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Top 10 Card Games

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Tom, Sam, and Zee take us through their top 10 card games.

00:00 – Introduction
05:15 – Sam’s #10
07:29 – Tom’s #10
09:36 – Zee’s #10
11:34 – Tom’s #9
12:45 – Zee’s #9
15:38 – Sam’s #9
17:04 – Zee’s #8
19:35 – Sam’s #8
20:59 – Tom’s #8
22:39 – Zee’s #7
23:09 – Tom’s #7
25:01 – Sam’s #7
26:27 – Tom’s #6
28:39 – Sam’s #6
31:02 – Zee’s #6
32:27 – Sam’s #5
34:24 – Zee’s #5
36:46 – Tom’s #5
38:18 – Sam’s #4
41:28 – Tom’s #4
42:54 – Zee’s #4
45:14 – Tom’s #3
45:39 – Zee’s #3
47:37 – Sam’s #3
49:11 – Zee’s #2
52:22 – Sam’s #2
53:33 – Tom’s #2
55:54 – Sam’s #1
57:20 – Tom’s #1
58:41 – Zee’s #1

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  1. tbh I'm mainly watching this for Zee since he plays so many card games

  2. Check out Nightmarium if you like light card games. : )

  3. Don't know why it's so unloved, but Black Spy is a great trick taking game and it's easy to teach. Or it are easy to teach. 😀

  4. Meuterer (along with Verräter) and Citadels are great as well! Also Jungle Speed as a "party" card game…

  5. I wish there was one of these that was confined to "Top Ten CLASSIC Card Games" (e.g. Cribbage, Bridge, Gin, Poker, Spades, Canasta … that sort of thing).

  6. I ordered For Sale because of this video, I hope it really is as great as these three nerds say.

  7. I haven't played a ton of games, but if I had to list my favorite (as in I bought them after playing them) it would be, in no specific order: Boss monster, Epic Spell Wars, Libertalia, Star Flux, Xenoshyft, Sushi Go/Fairy Tale, Munchkin, Sheriff of Nottingham, Exploding Kittens, and Smash Up

  8. I was thinking about buying Port Royale. But no one has it on their list!

  9. have they ever mentioned the lotr card game?

  10. I actually don't like card drafting in Terraforming Mars as it tends to add up to a half and hour to the play time for no real change IMHO. However, I like it in almost every other game.

  11. I can understand the lack of say….Munchkin, cause a lot of people don't like it, or Love Letter, as it's just a super simple deduction game, something you can do better with bigger, non-card games. I however am saddened by the lack of Gloom, but then again, I guess the theme of it wouldn't be too big with these guys.

  12. Most card games require careful and devoted players. If you choose to play real money poker with some people who get involved and you just get bored, you have a good chance of losing everything. It's the other way around, but poker needs thinking, strategy, needs intelligent people. If you choose to play online any card game, I recommend here:

  13. Dastardly Dirigibles
    San Juan
    Sushi Go
    No Thanks
    Love Letter

  14. This could have been Zee's list!! But these rules made it a different list! Zee!! Give us the true card games list!!

  15. Wait a second…. Sam said he likes Star Realms as a 2 player game, but then he said he just played it with his kids (plural). That means at least 3 were playing. I CALL SHENANIGANS! Sam is a liar!!! (Just kidding, Sam)

  16. Wow guys, do you all even like each other? Try not giving each other such a hard time.

  17. You could not imagine Magic The Gathering as the main game, are your serious?

  18. Remember these days, before Tournament at Camelot was in Sam's top freaking 10, and Hanamikoji was one of his constantly talked about games? Before the aliens abducted him, that is.

  19. I agree with Tom in that any game where it's 100% cards and no other components, is a card game. But, you should have been more specific and mentioned that you mean next generation Poker and UNO.

  20. I am amazed that none of them mentionned Innovation…

  21. Too much talking and your faces..I want to see more shots with cards itself

  22. Love Zee…but man, quit talking about great games we can never get!

  23. No mention of Pixel Tactics, Battlecon, Yomi? T_T

  24. You forgot about Alphabet Royal 🙂 It totally belongs in that list.

  25. I’m not a heavy gamer but my favorite card game is Dungeon Mayham

  26. Legend of the 5 rings (Alderac ver.), Netrunner (non Android), Brawl, Arkham Horror, .hack//Enemy, Rage, Jyhad (Vampire:TES), Iron Kingdoms:High Command, Animeyhem.

  27. Currently designing a board game and I'm absolutely hooked on these videos! Not only the stuff you guys talk about is insightful and inspiring as a designer, but you guys seem really cool and I really enjoy your personalities 🙂

  28. Don’t think this really needs to be over an hour. I played Russian Roulette while watching. Wish I lost

  29. does anyone know of a game like classic playing cards ( 4 suits type ) in regards to how many very different games you can play with only one deck, eg. cheat, chase the ace, pontoon, 11's, rummy, fish, ect. ect. i love how you can do this but obviously basically no theme at all with it, if you know of any games to fit this please recommend, if not … i think the first people to make them will have many sales.
    N.B doesn't have to be just card games if you have other good recommendations. thank you.

  30. MTG #1
    Lost Cities CG
    The Castles of Burgundy CG
    Star Realms Frontiers
    7 Wonders Duel w Pantheon, maybe…
    I need to try Race for the Galaxy, but it will be somewhere between Star Realms & MTG.

  31. Thanks to this list I got Byzanz which is one of my favorite auction games and favorite card games

  32. I want a top 10 list of Most difficult/complex games whether enjoyable or not. #1 would be the toughest game not the favourite.

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