Things You Don’t Know About Playing Cards -

Things You Don’t Know About Playing Cards

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Playing cards are so common today that we take them for granted. But, have you ever really looked closely at them or wondered what they could mean?Like, who is that suave King that doesn’t have a moustache? Here are 10 Things You Don’t Know About Playing Cards.
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  1. I’m just amazed how playing cards have and had roles in military operations. I know for a fact that when troops went into Iraq there were cards with key figures of Saddam’s regime on them.

  2. Awesome video and really interesting fact about playing cards that I did not know. Thanks!

  3. Sway do they show a red heart and a black diamond🤔

  4. Yep, and the ace of spades is also often associated with death because it's said that when Wild Bill Hickok was murdered, he was holding a pair of aces and a pair of 8's (or the "dead man's hand"), though Edmund Hoyle said it was jacks and 8's.

    •A phrase meaning that someone is stupid is saying that they're not playing with a full deck of cards.

    •The phrase saying that someone is cheating is saying that they're dealing from the bottom of the deck (giving themselves an advantage through sleight of hand).

    •Saying that everything's the best it can be with your life is saying that it's aces.

    Even the sandwich was born because of cards: John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, did not wish to stop to eat while he was playing cards, but was hungry! He asked his servants to make and bring him something between two slices of bread so he could eat while he continued to gamble.

  5. The Jack of Hearts killed the King of Hearts. The pattern of the sleeve is on the clothing on the Jack

  6. What surprised me most is this video's use of the word "notorious." I, for one, am very glad that POWs were given maps to escape, and do not find this dubious at all.

  7. 3:27 First time i see that version of Joker, the double one with green hair and is he holding a gun? Anyone knows where i can find this card?

  8. The one about the tax stamps eventually inspiring the designs of the ace of spades was really interesting and good history info. Thanks!

  9. 1:32 listen to it for one second then rewind ten seconds

  10. I have the King corona in Philippines and with red and black jokers and idk why

  11. Wrong. Spades are air, clubs are fire, hearts are water and diamonds for earth

  12. but the king of Diamonds look like William the Conqueror from England

  13. Interesting 🧐🤔, in Cartomancy spades ♠️ refer to the wind element 🌬.

  14. The court cards and 1-10 cards ate equal to tarot.

  15. No mention of the Curse of Scotland?

  16. The come up trumps thing is pretty ironic especially these days considering what a lousy president the US has these days with that name

  17. Shouldn’t you add 2 for the joker because there are 2 jokers?

  18. Wouldn’t the ace of hearts also have a big space for the stamp?

  19. A lot of casinos use Bee cards with their iconic diamond back with the casino’s logo on it

  20. I think the king of hearts does not have a mustache because it represents femenizem

  21. About half of the King of Hearts cards had mustaches, so …?

  22. I mean technically we have 364 and a fourth days in a year

  23. can you imagine being hanged for forging a Playing card

  24. Actually, the King of Hearts is based off of Charles the 7th of France. He was the only king to be alive to see his face on a playing card, and the reason he is stabbing himself in the head? Well, towards the end of his life Charles was bedridden with illness and took up playing cards and card games to pass the time. After two years and the illness affecting his brain, he became paranoid about the number 13, and how the King is the 13th card in the suit. And his life ended when someone entered his chambers to find him standing with a sword in his left hand. He said something ominous and then stabbed himself in the side of the head until he was dead. And that is why the King of Hearts shows the sword stabbing himself in the head, although nowadays it is less graphic, and where the name of Suicide King comes from.

  25. That was interesting about the David card being put on dead Commies. Davidovich Trotsky accord to wiki created the Commie army.
    In Alice in Wonderland i think the Queen of Hearts went around saying, "off with their heads". The king of heart's raised sword suggests he is going to take a head off.

  26. I did not know the war stuff which was cool.

  27. The club and space kings are standing and fighting each other. The king of hearts is standing by ready to fight and save his people in the name of love. The diamond king supervises and command the others. That's how I always saw it.

  28. Some jacks wear moustaches in certain decks. For instance, I have two decks of cards. In one of them the Jacks of Hearts has a mustache, a mean face, white hair, and his face is frontal. In my other deck the same Jacks of Hearts is blond, has a sweet face, holds a feather, is sitting down with an axe in the back, and has a profile face. Well, all I can think of that Kings, Queens, and Jacks represent many different nobles from different eras. That's all.

  29. Are we just going to not talk about how the four suits: Cups, Coins, Swords, and Sticks come from tarot cards?

  30. Great video, this is why i love youtube so much!

  31. You forgot to add that the 2nd joker stands for the 29th of February

  32. 1. 52 cards, 52 weeks in a year
    2. Black and red cards represent night and day.
    3. Do 8 perfect shuffles to get the cards in its original place

  33. me and my friend did some searching on this week were wondering about it because we noticed all of the hand, and sword patterns where the same on other cards, but the spades. come out on top.

  34. Fun Fact : King of Diamonds is the only king with an axe. Therefore he is also known as " the man with an axe ".

  35. Love the King of hearts. The King of Heart was the King of France. King of hearts is named Louie

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