The Sopranos - Feech La Manna's Card Game -

The Sopranos – Feech La Manna’s Card Game

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Feech hosts a card game.


  1. Meanwhile, Paulie's having a silent breakdown about Feech's terrible shoe hygiene.

  2. Notice how paulie doesnt laugh unless Tony laughs lmao

  3. I'm lockey, lockey, leave you pokey, pokey No Rice a Roni, that's the okey, dokey says:

    "I thut, I thut, I thought you was alright."

  4. LT never had the makings of a varsity athlete. Real greaseball shit.

  5. I had no clue Vito was even in this segment

  6. I didn't get my invitation…. straight out of the Goofellas play book that one was room goes quiet

  7. Lawerance Taylor fit right in with all the other felons. Love the stab at Brillstien's Christmas look.

  8. Vito was running the fanook lifesyle while sitting at a table of guys who'd whack him in a second for catching for the pink team.

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  10. Anyone else noticed when the guy said the married couple would make it in the newspaper if the couple were to be black or gay and then the camera pans over to LT right after he said that and LT just does a quick scoff at it?

  11. As time went on the mobsters got creepier & more angry. Richie, Ralph, Feech, Phil, John, Butchie

  12. Lawrence Taylor in The Sopranos. I've seen it all.

  13. this casual conversation scene is unbelievably well written and just so entertaining. god bless david chase

  14. Well, if Tony, The Boss, did get an invitation that would make the NY Times.

  15. Yeah,—Like Lawrence TayLor wouLd be hanging wiTh thaT crowd.

  16. Don’t worry Tony b is paying with napkins lol 😂

  17. I swear to god I though Feech and Hesh were the same person

  18. The little pothead from texas was my favorite character i wish they did more with her.. Hehehe

  19. Robert has always been fucked over by anyone named tony

  20. Sylvio is probably the worst player at the table lol always showing his weakness by getting angry when someone raises.

  21. Ser Lawrence from the Meadowlands lmao 🙏🏻

  22. Lawrence Taylor looks absolutely massive at that poker table

  23. One of the few regrets i have in the whole series is that there are no confrontation between Feech and Richie, also Richie and Ralph 🙂 That would have been amazing. Imagine if Ralph did the same stuff to Richie as he did to Paulie…:)

  24. Is Sil wearing the same shirt from the cheese scene

  25. LT definitely had the makings of a varsity athlete!

  26. Tony learns that like Richie, Feech wasn't afraid of him and would've been open to turning on him.

  27. If you guys all love the sopranos, you guys should watch boardwalk empire. That's a really good show too.

  28. This was like Columbo, everybody wanted a guest appearance. This time it's Steve Buscemi & LT!  Wow!

  29. What’s worse than an old geezer telling a 40 year old sex story ?

  30. 2:24 LT just laughs off the fat white man's bigoted comment and takes him for another few thousand in the next hand

  31. LT was the only one at the table who had the makings of a varsity athlete

  32. Let me tell you a couple of three things. Feech has shitty timing; even if he does get to the end of the anecdote, you know it's probably going to be sleazy and not funny. It's the sort of story you tell over a few drinks to four or five guys not a room full of guys who are trying to concentrate on a poker game. Feech is rather annoying and unlikeable. Nobody is interested in his storys. When Tony walks in, sure, you get the usual bum kissing from the guys but at least he can tell a joke!

  33. How did feech not have a heart attack every time he talked

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