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We finally have THE OFFICIAL RULES for the One Piece Card Game! So excited to cover this, and I run down the breakdown of the rules so far!
I’ll talk about the newly revealed cards in the next video!

What we know about the game so far:

Official rules site:

One Piece Card Game 2022 [TRAILER]:

Website links for the One Piece Card Game 2022:


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Asyrafchazz is Singaporean based creator, who is extremely addicted to all things GEEK-related. An avid fan of Magic the Gathering, One Piece and Pokemon, he aims to share some of his addictions on this humble slice of this platform. Asyrafchazz also streams on twitch, every Monday and Wednesday, 8.30pm (+8 GMT).


  1. There's a slight update to the rules regarding the Damage step! Here's the rectified version. Will update in another video if there's any major changes!4. [Damage Step]: Compare the power of the attacking card with the power of the attacked card. If the power of the attacking card is greater than or equal to the power of the attacked card, you will win the battle and the result will depend on the attacked card.

  2. It would be nice if they named some cards as the Mythical Zoan type card like Luffy Gear 5 or something. I don't know about card game because I never try to buy the Pokémon card and others. But this time, I'm so excited to buy the One Piece cards even though I don't know how to play. I really love to add One Piece cards in my collection.

  3. Of the few practice games I've seen, there's still one question I have that I don't think has been stated anywhere. How many times can you attack on your turn?

  4. One Piece TCG comes out here in Taiwan on July 8th – I've never played a card game like this before, but I am interested to check it out. I wonder if I will see them for sale in 7-11 like the Pokemon cards or if I have to go to the bookstore or game store.

  5. Just found out about OP TCG this week. Seems like im joining the hype train XD. One question, Is attacking card (either leader or character card) can only attack rested character or leader card? or can any attacking card (either leader or character card) attack non-rested character or leader card? Thank you!

  6. Still wish to know if I have stage card I still can activate 2nd stage card by sending 1st stage card to trash

  7. Hi curious where would I be able to buy japanese op cards from the US?

  8. I rely almost entirely on you for one piece card game news. Keep up the good work!

  9. So it is like digimon and dbs with extra mechanics looks fun

  10. Some serious hype news right here! Can't wait to see what the starter decks are looking like☠️💙

  11. Just woke up. Your video is sooooo clean!!!!!! How hard was it to squeeze so much info in 1 video? Lol

  12. I'm so hyped to see what the next event card will be released.

  13. Kinda want Capone Bege to be both a character card that can turn into an area card lol

  14. Really enjoying your updates on this series and looking forward to this game as well! What deck would you love to see them come out with?

  15. Thanks for the video! Hyped for the game.

  16. Bro! Thank you!!! I was waiting for this.
    Like your content. Hope u continue with one piece videos.
    I'm so hype

  17. I’m still confused I’m a visual learner I need to see some gameplay while explaining the rules

  18. As a former DBS player and as a current Digimon player this game looks really good! Let's see the mechanics from the cards and archetypes, but so far it takes the best from DBS and digimon. I'm really hyped!

  19. My man!! I'm definitely buying at least 2 cases on release!!

  20. Here’s the man! Been waiting for this!

  21. Love the videos man, I subbed on 2 accounts! Gonna check out your other stuff too.

  22. Player 1 starts with 1 Don
    Player 2 starts 2nd with 2 Don
    Player 1 2nd turn with 3 Don
    Player 2 2nd turn with 4 Don

    So thats roughly how they trying to 'balance' the start turn advantage compared to the Heartstone Coin

  23. Loving the coverage on One Piece TCG thus far! Local creator let's go!

  24. This game has made me want to learn Japanese to see if I can both learn Japanese and see if I can do it. Almost two weeks in and I can read this. But it's only how it sounds. The Kanji is all I can't read. I can read some of katakana and most if not all hiragana. Again I don't understand what I'm reading. I hope to one day be apart of the translation group for this game. Glad I did this I'm finding a lot of confidence in my self I thought I never had.

  25. Digimon combined with Force of Will, interesting.

  26. When the game come out? Or there is no release date?

  27. The cost system is like a fusion of Pokemon, MTG, and Vanguard.

  28. You know if the card game would be played it solo?

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