The World's Most Complicated Card Game | Medical Police | Netflix Is A Joke -

The World’s Most Complicated Card Game | Medical Police | Netflix Is A Joke

Netflix Is A Joke
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Owen Maestro (Rob Huebel) must play a complicated game of cards to obtain weapons-grade plutonium. If he loses, he dies.

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  1. Love this show whens the second season coming out???!!!

  2. This was a garza peveto films youtube short way back in 2007. They straight up stole this bit.

  3. He’s got a Jesus Christ and a 666 in his deck hahaha

  4. This is such a brilliant scene. At first, it just seems like the joke is the made-up lingo, then suddenly they have like 75 cards in their hand, and you see Owen has all kinds of cards like a 26 of Clubs, a 5 of Kisses, and I'm pretty sure a 666 of something.

  5. Watching this scene makes me feel exactly like watching a scene in a finance/wall street movie, where I don't understand a WORD of what they're saying and only the reactions and the music tell me how to feel about it.

  6. 2:27 Oof Owen had a 16 of cherries there, could've cost him if he hadn't played those two winks side by side

  7. Most Complicated is cups in friends!!!!!

     everybody knows that!!!!!

  8. a fake card game with its own fake lingo and terminology. This is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. I'll never laugh at anything again. I am forever ruined for all things comedy.

  9. Spock, what are the odds on a royal fizzbin?

  10. Haha that scene at 2:09 where they're each holding an entire deck of cards, and it clearly shows a 28 of clubs, 16 of cherries, ace of electric guitar and a Jesus Christ of hearts. Then at 2:47 they're holding 2 decks of cards each.

  11. I don't even understand a single thing, but I'm enjoying it

  12. i loved this scene laughed all the way through whole season. great show.
    "this virus wont stop until we stop it". awesome line

  13. You have to be somewhat intelligent to enjoy this kind of humor and of course have a sense of humor yourself. Sorry for the rest of you 😉

  14. Even I gasped. Like how do you get jeepers AND creepers? Pro level play.

  15. Since I don’t play any card games, at first I thought they were being serious. That was until I saw them hold an entire deck in their hands.

  16. i thought this was a bad tv series at first. but i so surprised i lmfao in every episode. Season 2!!!!!

  17. i wonder if they had a script or just made it up on the spot lol

  18. Hi! Does anabody know the title of that song which was playing when medical policemen were trainning shooting while drinking? Episode 6, on first season… I find it very cool!

  19. Rakes the pot by fanning the back of the cards like it can somehow mean something, hilarious writing and acting.

  20. When he got thigh high tulip I thought he gonna win🤯🤯🤯but damn

  21. Two winks into a 16 of cherries? Fuuuuuuck…risk and reward right there. A true gambler.

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