These Are The Most Built Commanders From Lost Caverns of Ixalan! -

These Are The Most Built Commanders From Lost Caverns of Ixalan!

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I took a dive into Lost Caverns of Ixalan and found the three most popular commanders from the set. I break down why each is so popular and the coolest aspects of each. The big question is, what deck from Ixalan are you building? Is it focused around one of the creature types from our first visit to Ixalan or is it focused on a new theme introduced with the Lost Caverns?

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  1. No but I built Mycotyrant, if he isn't popular yet, he's going to be.

  2. Pantlaza isn’t once per turn if you have roaming the throne. Once you get RT out you’ve basically won.

  3. Obligatory Dino joke
    "Time to get Jurassic-ed"😃

  4. Indominus is basically a discard version of Kathril. Imagine running Indominus as your commander to discard keywords, then draw into Kathril to copy the keywords in your graveyard for a double play

    Edit: forgot he’s blue so it would require a 4 color deck or a consistent way to cast mana of any color

  5. I feel like people are missing the mark on Malcolm as I think he's gonna end up as one of the top tier new commanders from this set.

  6. Other Axonili is the best burn commander we ever seen?My man forgot Solphim and Torbran exist, both of which also work with any damage doublers because Axon doesn't.

  7. Talks about a standard set…then uses a crossover set… What?

  8. Uhhh, what about gishath suns a avatar? 7/6 vigilance trample hast. When it does damage look at the top x card of your library where x is the damage done. Any dinos you draw you can play instantly for free. I go gishath into my ghalta stampede tyrant. Gisath gets dinos from deck to board and when it hits ghalta and gets played. All the creature in your hand get played for free too

  9. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more Ojer Taq decks. Mine is wrecking the place.

  10. Bag of holding may help improve indominus rex

  11. PANT.can SUCK IT. i hate that dino so much….its literally the first sliver ,thats cheaper.eaiser to get out, and its a UPGRADED CASCADE..insane ,broken,and its aprecon….give me a break.

  12. I was lucky enough to grab a Veloci-ramp-tor precon and have been upgrading it. It kicked sooo much ass sooo fast! ❤

  13. Currently building a deck around Pantlaza.

  14. Ghala stampede tyrant is my fav commander from this set

  15. I made the indominus rex making ojer now just trying to figure out which version to run

  16. Not sure where you get the info from, but its incorrect lol. Hakbal is higher than the crappy red god

  17. Someone in my playgroup was playing the velociramptor deck and didn’t fully read the card, so they missed the fact it only triggers once each turn. And I didn’t realize until after he filled his board with stuff

  18. Built a indominus deck, he’s ridiculous and and a great voltron style with control elements

  19. Lol failed with kathril then made indominus😂

  20. those half-blue pips on Indominus Rex stop him from going in my Skullbriar and it makes me sad.

  21. Pantlaza vs War Doctor in Commander is flip of a coin who kills who the fastest.

  22. Rule zero’d a 5 color mutate indominus and it’s been hella fun.

  23. Fun fact! With Indominus Rex as your commander, you can't give it a double-strike counter!

  24. I put…axonil in my goblin deck…with city on fire and Leyline of combustion…

  25. I’m pretty sure ojer axonil and indominous Rex alpha are up here because they were revealed before spoiler season

  26. Me scrolling through YT shorts while building an mtg deck… With Ojer Axonil as the commander.
    I feel really called out…

  27. Indominus rex seems like it would be good for a reanimator sub theme.

  28. Built an Historic Brawl deck on Arena with Ojer Axonil as Commander. I like it

  29. Nice to know that my Soverign Okinec Ahau deck isn’t one of the most popular commanders, I’m less likely to run into it thankfully

  30. Lmao this is a dinosaur rayami first of the fallen!! (Rex alpha)

  31. I'm building an Owen and Blue deck now. It's been a lot of fun searching for whatever weird counters I can find in Magics history.

    I'm just glad no one in my pod plays Slug decks

  32. Can’t decide between Gishalth or Pantlaza as my Dino commander

  33. You did miss something with Pantlaza is that it's Discover ability only triggers once each turn

  34. Been upgrading the Pantlaza pre-con with some good stuff. Off the top, added the new Ghalta, Gishath, and the new green god. It’s gonna be nutty.

  35. im gonna be using etali cause using other peoples cards is so good!

  36. I want to do jeff goldblum deck

  37. Ojer Axonil was definitely my favorite Legend in the set and i was surprised to see at number1!

  38. Oh cool they basically made soulflayer a commander

  39. Kind of surprising to see the god with that many decks. We have seen a new four mana burn commander almost every single set this year, and the archetype feels more and more like boros equipment with each commander being only slightly different. But they’re all fun and I’ll never complain when I play against them

  40. Indominis is rad as all hell, I NEED to make a deck off of it. Pantlaza is probably only popular because it came in a precon, but it's also very fun. My favorite commander, though, is Ian Malcolm, Chaotician. Very wild, very fun.

  41. I love how you actually try to pronounce the names on these cards.

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