This is Why a Card Cheat Can Beat ANY Card Game -

This is Why a Card Cheat Can Beat ANY Card Game

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  1. if u had to guess, how many decks of cards do you own? looks like a lot lol

  2. You wouldve been burned at the stake for this back in time

  3. I quit poker because of you. Probably saved me a lot of money. Thanks

  4. You sir are brilliant, you just keep making them eat your cards, no offense enjoy watching your craft, awesome!

  5. How about… I'm just kidding, I wouldn't dare.

  6. What even is the secret behind this anymore is it slight of hand, memorizing cards, who knows but it’s so entertaining 😂

  7. How's your sister?! Where's your God now?! So good!

  8. Dude what 👀 I need to come to one of your shows

  9. A sealed deck os cards comes in random order or is always the same order? Because if its the same for every sealed deck, thats make the job easier for him, since the objective is to control the cards with the shuffles and cuts, and he already knows the order that comes. Anyway, impressive as always.

  10. How does one describe something that is simply amazing? Awesome? Stupefying? Bewildering? Astounding? Astonishing? Pick one. They all work!

  11. If you watch this real slow you would see he moved his hand right quick behind and pull 4 kings out of his arse, the damn thing happened in like 0.00000001 second.

  12. H O W ??? Even with any islandtalent this seems physically impossible.

  13. I think you're not a real person, man lol How do you do that? It's always very impressive. I love to watch your tricks.

  14. Someone in the comments: “You cheated, you paid off the card manufacturer. You didn’t show the deck being in order to start with…”

  15. God is always there but as always fantastic job!

  16. I’m subscribed and all and I leave stupid messages but never get a reply what gives !???

  17. This is easy. When you practice for 35+ years and are the god damned devil.

  18. The OP needs to answer.
    Just where is his god?

  19. Bro just go to Penn & Teller. This is ludicrous. They will love you

  20. Finding the Kings without shuffling would have been impressive enough to me

  21. Bro I love your videos!!! I’m mind blown every time.

  22. The "how is your sister btw" while sniffing the mask was priceless

  23. Jesus. You didn’t even look at the kings on the table after you took the blindfold off!

  24. Wow! That is insane skill. You are the best. Love your videos.

  25. Nice touch there making the entire reason you can actually do the trick this way seem like it makes it harder. Aka using a brand new deck. If I’m wrong then prove it by putting cards on the table after you open the deck and give them a standard wash then gather and then shuffle.

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