The perfect Uno hand! 🤯 -

The perfect Uno hand! 🤯

Justin Flom
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  1. So when he played the wild is was back to her turn

  2. Man you know how to play? Because the last card needs to be numbered not super card

  3. Two players … when reversing, it does nothing – busted!

  4. I actually remember winning in a similar way at this game, many years ago.

  5. Her:So how fake do you want it to be


  6. No comments . . This is stupid plain and simple

  7. It would have been her turn after he placed his wild😂

  8. I wish I could become rich off of making fake videos and being good looking. Must be nice.

  9. If you play a wildcard your turn is over and if you place a reverse card it doesn’t go back to you it goes to the person before you and if there is only two people it goes to the other person.

  10. deffo cant finish on a special card, also they can place after the pick up.

  11. Wild you call a color and they get a turn so no dice buddy

  12. She should have been able to play after the regular wilds.

  13. Ummm the wild you can’t go again it’s wild and your move is done

  14. Reverse isn't skip, she got to put her card down on that reverse

  15. Yeah unfortunately you can’t play multiple “draw x” cards at once.

  16. With the wild he didn’t say what colour he was going so he loses or the pick up 4

  17. bro whipped out the camcorder just in time 😂

  18. You can only end the game with a number card

  19. He would have lost, he wild carded to yellow lmao

  20. Dude you can't do that you can only go once dummy 🤣

  21. That’s not how any of that works 🤦‍♂️

  22. Everyone in the comments is a goofy ahh 🤓

    I played UNO many times with my friends, and i can assure you it's more fun if you change a bit the rules.

    Now stop crying and get a life.

  23. He didnt even let her draw her cards imagine she get a draw 4 or draw to 2 he would be mad as hell

  24. He cheated wilds dont skip the next player unless there draw 4s

  25. When you reverse with only 2 people it would just go to her

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