This One Spell Card BROKE Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Trivia) -

This One Spell Card BROKE Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Trivia)

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Remember this OVERPOWERED spell card?

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  1. And now her sister heat wave might have the same fate

  2. You have a very Dutch accent are you Dutch?

  3. Prime Material Dragon only protects monsters from destruction, though.

  4. We dont need a ban deck because we can have some cards bro

  5. Imagine cold wave now. With how many decks rely on spells it would still be broken.

  6. Lol when you said "perfect climate for cold wave"

  7. Cold wave hyunlei for three was the damn dream.

  8. Excited for more Shorts content from you! You've been around since forever, and I'll bet you have a million little short and sweet opinions or factoids you could cover using this type of format if you wanted to.

  9. Tell me you’re dutch without telling me you’re dutch 👌

  10. Cards you read and now of course you understand they are broken

  11. going first with cold wave and set gravekeepers spy was one of the most broken first turns back during Synchro cat era

  12. I'm surprised it took till 2011 to get banned it's so crazy and would be crazier now due to the speed of the game

  13. Given monsters in hand effects etc are so key I think cold wave could honestly return

  14. For me as a kid back than that card was just a crappy common bc I didnt know what that card actually did 😀

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