46. Can this game be drafted, or only played in constructed?

  47. I love that even though I haven’t watched Digimon since the late 90s, so many of these cards were immediately recognizable. That’s nostalgia for ya!

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