There's no better card game... than Slay The Spire. -

There’s no better card game… than Slay The Spire.

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One of my favorite games of all time, and it should be yours too. However there is no style meter, sorry.

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  1. Haven't had much experience with card games but been big into strategy and rogue games so I decided to try it. Having beaten the heart once with the silent, I personally don't see much in this game.

    Low cards decks aren't that great for high difficulty and it costs you money to remove cards. The same money you could use to buy a relic or a potion to help you.

    Battles are too rng dependent. Even when you miticolously take/remove cards for a specific reason, you can still get starting cards that don't help you at all and you end up dying simply because of bad rng. There's no inherit shuffle system nor a weighted distribution for types of cards or any sort of redundancy in place that could help you in those situations.

    Cards have a lot of balance issues where some are just better and the worse ones end up clogging up space. I'd wish it balanced those shit cards around something unique instead (something like the self destruction button from into the breach where it had its own specific play style).

    Overall, at least for me, it was an alright game but not something I'd play again after finishing it once.

  2. I played and enjoyed Slay The Spire but another game called Blood Card really started to pave the way to me liking this style of card game. Maybe people should give it a try.

  3. I think this is or was free on PS+

  4. Demeo in vr kicks it's ass but this game is good,,

  5. hi Mayo, if you want to try a refreshing take on the roguelike genre there's a game called Risk Of Rain 2, a 3d third person shooter where movement, map knowledge, enemy prioritization and time management (because difficulty increases the longer you spend on the run) are key to staying alive, it also features 15(?) different selectable characters that all have varied playstyles and abilities.

  6. You should try Monster train a bit less rng, a LOT of upgrades and CRAZY Combos

  7. I've never had a big deck at any point in life. Must be why I'm not successful in much of anything.

  8. Idk chief, yugioh, mtg and hearthstone are better for straight up card games, but yes, slay the spire is absolutely amazing

  9. If you enjoyed this, you've got to try Inscryption. It's another deck builder card game, which while I'm not gonna say it's just more Slay The Spire, I won't ignore their similarities either. It's main gameplay also revolves around knowing what the enemie's gonna do and preparing for it.

  10. Damn mayo!! I Just started playing this game Last weekend and i fucking love it!! You should try deck building Games, like start realms but this game is the king hands down

  11. I detest card and rogue like games, but you've pretty much convinced me to try this out, it's on gamepass so it won't hurt to take a look.

  12. the touhou character deck is still my favorite. You can either go full offense or full defense and she's a bit wild either way. I love the mods for this game. Some of the custom character decks are just so good.

  13. Hey, Mayo, have you played Black Book? It is also a card game and a lot of what you like about StS is actually there too, stuff like information about enemy attacks, no random misses, variety of effects.
    There's a lot of builds you can make, from straightforward damage or poisoning enemies when you take a hit to stacking debuffs and dealing damage for each stack in one late attack. There is also a variety in fights themselves: some are timed, some are puzzles with a fixed set of cards where you have to figure out the right combination, some have enemies that you don't want to kill for plot reasons. It's not as addictive since it is plot-focused campaign and not a roguelike (although something like that was added as a DLC), but the plot is nice and the setting of slavic mythology is quite unique and fresh. I have never been a fan of card games, but I completed this one with great pleasure and will probably play it again once later. Maybe you should try it

  14. This game looks so fun and that is why I will not play it. Lol i know my work schedule will be fucked once i get the game!

  15. It seems like a lot of what you like about Slay the Spire is what I like about Bug Fables, the big dogference being that StS has its RNG in the cards and BF has its in the enemy's actions.

  16. Have you played inscryption? If you haven’t please give it a try. I’d love to see you make a video on that game.

  17. Mate your timing is great, you upload this a couple days after I finally decided to give it a go, I've been enjoying it so far. Keen to see your thoughts!

  18. It was only ever on the original Xbox, but I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on Phantom Dust.

  19. You should really try Inscryption. That Games is insanely good

  20. I love all your videos man, if you enjoy slay the spire I cannot recommend monster train more I know you'll love it.

  21. Thank-you ! There's no better card game… than Slay The Spire…

  22. This looks interesting! If your also looking for some good turn based games, there is a game called "World of Horror" and is a horror turned based, rouge like and it's pretty fun

  23. I love your content keep up the AMAZING work!!!!

  24. Black Book be like: "you know, i'm something of a slay-the-spire myself"

  25. funny, i got back into slay the spire like last week. good timing

  26. There's another game like this – Griftlands. From the creators of Don't Starve, Griftlands takes a lot of inspirations from slay the spire, however has a lot more unique (for a card game) features

  27. I hate card games normally, but I remember seeing a stream of Slay the Spire about four years ago and thought it looked like one of the coolest things I'd seen. All that praise and I still haven't bought it…

  28. You know that it's also a good tactic to get your deck as small as possible and get rid of weaker cards, in order to make sure that your better cards are getting drawn more often?

  29. I don't really like this game, it's too hard because you need to learn enemy patterns and it's too slow paced and boring. I wish the ironclad could swing his sword faster like in Ninja Gaiden instead of waiting for his turn and drawing cards every time I want to hit something. There's too many cards with long descriptions and a bunch of different effects (channel here, stances there, it drives me crazy) so I get overwhelmed. Also I only got up to floor 16 but all the floors look the same.

  30. Before trying this game last year, i had basically zero experience with card and strategy games. Now I'm 250 hours in and still having fun!

    There's a LOT of randomness, and that can be frustrating, but it also makes it addicting. In a way, this game teaches you to prepare for uncertainty, and to make the most of the hand that you're dealt (literally).

  31. I picked up Slay the Spire for the first time about 3 or 4 years ago and found myself coming back to it fairly often even after I felt like I had done or seen everything in it I had wanted. Last year while trying desperately to fill the gap that it had eventually left after playing for literal hundreds of hours between PC, Switch and eventually the Mobile version; I ended up stumbling upon another Rogue-like card game called Monster Train and with it's cast of characters and vastly bigger amounts of deck varieties that accompany them compared to Slay the Spire I think it has beaten out StS as my favorite Deck-Builder Rogue-like. If you or anyone here wants to change it up a little bit from StS at any point I cannot recommend Monster Train enough

  32. The mobile implementation is also really good. I only play StS on my phone now.

  33. playing the bash was actually a misplay. you only did 2 extra damage and you knew you would draw 3 strike cards next turn anyway, which is lethal. so might as well block.

  34. This game wrecked me for a week. You can always sneak off and knock a few hands.
    My favorite character is rogue. I dont play any other character on reg yet in years of playing.

  35. I've been waiting for this video a long time. So excited to watch!

  36. yu gi oh games are the best card games. So I don't even want to hear all this.

  37. Yesss. I love this game and i always hoped u make a vid about this game

  38. Definitely do not pick up magic the gathering. It’s has essentially the same game play and mechanics except MTG has been constantly refined over 30 years. You will become addicted and won’t make doom vids anymore

  39. Easily the most addicting game in my Steam library and I have yet to complete a full run with any of the characters. I really wanna unlock the Watcher!

  40. LOL, he doesn't know about Vault of the Void.

  41. I'm also not a big fan of turn-based combat and card games. In fact, you can say I hate them. But I can highly recommend Thronebreaker: A Witcher Tale. After watching your review I think you might also like it.

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    There is… Inscription. And Gwent story are good

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