There's no better card game... than Slay The Spire. -

There’s no better card game… than Slay The Spire.

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One of my favorite games of all time, and it should be yours too. However there is no style meter, sorry.

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  1. Never played a card game, but I'll definitely give it a try!

  2. Me, watching this video while waiting the 1-hour loading time of Modded Slay the Spire with 50 mods:

    The Mayo blessed my notifications once again

  3. Lmao me and my mate were playing this all through the weekend cause it went free on ps+ and now mayo makes a video on it lets go

  4. So glad that you like this game as much as I do bro.

  5. I just started playing this 2 days ago and I'm hopelessly addicted.

  6. Hello Mayo! On your Forgive me Father video I asked for your recommandation between Doom 2016 and the game you reviewed in the video and now that I played trough 2016 and FMF I can say I enjoyed the latter more. I think that my playing doom eternal first made an impact on my overall strategies in video games. Unfortunately, I find that 2016 doesn't offer the conditions necessary for adapting and using different strategies, you could play the game with the gauss canon and ssg only, unlike Forgive me father where you have to adapt even on lower difficulties. I do think that the story of 2016 is better then eternal's and I'm not a fan of ID turning Dr. Samuel Hayden into an alien boss fight. I liked him more just as a cyborg. Thanks for the recomandation, Mayo.

  7. There's no game genre that i dislike more than card games

  8. Great choice, Hearthstone is what got me into card games though i mostly only play the campaign as playing with AI was always fun in that game. I might try Slay the Spire eventually.

  9. The problem with this game for me was its just too fucking easy. I put about 90 hours into it and loved it besides the difficulty being just meh.

  10. Yo, you make me want to ascend Ironclad now; been on a Defect grind.

  11. claims to be one of his favorite games, adds clash to a deck with carnage and dropkick! Anyways I was hoping to see some more discussion on what you liked about the game. For me this game has one of the best difficulty curves in gaming. At first you just do things because it is fun, and it works. Then your meta knowledge gets to the point where you start targeting builds, and it works. Then to improve you start reacting to what RNG the game gives you in card rewards and relics. And finally you incorporate all of that into building decks that can handle all the ways the game challenges you. I believe it is theoretically possible to beat every game on the highest difficulty but even the best players are only winning about 30-40 percent of the time (that may have changed, I haven't gotten into the game for around a year)

  12. You have to try "Inscryption". Right now one of the most addicting card games and i never liked card games. Its indie game recently released but its truly a gem, like Loop Hero

  13. No there is not.
    Monster train is pretty damn good as well.

  14. I got here at 666 views. Well if that isnt a Sign I dont know what is reaches for credit card

  15. Love the game. Still trying to beat a20 with Silent. Can't seem to beat 2nd A3 boss. Each character has interesting builds to explore which makes the game highly replayable. Great overview!

  16. She only likes me for my slightly above average deck

  17. If Hand Of Fate 3 takes notes from slay the spire, that game could be absolutely insane, as the combat in that game is really fun, it's just buried beneath tons of rng, and extremely grindy procedural content.

  18. I really enjoyed sts at first, but because of the complexity and difficulty, once I had learned how to play with the ironclad, I just couldn’t be bothered to have to re-learn a different characters cards, so I always ended up just playing ironclad until I got bored of the game.

  19. This game nearly made me fail my degree and killed any potential I had to study at honours/masters level.
    10/10 would recommend

  20. I played my first run when it went free, enjoyed my time till i eventually died, saw the slow burn of level ups and unlocks and promptly stopped. it looks and plays great but I no longer wanna play these kind of games anymore. I've stopped having fun with rougelikes and games of the like where I'm resetting most of my progression each run as it's grown more frustrating then exciting.

  21. For people new to the game, make sure to turn on the speed up animations option, it makes the game feel far more fluid!

  22. I will shamelessly recommend one of my recent faves, Erannorth Chronicles. It's not a roguelike, but rather a sandbox card game RPG that is closest to 90s Magic: The Gathering Shandalar PC-game anyone has ever made since.

  23. Haven't had much experience with card games but been big into strategy and rogue games so I decided to try it. Having beaten the heart once with the silent, I personally don't see much in this game.

    Low cards decks aren't that great for high difficulty and it costs you money to remove cards. The same money you could use to buy a relic or a potion to help you.

    Battles are too rng dependent. Even when you miticolously take/remove cards for a specific reason, you can still get starting cards that don't help you at all and you end up dying simply because of bad rng. There's no inherit shuffle system nor a weighted distribution for types of cards or any sort of redundancy in place that could help you in those situations.

    Cards have a lot of balance issues where some are just better and the worse ones end up clogging up space. I'd wish it balanced those shit cards around something unique instead (something like the self destruction button from into the breach where it had its own specific play style).

    Overall, at least for me, it was an alright game but not something I'd play again after finishing it once.

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