These Cards Will BREAK the OP06 Meta | One Piece Card Game -

These Cards Will BREAK the OP06 Meta | One Piece Card Game

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Let’s talk about the best cards of OP06!

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  1. This set is cracked. Way too many insane cards and obviously they cant ban them all and being a new set nothing is getting hit but maybe bring back moby dick and cabaji into the game. We have enough removal and other things with the release of this set that none of it is overly broken anymore

  2. Reject is some tier 100 sack, they really designed yellow to end friendships

  3. I highly doubt any card in set 6 will be touched or banned, bandai is a company at the end of the day and they not going to halt sales before the set comes out, they will hit opus 5 and below

  4. I realy think 8c gecko and reject are a balance mistake
    Reject kinda beeing a 4c infinite unblockable rush is just nuts

  5. Shanks is cool tho its just not his moment to shine

  6. 'they gotta print more cards like this' It might be about the no counter, but please don't let them print more cards like Kikonojo…
    Too many of my games against yellow go into overtime and i have no fun winning or losing them.
    Just ignoring her and getting swung at for 6k+ every turn isn't so great and they can have multiple.
    Not going to 3 life isn't so easy either, especially with 4life leaders and it also lets Gedatsu and Yamato KO higher cost characters. Would have preferred if the trigger cost a card from hand.

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