This Boros Phoenix is Going to Be an Annoying Commander #shorts -

This Boros Phoenix is Going to Be an Annoying Commander #shorts

Commander Void
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Otharri, Sun’s Glory is an incredible phoenix that’ll allow you to constantly create more rebel tokens that you can use to bring it back from the graveyard.

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  1. Yup, just revamped the precon she comes in with extra combat/proliferate spells and by turn 5 she's an absolute monster. Had about 9 rebels popping out by turn 7. Threw in a Rogue's Passage just to make her lethal with a bunch of Valor in Akros triggers.

  2. Is everyone completely missing the point of the Rebel tribal? Aside from the tokens Otharri creates, every equipment that has "For Mirrodin!" creates a 2/2 Rebel token, which was the second biggest theme of this precon after token generation.

  3. Sadly its Boros though. Hopefully they will make a mercenary commander in the future

  4. Print a legendary phoenix makes it a rebel commander

  5. If it was a 3 CMC commander, it would almost be good. But needing to achieve 5 mana before you get a chance to gain experience and then only getting 2/2s… it's kind of bad. I could see this going into the 99 of other commander decks that want experience counters… that's about it.

  6. putting this straight into my Kelsien exp deck.

  7. Would be interesting in a Winota deck

  8. I'm very disappointed in the rebels in this set. Not a single mono white rebel. I have a good mono white lin sivvi edh deck

  9. WHY! WHY does it need to have red, Minthara Merciless Soul would be so much better if it has green and now I want red in it as well.

  10. But I wanted that atari….. oh, well…… I guess my ps2 will have to do.

  11. Eh not that big of an issue. Might be a nice addition to casual Winota decks

  12. Yes my 5 colour experience counter deck is drawing closer as we speak

  13. Why the hell did they give it haste

  14. Everyone is low on this card but I gotta admit I think there's potential here.

  15. This gives a real use for the experience counters other than a single creature.

  16. Noteworthy inclusions in the Deck:
    * Mutavault. A land that can become a creature with all creature types to enable Otharri's activation after a board wipe.
    * Faceless Haven. Same idea, just make sure you're running snow lands.
    * Maskwood Nexus. All your creatures are Rebels now, plus you can make one on demand if you need to.
    * Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas. Another source and payoff for experience counters, that triggers off Otharri itself.
    * Mondrak, Glory Dominus. Double the Rebels tokens, plus use those tokens to make it Indestructible.

  17. No offense, but I think you're mispronouncing the name. Otharri. It would kill the Atari joke in the beginning.

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