The Star Wars Card Game We've Waited 20 YEARS FOR -

The Star Wars Card Game We’ve Waited 20 YEARS FOR

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The day is finally upon us, Star Wars Unlimited is released worldwide, and already people are going all in and hype to see where the game will take them, and wondering how long it’ll take Fantasy Flight Games to discontinue it. But is it any good?!
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  1. Visit our super best friends at for the best prices on Star Wars Unlimited two player starter sets and booster boxes! Also give them a visit if you're ever in the area!

  2. On point as usual Dave – great vid, great insight…off to buy one of those lightsabers – should get there before they close 👍

  3. Just got through opening two booster boxes and building my Rebels SPECTRE deck – when you coming to Gy to play!?

  4. Tbh, 🤮. Can't believe i actually used tbh, card games aint my thing, but i will leave this vid playing in the kitchen while i eat my dinner in the front room. 😊

  5. Han blasting Palps is a better story than the sequels delivered.

  6. The whole generating resources has always been a must for me since Warhammer Invasion…. i just cant stand losing because i can only play a few cards while my opponent can play every card they have in their deck and their mama… I love the complexity of MTG, but that stops me from completely from enjoying the game

  7. Definitely looks like a fun game to delve into 😁. Love the Checkov's Lightsaber joke 😂

  8. Holy fuck champions?! core memory unlcoked..!!!

  9. I don't give a good gosh darn about CCGs, but I will watch your videos about em because they're so entertaining.

  10. You should have a half million subs Dave, it's criminal

  11. Building my fourth Gundam kit at the moment. Thanks for opening that part of the modelling hobby for me! I like the new card game video's, it's not my jam as a gamer but I enjoy the way you present it. Nice work mate!

  12. I remember when the old decipher Star Wars and the Star Trek one came out but never got into them. Obviously played Magic and I loved Rage and a few others. I quite liked the FFG Star Wars LCG and still play that sometimes. This looks cool.

  13. I feel like having a door open in the background of your shot, without anyone entering or leaving is some sort of violation of Chekhov's Gun.

    EDIT: I made this comment literally moments before the Chekhov's Lightsaber came up. I don't know how this happened.

  14. Dead ccgs? I will offer On the Edge, Illuminati and Arcadia for memory-jogging purposes. My earliest online 'handle' (or whatever the hell we call those now) was taken from my favourite OtE character, and I still have a spam-catcher email address named for one of the others 🙂 Happy memories.

  15. Has Tony not been in enough perpetual forward motion? He seemed a little out of sorts. Thoughts and squarespaces.

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