The One Piece Card Game: One Year Review -

The One Piece Card Game: One Year Review

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Justin analyzes how the One Piece Card Game is performing one year and 5 sets after launch



One Piece Discord (online sim) Link:


ICV2’S Sales Data:

EggMan (Tournament Breakdown):

OP6 Meta Breakdown:

Gecko Moria Gameplay:

Bandai Revokes the ban list:

Double Pack Opening:

Gift Collection Opening:

Gum Gum Pack Opening:

ST10 the Three Captains Opening:

Premium Bandai Vs. Wizards of the Coast Secret Lair

0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Powercreep and The Meta
3:28 – The One Piece Ban List
5:36 – New Products
9:02 – OP5 and its Distribution
10:41 – The Inflated Market
13:45 – Mechanically Unique Promos
16:29 – Events Are Still Hard To Get Into
18:34 – The Future and Conclusions


  1. Love the Three Houses music in the background!

  2. I was only able to start playing the game in paper last week since that's when my lgs held their first monthly tournament. The price of the game is also absurd right now, I payed more for my Garp meme deck than I did for full power unchained right before a ycs

  3. I want to love this card game and go to events for it but the price and player cap are the biggest gate keepers to a card game I've ever seen. It's a big shame as well since the card quality is top tier.

  4. Hey UVS/MHA was on the top 10. Thats cool

  5. Honestly all this video makes me think that after Digimon and Battle Spirits, I want nothing to do with Ban Dai again

  6. Why does everyone keep saying the prices are stopping people from playing. There are only about 6 cards above 40 dollars that aren't reprinted in a lower rarity. Everything else cost pennies. I get being frustrated not being able to open boxes but to say you can't play is wild imo.

  7. A lot of this is PPG being the biggest NA organization that runs events and has product. Get your bag, but when you sign up for their patreon you can buy CASES at distribution prices. They get an absurd amount of produc. PPG has a seeming monopoly on the game in the west and that problem is only going to get worse. Bandai is letting whoever pick up this huge scene instead of developing something to help other organizations and lgs. My locals cant do regionals despite getting 20+ for months and having at least 100 people in the early who would play. That isnt a problem in yugioh because of the konami organized play infrastructure. I hate konami and quit yugioh but they at least handle this stuff with an NA office and hasnt results in a monopoly and product and organized events

  8. I really don't know why these companies can't manage their games well. Because of your videos and the declining quality of YGO I got interested in the OP game (reading the manga as well)
    Well, in South Germany I can't buy ANY Starter Deck for the normal price. I have to pay at least twice as much. I literally want to give money to Bandai just to learn this game, but without supply there is no reason for me to buy anything. Horrible product management

  9. Do you believe current tournaments give decent prizing?

  10. It’s crazy as someone playing digimon and hearing from my friends play one piece how different Bandai approach is. Like digimon had a scalper problem in the beginning too but Bandai rewaved the first two sets in the middle of the fourth set to make the prices go down. But in one piece Bandai is sure taking its time. Add to that they are focusing on one piece cuz it’s their gold goose so I’m worried about how the other games will fare.

  11. The game is just suffering from a ton of success

    WAY TOO MUCH SUCCESS. While I am happy to see it overtaking MTG and Yugioh but bandai definitely has issues to address.

  12. They need to flood the market with starter decks or it will die.

  13. It's frustrating because the game is really fun! I like playing it! It's got good mechanics!

    But the finance bros are already stalking the Eastern OP06 tournament reports and buying up anything that even smells like it has potential. The only paper deck I can afford to run is Belo Betty, and she is nowhere near viable in a tournament so I don't even bother (and she's only cheap because the Eastern meta already showed she can't win consistently!)

  14. I feel like OP06 will be a slightly better format for newer players. Yamato is a really cheap and strong deck especially with the sky island support a winning list I saw had only like 7 SRs being enel and hody. Also reiju basically being entirely built out of the box gives a different strategy some legs although Queen definitely helps the deck. The future is bright and as things grow and change hopefully Bandai can pull their head out of the sand and actually meet demand.

  15. One day your lgs is going to order 500 boxes of OP-1 and it's going to get 500. Don't get rug pulled, sell your cards because the breakpoint in hype will be brutal.

  16. Poorly designed card game surviving off the hype the IP has generated in recent years

  17. Bro really just said yu gi oh and magic are declining in quality which is not true cause I play all 3 one piece is the least engageing of all of them

  18. Queen is bad…..but yugioh engines are god awful

  19. One Piece isn't just any TCG. Its backed and originated by the greatest/popular manga of ALL TIME!!!

  20. Bandai gotta chill with ALL the card games. Union arena? No. BSS? No. Digimon? Yes. One Piece? Yes. Digimon and One Piece are the best card games to come out since magic pokemon and yugioh. Theyre already great but they could be really really great and hit the stratosphere. I really wish they would drop the other card games that we know will not last 10 years. I would much rather see them invest into games that will last and just keep those few.

  21. As a One Piece die hard fan I just hope this card game live to the expectation and BANDAI not making blunder. Maybe impossible to reach Yugioh or Pokémon tcg level but at least it still around after 10 years

  22. What cards would you say will be more valuable in the future of this game?

  23. HIghly expensive
    Too much scalpers

  24. One Piece Card Game =
    The Real Money Rewarding Card Game

  25. 8:59 Why you gotta hurt me with the only Secret Lair I've been interested in ever? I just wanna build a Gallifrey Stands deck. 🙁

  26. Op05 is the most boring meta. Looking to cash out in op06, gonna sell the whole case.

  27. Funny, because every time I go online and try to find somewhere to buy some I find it's cheaper and easier to import Japanese cards instead, so I might as well just believe the game never came overseas…

  28. You should review Lorcana, Shadowverse, maybe preview the upcoming Star Wars game as well. You always make good content

  29. I do echo the sentiment that this is probably one of the best games on the block right now, but it's just impossible to recommend in good faith due to how steep cost of entry is.

  30. I do not understand what Bandai is gaining from this… If we assumer it is to create hype, everything is sold out months before it comes out already and there is no increase in offering of products. Prices go up for second hand market not Bandai thus what the f is Bandai gaining from this ?

  31. Game is cool , kinda a straight rip off of magic almost. Love the artwork but hate the fomo right now. Availability is possibly the worst ive ever seen a card game be at release. My region with 5 targets within an hour drive of me and 3 walmarts and over 4 million people literally dont get anything stocked near us. No game stores carry product. Ive called stores talked to restockers and they all say nah our distributor doesnt have any yet places in the middle of nebraska have them. Also the lack of local tournaments make it impossible for me and other of my friends who actually take the game seriously cant even fully advance their game skill.

  32. Oh wow, even rhe Starter Decks are consistently being scalped? I thought Dragon Ball was bad in that regard, but even it only has a handful of its Starter Decks that got scalped historically.

    That one factoid is enough to keep me away forever. If Starter Decks were accessible in quantity and price, I would try One Piece out, just like most card games.

  33. This video was the highlight of my day. Love your OPTCG vids, thanks!

  34. Bro that is def my "bens cardworld" reddit post hahaha I love it

  35. 0:34 allow me to defend my babe. i know it is cool to s*it on mtg but please remember to separate the GAME from bad business practices and other issues.

    mtg still has a huge player base, both IRL and online, making it easy to find someone to play with.
    mtg still has multiple formats to explore and enjoy. standard is in a good spot and getting standard cards is not to expensive. you can also play Arena for free quite easily.

  36. @MonkeyFight TCG cool video. some thoughts and questions

    1- i take it one piece is your n1 game to play currentely?
    2- 03:19 where have i heard that before?

    3- so Bandai has a huge track record of badly running card games and yet people, even informed ones, are still getting on board for new adventures?

    4- long story short the games 1st year was a sucess in terms of sales and catching people´s attencion but there were some bad things as well in the design, tournament management and business preactices?

    5- so is the game´sucess due to the quality of the game/gameplay or more because of people wanting to make money or because the manga has a huge following?

  37. If you look at the cost historically of MTG etc. $500 really isn't obsurd for a meta deck. Furthermore, we've just seen 2,560 players turn up at Utrecht for a hugely successful tournament.
    I agree with most of what you've said outside of it only being played by scalpers and that early sets need to be reprinted. Reprinting actual sets will harm the game – reprinting individual cards to make the meta more accessible will strengthen the core.
    Another LGS close to me has just prepped to start hosting One Piece each week. The growth is organic and explosive – the game is amazing.
    Wherever there is monetary opportunities there will be scalpers. That's just the way of the world.
    Great video, love the editing.

  38. Aye yo I see me, never thought that would happen haha.
    Great video, with some great points. I do have to say that Bandais top 64 and higher prizing is really good for One Piece. Really cool alt arts and the serial cards are 👌😘
    Manga alts are also another highlight for One Piece.
    Devil fruit collection has potential to be a fantastic product, just needs to be done to be better quality

  39. Right now those people selling the booster boxes online are the only ones keeping the booster packs in circulation. It's honestly disheartening seeing bandai's unwillingness to print such a popular set. Personally I just want to be able to play the game. But right now I'm having to choose between collecting and playing due to card scarcity. It's frustrating beyond belief as a customer as someone trying to form a fun hobby.

  40. I looked into getting into this game recently and it just seems impossible for new players even starter decks are over $70. How am I suppose to make a competent deck without dropping $400 dollars?

  41. Inflated prices? Overpriced promos that are keys to some decks? Hard to get into the game casually?

    Dude, this is literally the same problems that Vanguard has as well like wow! I didn't know Bandai can get in the same level as Bushiroad in terms of terrible marketing decisions but here we are XD.

  42. Is the digimon 2020 card game failing or are you 🤔 talking about the og digimon card game?

  43. Character tcgs always fail because they’re just not real tcgs lol it’s all hype and oooh look at the price right now.
    Character tcgs include :
    One peak soon

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