The Peak of Yu-Gi-Oh | A Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Retrospective -

The Peak of Yu-Gi-Oh | A Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s Retrospective

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I never thought I’d say that my favorite Yugioh is the one about motorbikes, sinister gods commenting on the evils of classism, and robots sent from the future, so instead I made an entire video essay about it.


Thanks to Sylphy for various art assets

0:00 Intro
4:46 Card Games on Motorcycles
10:34 4Kids Dub
18:47 World Building
27:19 Team 5D’s
31:47 Dark Signer
35:46 Missed Potential
42:25 World Grand Prix
50:11 Time Travel
57:12 Ark Cradle
1:05:30 Epilogue


  1. Man the government in 5da isn’t joking around imagine eradicating discrimination in 6 months! There must’ve been some real bad punishments for those that discriminated against satélite folk.

  2. I want to say after having to live in a White Trash area, I would say Classism is more Based than it is and these places should be a Containment Zone for these undesirables and the rest of civilization would be better off if they are stuck inside their holes.

  3. With AI cars and late stage capitalism, card games on motorcycles honestly feels like it’s not to far off from reality in the future

  4. did they ever address the character with the wacky glasses who dresses like Mokuba? i've never watched this show

  5. Best Yugioh Protags;


  6. To quote Yugioh The Abridged Series: "Card Games On Motorcycles!!!"

  7. 48:13
    If you really think about it, Sherry is literally 5Ds’s Edgelord version of Mai Kujaku/Valentine.

  8. i love links and xyz (i hate pendulums) but i do have to admit 5ds era was yugioh peak in terms of both the meta and the show

  9. Man I wish I could find somewhere to watch the sub. I’d love to see the Z-one duel with the time lords.

  10. 53:42 I can understand why the YGO audience would ask this question, since it's the logical one. But, come now. As adults we know if someone said stop doing something, no one would listen, even if groups that did believe the person did form and push for change, most people would not listen, especially if they have to believe someone came from the future first

  11. im suprised to learn that 5D's was when people in the US usually quit

    over here in serbia atleast, everyone including myself quit AFTER 5D's
    kids loved it, teens loved the new "edgyness" it brought to the series, and in general its the one i often see being stated as most people's favourite yugioh anime

    then again, we never had the 4kids dub, our dubs didn't censure shit

  12. i played yugi when i was a kid and stopped and then a couple of years ago i played deul links and now play master deul nothing makes me feel entertained than playing synchro decjs to me it's peak yugi to me it's the best most fun creation especially when u see the out of the fight by using synchros even thos fusion heros waaaay more broken and pendlums insane synergy and links stupid effects to me the right way to play yugi is synchros and og dark magician decks that the most fun i have to me it puts a smile on my face i had a friend( may he rest in peace in the top layers of heaven) who loved plating egyption gods deck who played with me when i tried to beat him with my dark magician deck to me i remember these times and and know for sure that this what yugi is all about

  13. The DS game based on 5Ds was my absolute favorite yugioh game, as well as being one of the top 5 most frustrating games I’ve ever tried to complete. And that’s on list with fromsoftware games, ninja gaiden, and playing most games on there hardest difficulty. The normal difficulty of this game was absolutely brutal

  14. I'm 30 I watch all of up to r5 I finish high school in 011 I like 5ds it came out 07 -010 just found this video so how old are you if you play the first show was on

  15. 5ds started when I left high school, and it was way better than GX because I didn't get to appreciate GX until I was older but the darker tone, the adult themes, thee character motivations, the monsters? 5D's was the best before arc-v

  16. One think that I really like is Yusei's and Jack's ace monsters having polar opposite effects. Stardust Dragon sacrifices itself to protect the rest of your cards, which refects Yusei himself, while Red Dragon Archfiend destroys every other monster on the field, sometimes including your own, kinda like how Jack had to step over Yusei to get out of Satellite.
    Now that I think about it, it's the same thing with Akiza, with Black Rose Dragon's effect destroying everything on both fields with it's summoning, mirroring Akiza's own powers running rampant.

  17. Fun Fact about me: Duel Runners are called D-Wheels in Japan, but I personally like D-Wheel better

    Also, I'm basically Yusei how I build my decks 😅

  18. While the dub did take some iconic tracks away, I'd argue that guitar riff when Yusei synchro summons in the dub is just as iconic

  19. when i tell you i strapped my duel disk on my bike i mean it

  20. Remember being totally taken by the 4kids dub in middle school when I could watch it all on their website. This video has me curious about the subbed version. Especially just to see Akiza again cause she was my fav when I first watched.

  21. About 46 minutes in before I remembered this was about card games.

  22. I still play Reverse of Arcadia to this day. It’s always nice to throw my DS I got in 2007 open and getting thrown back like crazy

  23. For me it started amazing but it became the worst of the 3 first series.

  24. 24:07 Can confirm, I labbed a few test hands with an Eldlitch deck and got sent to jail.

  25. Thank god I didnt have to grow up watching the dub

  26. I don't know, if it's my adhd brain talking here, but I actually enjoyed the motorcycles part, since for some reasons I was finally able to pay somewhat attention on what's happening, at least during the duels.. I always felt during every "standing duel", as if there's "not enough going on" and then rapidly got distracted or needed other stuff to stimulate myself enough to re-focus on the series, while the motorcycle-duels finally allowed me to pay more attention since the screen wasn't stale anymore – it was finally "alive".

  27. Yugioh and dragonball are the only anime I only watch in eng dub. It just feels better

  28. I guess people in rich countries won’t feel the feeling of 5ds because they have fancy Cars unlike in Asia we have duel runner and even 12 years old knows how to ride a duel runner you can ask anyone in asia ❤we feel the feelings

  29. I am one of those who stopped at GX. Need to go back and give 5D a chance.

  30. We live in a society where the phrase "no one cares if Jaden beats the monkey, it's what the monkey represents" can be taken completly serious

  31. I think my favorite part of this ending is that the last attack from the anime junk warrior punching and scaring red demons dragon made the jack in arc v have his card permanently changed by it is cool

  32. Man you got me good with the Akira bike slide joke!

  33. Thank you for laying out almost exactly what I've always said about 5D's. The future robots and the final duels are cool, and I love the dystopic western town, but I've always thought the first half was much stronger thematically and character-driven-ly. And I definitely wish they'd mined the social transition for drama rather than just skipping to once it's all magically fine. 

    That said, while I will admit D-Wheel might not have the edge, you will never convince me that "ener-D" is better than "Momentum Reactor". I still think the latter is the best name possible for a perpetual motion machine, short of just calling it Perpetual Motion Machine. It's not a fusion reactor, it's a momentum reactor. Hell yeah.

    Speaking of various Theories, I read that Carly's voice actor changed after a real bad celebrity cult came into the news in Japan, and any of the cultist elements were also correspondingly downplayed, and that led to Aki's character being so sidelined. 

    I saw a screenshot debunking it was a pregnancy in your section about that stuff, but I didn't see you address this one. It could be untrue of course, but unlike the Crow stuff at least the timeline matches pretty well with it (once production delays are taken into account against air dates).

  34. I do remember Chaotic and thinking the show was super fucking cool

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