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The Sopranos – Card games

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  1. No Junior card game? No Benny the criminal mastermind card game? No feech la manna card game? No Paulies Ma hitting on 16? No Jackie hitting? What happened to this thing of ours? Borko doesn’t have any respect for this thing, he’s never been suspended by YouTube, not really.
    I want a sit down.

  2. Ohhh borkooooo!! Good to see you and does anyone know what happened to Don Junior’s channel??? They strike him out the game or something?

  3. 3:56 "NO HOPE IN DOPE". Earlier: "Let's do it before the crank wears off!"

  4. I ♥️ The Sopranos
    I was so blessed watching this on HBO as a 11 year kid. Never gets old.

  5. Can anybody spot me a like? Just until the next comment? I'm in to Borko for at least 35 boxes of licorice.

  6. It's like Vito knew at Richie's game Davie was a naive addict and they were gonna bleed him dry

  7. Those phrases people say when they're playing cards are always cringe-worthy. 'Caught it on the river', shut up.

  8. Honestly. David played the hand the best in the room. As much as these guys lie to each other, it’s all their own faults

  9. Can we even ignore that Vito is an IMMENSE poker player

  10. Davie never had the makings of a varsity gambler!

  11. How do the mobsters make money from these games? Is it just what the players owe after

  12. I wish they did more with the Carwash King. He was my favorite character

  13. “Caught it on the River”
    Later on Vito is having a picnic near a river, crazy foreshadowing

  14. Artie: "Charmaine will have my balls on the menu tomorrow."
    Vito: shows up for lunch

  15. What can you do? Furio was a master cheese maker and Matt just a cheese fuck.

  16. Davey may have been a degenerate gambler but he had a great poker face. First time I saw the scene where he wins that hand I thought he was going to lose for sure.

  17. That's it for me Tapioca. You blew the whole 12 grand? What are you stupid, i got 400 left. lol…

  18. Now we’ll never know what happens if you can keep your head when those around you can’t

  19. Borko can be a sick fuck when it comes to gambling!

  20. Davie only had 4 hearts with his "flush"

  21. Mikey Palmice is such a nice looking man!!! ❤️

  22. Artie is one of the few players to leave a mob game ahead.

  23. Chris was a deadeye in the early seasons. must've been the drugs

  24. No clip of Junior running a card game in the old folks home?

  25. Sinatra always looks scared and lost af while the doc don't give af lmao

  26. Nice little Easter egg at 3:57 ''No Hope in Dope'' a sign reads whilst Jackie Jr , Dino and the other kid are high whilst committing the robbery

  27. gunshot inside

    Getaway driver immediately peels out and leaves the crew lol

  28. Borko is the new boss and he ain’t respecting HBO’s arrangements.

  29. I like to think the following are the executive card game in the heavens. Frank Vincent, Jim Gandolfini, Paul Sorvino, Tony Sirico, Ray Liotta, and Queen Elizabeth II. Why the queen, I mean isn't the monarchy just another variation of the mafia.

  30. Should have included the card game junior organized in the hospital

  31. HOOOOO whats this comment section, The handsome contest?

  32. Gambling wouldn't be bad if I actually knew how to do it.

  33. Artie Bucco: smartest gambler in the entire series.

  34. Nice job working the door Sammy. Guy walks in with a bat… how’s Junior?

  35. 0:02 Gotta love those low budget mistakes in the first season lol more than half the money is fake af.

  36. That little bender is gonna cost JT Dolan a month's salary from Law and Order: The SUV.

  37. Sunshine, I couldn’t even say last words. He was just a kid

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